Face Recognition Solution Time Attendance System is Hard to Be Cheated. Face Recognition Solution, an India based supplier for face recognition time attendance, claims that it hard to cheat its system. This feature is important as clients expect this feature in a mechanized time and attendance recor
Face recognition solution is an advanced biometric application that provides enhanced security to the premise. It has a number of advantageous that will lead the buyers to buy this device.
Face Recognition Solution Access Control System: Unlimited Storage Space. Face Recognition Solution, an India based supplier for access control system, provides unlimited space to store face templates in the database of its product. This feature proves to be helpful to small industries as well as la
The use of biometric access control system is increasing in India. It is used in government offices, corporate houses, and other places with need for advanced security.
Face Recognition Solution Visitor Management System generates Visitor ID Card. Face Recognition Solution, a visitor management system provider in India, generates visitor ID card or visitor passes of all the visitants in the premise. It can be a hard copy or soft copy. - PR11449204
Access Control System Will Change Security Scenario: Face Recognition Solution. Face Recognition Solution, a reputed dealer of biometric access control devices, states that this technology will change the face of the security industry in India. - PR11415675