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Jeff Hardy

I think everyone will agree something needs to change in our society. However more is being said about the instrument than the musician. Let’s think about it. ...Guns did not just arrive on the scene a few years ago, they have been around for a long long time. This would seem to say guns are not the problem. So what has changed? In the last 30 years the only difference is a commitment to authority and respect of human life.

Our children are eating laundry detergent, smoking drain cleaner, and exposing themselves to more “idle” violence on games and television than ever before. So what has changed? It is not our children. Children have always pushed the borders.

What has changed?

1. Parenting - Parents no longer instill discipline or respect in children and no boundaries are set , afraid of hurting feelings.

2 Entitlement spoiling - Now every person thinks the world owes them something, even at the expense of others.

3. Morality - Our society lends itself to situational morality. What ever seems ok to the individual. There is no desire for truth, only pleasure.

4. Spiritual compromise- It is more popular to play religion than to be committed. Churches have stopped being bold in order to be accepted. Biblical doctrine has no value.

5. Lack of personal interaction- We hide behind phones, computers, internet, instead of interacting in a personal manner in person. We are afraid to ask for help or to confront difficulties. One of the major cohesive forces in society until our present time was community, family, fellowship.

No it is not the instruments playing differently, it is the musician playing in a different manner. We should not only look at how these awful anti-moral events happen but we should brave enough to say,”Our problem is within each of us, America has a heart problem”.

I am thankful our God has promised a new heart to anyone who will repent and call on Him!

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