"Building Racecars"
After far too long under the knife, fired up the bird today in preparation for our trip to Autofab. We're now 'semi mobile' and ready to hit the fabrication shop.
Something's alive in the FBC Morgue

Because if I wasn't working on mine, I'd be there... seriously.


Why rebuilding front brakes?
See the demo on Instagram: Pathogen98
#stockbrakes 😂😂

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So, here is my latest delema... 😖
The car and I are about to have a conversation with a sawzall which will end with me potentially having to put holes in my ORIGINAL SLP FIREHAWK HOOD for pins. 😭
I know it's not in perfect shape, but I'd almost rather sell the Firehawk hood and buy something else before putting holes in it... But, at the same time, I love my Firehawk hood and I want to keep it .... 😰 WHAT DO I DO?!

Im sorry, now I'm just getting all emotional. 😭😭 #girlca...rd

...Ok kidding about that part, but it is a legit delema. 🤔

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When you still have a mysterious leak, heavy rains are on the way, and there's no room in the shed. #Sharkbait gets a spot in the barn. #warmNtoasty

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A rescue story ....
*sigh* I did not need another car.

Friday I drove out to look at a 2001 Camaro, maybe just out of boredom, but I did take my trailer. The guy told me the car was "way out back" and hopped in my truck. He had taken the car in as a package deal and just didn't think this one was worth fixing. The previous owners had run it out of oil (he showed me the oil filter o-ring which was clearly pinched) and he warned me the engine had a knock.


It took his truck and a jump box to start the little thing and it sounded painful just at idle.
The body looked fair for its age. To be kind, I'll say the interior was rough.

I had cash in the truck for parts I was planning to pick up Saturday.... With a sigh I told him I'd take the car if it would get on the trailer. With a rattle and a shake, it climbed onto my trailer and promptly stalled.

We exchanged cash and title, shook hands and I was on my way. I rolled through a car wash on the way home and gave the poor thing a quick bath just as the temperature dropped below freezing.

All Saturday, I kept walking by the trailer, looking at the car and hoping I hadn't made a mistake.

After a day of tricking the battery into taking a charge, the car started and limped off the trailer on one flat tire. One thing of note that did impress me - the AC works! I spent all Sunday pulling the interior apart, wiping away mold, and scrubbing as much as I could.

I had to call in Mike with some very careful hammer work to break loose the driver's side T-top as the handle was rusted in place. I was quit impressed with the condition under the tops. It was clear they hadn't been removed in a while.

With a heavy rainstorm on the way, I closed up the car, disconnected the battery, and left the hood open after spraying the engine down with Purple Stuff.

So... Here we are, day three. The engine bay and interior look better, but there's water on the driver's side floor board. I mopped it dry before leaving for work. I can tell there's some rust under the carpet but I'm hoping it's minor.

Still in the development phase of what this car will be, details will follow... In the meantime, please join me in welcoming the ap'tly named "Shark-Bait" to the team!
#dreambig #teamweldtheheadstotheblock #rescuecamaro

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Did you know... ?
The Firebird is actually a low 10 second V6. I drive it with the front brakes locked up on purpose to give other people a chance.
On a related note: ISO stock replacement 4th gen fbody brakes, all four corners. *frustrations* 🙄

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Posted by Jennifer Martin

😂😂😂 #TruthNRacing

Jennifer Martin is feeling amused.

Why isn't nitrous simple ... like my Firebird.
... What blower do you have on that?
Pulley size?
How much boost?

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Actual picture of the Firebird morning after the first race of 2017.

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When you ask for "shiny things" for Christmas.... So you husband gets you a blasting cabinet and buffer from #harborfreight.... I'm polishing bolts in the garage ... You have no idea how happy this makes me! 😁

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Firebird stuff!!

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