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Great Recollections of a school boy from Barracks School.
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Roy Graham

After the funeral service for Mrs. Lois Plunkett, last weekend in Maryland, I bumped into a former classmate from Barracks School whom I have not seen for more ...than 4 decades. Initially, she had no recollection of me, but the moment I saw her, I recognized her instantly. For me, it was a pleasure to meet up with her again, absolutely nothing about this lady has changed over all these years.

Now, I am reminiscing about my young impressionable years spent at Barracks School. The teachers who molded me into who I am today, the camaraderie with friends – some of whom have transitioned to another sphere, others who have traveled to lands far away – some I see every now and then, mostly at funerals; and many who are still at home guarding the turf so to speak.

With some amount of nostalgia, I still recall the anthem that we were accustomed to singing after lunch at school, accompanied by Miss Stewart on the piano. I am reasonably sure many of you still remember it as well. Those who do not know what I am talking about, it goes like this.

We thank you, Lord, for this our food,
For life and health and every good.
Let manna to our souls be given
The bread of life sent down from heaven.

Still indelible in my mind, on this particular day, while going through this ritual, teacher Cooke, in a loud, boisterous outburst shouted, “stop stop stop. You all had sour food for lunch, I did not, so please let us all sing the song correctly.” I must confess that before the outburst, I was not aware of anyone singing “sour food” instead of “our food,” and so upon his instruction, Miss Stewart start all over with the piano refrain and we the students joined in at the proper interval. Now, being mischievous children as we were, I am sure by now you all know what we began singing from that day forward. Does anyone remember this event?

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