If our generation began working together to live out a firsthand faith daily, we could literally change the world. #firsthand

You can try to live out a firsthand faith on your own for as long as you want, but until you live out that faith in a community, you will never realize your potential in Christ. #firsthand


You can come up with plenty of reasons that your church has it wrong, but when was the last time you searched your own heart for issues? #firsthand

If you have no compassion for the poorest, neediest, and most neglected people in the world, then chances are, you have not encountered God's grace. #firsthand

Still hanging on to secondhand religion? Grab the newly released paperback edition of Firsthand and begin to find a faith of your own. #Firsthand

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A group of people who aren’t perfect but who are committed to helping each other know and serve Jesus can live out a faith that is more powerful than they could have ever imagined. #firsthand

A divine disturbance is any way that God shakes us out of our selfish complacency and into the lives of others. #firsthand

Your eternal footprint will be determined by whether you respond to the calling of the Spirit to love a broken world. #firsthand

There’s usually a big difference between the American Dream and God’s dream for your life. #firsthand

It’s easy to have an opinion or believe in a cause, but we have to allow our hearts to be disturbed if we are going to act in love. #firsthand

Although we naturally gravitate toward settling into our comfort zone of selfishness, that's where our souls begin to atrophy. #firsthand

At the end of the day, God is still there, ready to hold you, no matter what you think about Him or what you’ve said about Him. #firsthand

We may never fully understand or agree with God's plan, but that doesn't mean He is not at work for our good. #firsthand

God is no less with you in your doubts than He is with you in your certainties #firsthand

Healthy doubts often become the building blocks for a faith that lasts. #firsthand

The first step in finding the joy in your relationship with God is conversation. #firsthand

Once you make a relationship all about the rules, it becomes almost impossible to derive joy from it. #firsthand