Do you have your tickets for the WHAN Radio’s First Annual “Mater Music Festival”? Head to Ashland for a day full of music and fun all to benefit our organization!

WHAN 102.9 FM is teaming with EST for their first ever (Annual) Mater Music Festival! Lot's of GREAT bands will be taking to the stage and playing all day long, all to raise money for Newfound Families of Virginia, a local nonprofit charity organization specializing in helping kids in foster familie...

Have you been watching This Is Us? The story being told about foster care and adjustment to a new family is an important one. As you know, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. The more T.V. shows like this one portray the struggle and grieving process a child goes through, the better. While some of the details on how foster care works are a little off, the "feels" are all there. Are you a fan of the show? What are your thoughts on the portrayal of foster care?

As the show “This Is Us” illustrates, children in foster care often miss their biological families. Experts say maintaining contact is important.
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Berna White
· December 16, 2017
We are an adoptive Kinship Family Caregivers and this organization has been very helpful to us. It has educated me in handling every situation that arrives, in the process that occurs throughout this ...adoption.They have embraced us with heartfelt kindness. We would like to thank Cate with her expertise,and hard work. See More
Tracy Barton-Niles
· June 30, 2017
Are you an Adoptive, Foster or Kinship family? Check out NewFound Families. What an outstanding organization that advocates for our children here in VA, educates their care givers and is a great place... to get your needs met! It is heart warming to see so many blended families making it happen. Creating memories for children, loving one another and showing support for all involved with the many foster children in VA. Please give this page a like and if you are adopting, fostering, caring for your kin or have adopted...check out their "Camferences" One is going on right now in Glen Allen, VA and it's a great educational, respite, loving resource! Not to mention...Cora gives the kids activities a "two thumbs up! " Cate and her crew of hardworking people are truly making great strides in advocacy, education and support for the Families of foster and adopted children! See More
Marynes P-Wilkins
· July 2, 2017
I am so greatful to be part of NFF. We have been enjoying their camps for more than 4 years. I love to met and exchange experiences with other foster and adoptive parents. I also love their trainings.... Cate, Diane and their crew are fantastic. Great resource for workers. See More
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