"Building Racecars"
After far too long under the knife, fired up the bird today in preparation for our trip to Autofab. We're now 'semi mobile' and ready to hit the fabrication shop.
Something's alive in the FBC Morgue

Since Mike won't race me with it, anyone else interested in the Junkyard Camaro Call-out?

Open to: 1998-2002, "saved from scrap" V6 Camaros/Firebirds. (Seriously, the junk cars you see on Craigslist.)

Spirit and nature of the competition: Virginia based "How fast can you push this junk." Shade-tree, budget builts. Will involve drag racing, street-driving, and possibly other things. This is something fun to do for little money while something else is broke. Date(s) TBD.


Stock bottom end
Stock suspension
Single power adder
4L60 / T5 transmission
Factory 10-bolt
DOT tires (drag radials OK), factory 16" rims preferred. No skinnies!

IF YOU GET THERE! must conform to necessary safety requirements.

No weight reduction
Functional factory working AC, sound system (etc), full factory interior.
All exterier street equipment (lights)
Titled, tagged, & insured
$100 buy-in

PM for more details.
*ClownFish over here (2001 Camaro, 4L60 all options cept leather) is available ... May have two more.. Pm for details.

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How disc brakes kept a bad situation from being worse.

When #Sharkbait's axle broke Friday night, it kicked to the side. The rotor caught the caliper and bracket which was bolted to the axle housing ... And, despite losing about a 1/4" of real estate, everything stayed attached to the car.

The axles have been upgraded with Moser replacements and we're all set to go back racing, give or take some good tires. 😊

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#Sharkbait - Chapter 2
#RVAList SuperStreet, Race 1

Though the 4 mile test drive on April 11th was successful, we did discover that the left front caliper was locked up. No rebuild kits would be available in time - again, a replacement was robbed from parts storage.

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#Sharkbait - Chapter one.
The Build

Six days before the first list race of 2018, I laid down a personal challenge - to take a $300, rod-knocking, "saved from the scrapyard" Camaro and make it to the #RVAList SuperStreer Shootout. As there wasn't a chance the #LittleFish Firebird would be ready.


After battling snow and sleet under a sycamore tree in the driveway to get the car ready, and busting up my right hand in the process, similar conditions would postpone the early March event - pushing it off until April 13th and allow the zero-dollars build a little more time.

The car's first test drive post drivetrain install was shortened when the factory fuel pump went out. A replacement Walbro 255 was pulled out of parts storage and installed via the controversy trap-door method. Next up, the Firebird's ProCharger bracket was trimmed and adjusted to allow for AC and Drive-By-Wire. The Camaro itself was trimmed and adjusted to allow for the front mounted intercooler setup.

A quick stay "inside" the shop allowed for the factory open differential to be replaced with a used minispool while the full tank of 87 octane fuel was drained.

#Sharkbait would survive it's first test drive on a modified version of the Firebird's tune on April 11th. A "class legal exhaust" would be welded up as the sun set on April 12th.

The morning of April 13th would dawn with only a few minor details left to button up. Two pairs of 315 DOT Drag Radials surfaced as the countdown continued. Fearing this would be too much for the stock rear-end, I decided to load the Camaro on the trailer sporting the street tires it came with and headed for the track.

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They were gonna look so good on that Firebird.

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Mini spool - √
Rear brakes - √
Rebuild & hook up BOV - √
Drain fuel tank - √


Still to do:
Front brakes & tires
Check lights
Weld up exhaust
Hook up catch can
Make CD for road cruise
Replace wiper blades
Cross fingers
Test drive

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#Sharkbait update... 255 upgrade fixed the "crank, no start" problem..... Oh yeah, and some other stuff happened, too. 😁

The soggy saga continues.... 😂

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Jennifer Martin

Set them goals high!
Winter weather in the middle of #Sharkbait build week? I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT! 😨 Tossed up a tarp last night to block the wind and rain.... Got the exhaust hung, wiring harness modified & dropped in, trans-cooler lines in place... Need to swap shifter cables, fuel pump, and hang the intercooler, plus - Y'all send that snow somewhere else - this engine gotta go in TO-NIGHT!!
I'll see ya in the lanes. 😉 #back40 #RVAList #Crunchtime #shadetree #dirtfloors #harborfrieghttools #idontquit #weaintdoneyet #itsraceseason

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Where there's a will, there's a way.
We're just a few days from the #RVAList season opener and the #LittleFish ain't gonna make it - just too much going on and I don't want to rush things. SO I'M CALLING IN The B-STRING! 😂

Earlier this year, I brought home a rod-knocking Camaro for $300 that has since become affectionately referred to as #Sharkbait.


There's no room in the shop and no available funds... and rain on the way. Almost ready to slip a back-up block into this BONE STOCK car ... I'm out to prove a point.
T-minus 5 days.
I'll see ya in the lanes. 😉 #back40 #shadetree #dirtfloors #harborfrieghttools #idontquit #weaintdoneyet #itsraceseason

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Jennifer Martin is at Richmond Dragway.

Well, went out today - made one hit... Learned things. Didn't accomplish what I set out to do, but still had fun AND drove it back on the trailer... So, I'll take that.

More work to do as always, but ya have to start somewhere. 😁

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Posted by Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin was live — with Lauren Eades.

Shop time with a welder that doesn't want to play... And the Rock Solid Front End kit....