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Tickets are still available to Lidia Bastianich’s conversation with Evan Kleiman tomorrow Apr. 17 at 7 pm at All Saints Church in Pasadena. They'll be talking about Lidia's new book, "My American Dream." Tickets include a copy of the book. Bring a friend!


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Dawn L. Williams
· October 25, 2014
I listen to Good Food somewhat regularly and enjoy your interviews. You did not fail today when you interviewed the authors of Thug Kitchen. Thank you for taking this matter seriously. I've heard a co...uple of other interviews where the authors and the interviewer were very flippant and dismissive of the whole issue. I can literally write a thousand word essay in my sleep on my issues with what they did, but I won't bore you. I will just say this, in 2 years when sales of the book decline and views on the blog decrease they'll do what all good businesses do; they'll re-brand. In two years when black men are still being gunned down in the streets and the defense is that they were thugs and it's ok they died, when do they get to re-brand? The authors of Thug Kitchen will never have to live with the real ramifications of what happens to people who are actually unjustly considered thugs. See More
Lisa Maree Campbell Gooden
· October 25, 2014
Long time listener! First time commenter. Thug Kitchen bloggers and know authors certainly have right to choose not to acknowledge, or answer the critique most notably from the CNN piece but I have to... say their failure to answer it leaves a vacuum that leaves me to conclude they are being disingenuous. Clearly it doesn't matter to them as they are and will continue to reap the financial rewards from their use of what I can only describe as a class distinction slur which in turn is a racial slur. See More
Dave Owens
· August 9, 2014
I totally loved the show today about Kosher cooking and artisan breads. The show is not just about swapping recipes, but goes into the culture and history of food. Truly an intellectual feast! Do your...self a favor and listen regularly! Evan's kitchen is always open and always has room for one more! Dig in! See More
Sarah Parry-Sharma
· October 26, 2014
Evan, I thought you did a good job with the creators of Thug Kitchen trying to extract some facts out of them, about what I find to be an obvious cultural appropriation of a stereotypical black male "...thug" voice, adopted in what appears to be a way to lend a sort of "attitude" to their website. I liked the guy from Afro Vegan's comments and found this couples total lack of insight and blasé response to be an embarrassing reflection of privilege gone awry. I love your Podcast! See More
Lizzie Robillard
· May 24, 2014
KCRW's Good Food with Evan Kleiman is an incredibly valuable insight into what's happening in the food world. Kleiman's interviews are always with either people you've been dying to know more about or... with people you can't believe you've never heard of. Chefs, food entrepreneurs, scientists, ranchers, and more are highlighted in this show. My favorite segment is always the Farmer's Market Report. It's an incredibly smart segment, and since I live in California, the news is always very relevant. I think that all areas f the country should have a radio show like this. Food news isn't just for the foodies, it's an incredibly important political topic. Evan Kleiman is my HERO! I really look up to her and everything she has done with her life. See More
Andrew Gordon
· May 30, 2015
What a wonderful show. Evan always asks exactly the right questions, and features a consistent line-up of fantastic topics. Although I miss the old theme music, this is a show I could not do without.... Thank you to Evan and all the people who make it happen! See More
Cheryl Jacobs
· August 17, 2014
I appreciated the bit on the price of good restaurant food. I get it. I live in Seattle and love eating out here, however now I am dying to visit NYC for that broccoli dog. OMG yummy and unique!
Brett Pinsent
July 11, 2012
I love going to The Pie Hole in downtown LA for my pie. They change their menu based on what's in season, so there is always something new to try. It's out of season, but their poached pear and cranbe...rry was probably my favorite pie ever! See More
Paloma Pierce
· October 28, 2014
Evan Kleiman's "Good Food" podcast is one my absolute favorites. It has opened my eyes to the many dimensions of the art of growing, preparing, and experiencing food. Wonderful!
Aaron PIascencia
· July 22, 2015
Great, well put together show. Look forward to Listening every week since moving to the bay area 5 years ago. Makes me miss socal... err I mean the food in socal.
Sony Sakhrani
· April 27, 2014
I love in MO but love Evan. Somehow I found the podcast and have become a fan.
DukeandDelilah Black
April 21, 2013
Request for recommendation: are there good places to eat within walking distance of Disney Symphony Hall?
Chelle Duran
· May 17, 2014
Tremendously informative interviews today with all those involved with Fed Up.
Kim Maxwell
· June 2, 2014
A ROCK STAR of everything delicious and beautiful.
John G. Hill
May 3, 2012
I don't think I've ever heard someone so happy on the radio. Helen Borges (sp?) on KJAZ would be right there too.
Greg Bell
February 4, 2012
Google for lunch, anyone? This woman's show on KCRW explores the free meals> seriously, Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner available @ Google to their employees. Yes, there IS A FREE LUNCH!
Timothy M Steele
November 1, 2011
i listen to her show on kcrw, Good Food each week.
Kai W. Loebach
December 18, 2011
I am a huge fan of Evan's Good Food show on KCRW
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