Do you relate to this?

We love this post by BuzzFeed LGBT. It sums up perfectly the kind of street harassment faced by queer women on a daily basis in a very simple way. Does it resonate with you?
The couple have launched an AllOut petition after they were left humiliated by the Thalys employee.

Check out this great sticker we picked up while visiting Nice earlier this month.

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Is this an example of lesbophobia?

Did Call the Midwife just do a Last Tango in Halifax?

In case you missed it.

Charmed actress Rose McGowan faced criticism this week when she said gay men were as misogynistic as straight men. Carrie Lyell thinks she’s right.
Not in the experience of Claudia Carvell

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"Male colleagues assume I enjoy page 3 because I'm a lesbian."

Jessica's story: I work in a particularly male dominated arena and as such I encounter casual lesbophobia quite frequently. I am regularly compelled to enter into debate with my male peers about pa...

@hairvillelondon says: "An ex boss asked if I fancied his girlfriend because I said she was very polite to me. He was a disgusting pig of a man."

Have you had a boss like this?

Sadly, we think the answer is a resounding yes.

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DIVA Magazine

Do we live in a sexist society? Join the debate at BBC Free Speech and watch the discussion live on 23 September at 8pm BBC Three.

Makes you see just what a sexist world we live in.

"His wife must be loaded."

@RantingAndRaven says: "Guy in bar says 'R u sure ur a lesbian' Me: Quite sure. *Grabs me* 'What a waste, ur fittest girl ever been behind the bar."

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever experienced lesbophobia at work?

My manager recently said to me, in reply to my enquiry as to whether I am allowed to wear a skirt at work, that he couldn’t imagine me or my bisexual colleague in a skirt. I identify as a femme le...

Over on Twitter, @SophieBane says: "Fun bus journey in Wandsworth with religious woman telling us all to repent and marry a man. I said I'd let my wife know."

How do you respond to Everyday Lesbophobia?

DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska, film director Campbell X, comedian Kerry Leigh and blogger Effi Mai will be speaking at this event in Manchester tonight.

French film ‘Blue is the warmest colour’ caused a stir last year with its explicit sex scenes, but how realistic were they? In a world where a surprising number of people seem unable to imagine what two women do in bed together, how accurately can films reflect our sex-lives? And what makes good sex…

Over on Twitter, @jesswynn93 poses the question: "Is it really too much to ask to kiss my girlfriend goodbye at the train station without being wolf whistled?"

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Has anything changed in tennis?

When Andy Murray hired Amelie Mauresmo to be his coach, the sexist and homophobic response recalled the reaction when Mauresmo came out 15 years ago. Has anything changed in tennis?