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The campaign to put a woman on the U.S. $20 bill has named its finalists: a group of women whose faces might grace an American banknote for the first time in history. When the nonprofit group “Women on 20s” tallied the 256,000 votes made through its

Life is for Learning...Learning is for Life.


Most famous Flaming Rainbow alum? #WilmaMankiller, Principle Chief of the Cherokee Nation ::…/collection_075418f1-9bb3-56ba-a…

Monday marks the 30th anniversary of Wilma Mankiller’s election to be principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. The first female chief of the Cherokees was known for her activism work

Suggestions for areas of interest for student studies....Global Warming...Protecting Mother Earth...Water Is Life...Paranormal Experiences....Alternative Faiths....No Human Is please suggest things that you would like to study at Flaming Rainbow Institute.

Starting right here...we can make new history with Flaming Rainbow Institute. Independent, research, distance learning, high education and self directed...we can study what we want to know. If you want a certificate for study of the island of Navassa or if you want an associate degree for study of First American culture...then the new Flaming Rainbow Institute can do that for you. Please think about what you would like to study and share your thoughts, here and let's get started. You study, you prepare, you present and we will acknowledge and we will award you recognition by granting the appropriate certificate, diploma or degree, This will be an Inter-Spiritual higher education journey that will welcome everyone and exclude, no one.

Flaming Rainbow Institute.. We will seek the renewal of the Spirit of Flaming Rainbow. We will seek Divine Wisdom from the Earth, Air and Water, from the animals and plants, rocks and people. We will embrace 'experimental learning' beyond the conventional. We will listen your your heart and your mind to journey 'where you have not traveled before'. Our's will be a shared journey of exploration. We will seek to light a 'Flaming Rainbow' within each student, each traveler.

I have decided to create Flaming Rainbow Institute....'higher education with a heart'

We stand with all Native Americans that are standing strong for Clean Water for all of life.

I am inspired by the history of Flaming Rainbow University...I am actively considering organizing independent individualizing higher education for all people that seek to learn and grow and for creating funding to benefit Native Americans. Father Fred.

Personalized, Experimental, Global High Education is a worthy goal...then and now.

” ‘Stillwell Flaming Rainbow University Without Walls’, as it was first called, was born in 1971.. Its mission…was in the beginning: to provide personalized college education for isolated Indians and rural whites in this beautifully treed and poverty stricken section of the state”. (Chris Brawley,…
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Do you know of your family or friends, that attended Flaming Rainbow University?

Does anyone still own any tshirts, jackets, mugs, etc. for Flaming Rainbow University?

What was the official colors for Flaming Rainbow University?

MASCOT..... does anyone know what the mascot was for Flaming Rainbow University?