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Hello People
Is anyone working or is having placement at Nizampura oldage home?
I need contact details and name of person.
Help out!!

An awsm ans-

Sudhir Krishnan

How do I gain confidence and master something new?

In a nutshell:
1) Chunk down the project into smaller tasks.
2) Focus and create small successes. ...
3) Then move on to bigger things.

To build self-confidence in your ability to do anything, break down the project at hand into smaller tasks. Then attempt some simple tasks which you can easily accomplish. As you gain victory over them, take on more complex tasks. Select your tasks carefully, such that they stretch you but not break you, and then refuse to submit to failure.

Devote all your energy into mastering one task at a time. Scattering your energy into many tasks does not work as well. Leaving something half-done to move on to something else also is not effective. A mind that is divided loses the strength to overcome the hurdles on the path and develop new skills. Continuous focus is the key to success.

Each time you succeed, you get a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, and the confidence in your abilities and your self-esteem increases, preparing you to take on even bigger challenges. You can only build on success, and not upon failure. Chunking down your project into smaller tasks helps you build on small successes, rather than becoming overwhelmed by a complex and difficult task. Whether you want to lose a lot of weight, learn a new skill at home or work, or take on a large project, this process will help you build your self-confidence, which will ultimately lead you to success in whatever you are seeking.

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