Earth Day is a great reminder to focus on our home - Earth. Just like your personal temple where your spirit lives - your body - the Earth needs to be taken care of spiritually, mentally and physically.

What are you doing to take care of your planet? We each need take personal responsibility if we want our home livable and lovely.

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Join me and the ascended masters and angels to help realign and rebalance your energy to bring you more peace.

-eliminate stress
-unknown causes of your challenges
-let go of fear & limiting beliefs ...
-clear karma
-enhance abundance
-help family members

This month's special topic will be about clearing your creation and all of what you have created, including your businesses created, etc. We don't know all the details until Heaven dictates them closer to when we deliver the call.

The full details explaining background, what is included along with FAQs and registration is through this link:

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