Eveline Cosmetics - quality, innovation, professionalism. We create the beauty of your skin.
Eveline Cosmetics is one of the largest and fastest-developing cosmetics manufacturers in Poland.

Eveline Cosmetics S.A....
19 Żytnia Str., 05-506 Lesznowola, Poland
eveline@eveline.com.pl, sales@eveline.com.pl
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Company Overview
Eveline Cosmetics, established in 1983, is the biggest Polish producer and exporter of cosmetics, and a highly valued and eagerly bought brand in over 70 countr...ies, to which Eveline products are exported, e.g.: Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) and Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). We have gained popularity and trust towards the trademark also in the Balkan countries Ė Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, as well as such distant countries as Korea, Finland, USA, Kuwait, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.
The companyís dynamic development on new markets and constant strengthening of its position all over the world are reflected in the sale of over 70 million cosmetics a year.
Innovativeness, quality and professionalism are the main values that govern us during the product making process. We make use of the latest achievements of global cosmetology, and we spare no efforts on making cosmetics adapted to the needs and expectations of our recipients. The quality of our products is strictly controlled on all production lines: from the formula formation moment through production, distribution, and sale on the Polish and foreign markets. In accordance with the guidelines of the cosmetics law, the Eveline Laboratories test all our cosmetics as regards microbiological standards, formulas, etc. We are open to all changes and market trends, as well as remarks of our clients, which help us constantly increase the productsí quality. Thanks to conducted operations, the value of sale of our products is on the constant increase. In the category of anticellulite and slimming cosmetics, we have achieved the leading position, as regards both value and volume share, and the series
Slim Extreme 3D is the most recognizable series of slimming cosmetics in Poland. Thanks to long-standing experiences on international markets, the policy of high quality at reasonable prices, the guarantee of effectiveness supported with tests, and quickness of adaptation to new trends, we have won your recognition and trust. Owing to this, we are appreciated and awarded by women consumers (Twůj Styl Perfection of Year, Cosmetics Oscar, Prix De Beaute, Qltowy Cosmetic, etc.) and by business communities Ė in 2007, we were granted the Business Gazelle and the Top Innovation titles, and two times we won the Exporter of the Year title, and we were honoured with the Gold Medal InterCharm Polska. The received commendations and awards motivate us to further operations and development. We are trusted by foreign consumers also thanks to the quality policy that we constantly verify
in all countries, where we supply
our cosmetics. Our company and production plant are regularly audited by representatives of certifying institutions from all the countries, to which we export our products.
Letís discover together the secrets of natural beauty.
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