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Lisa Aungst
· September 12, 2017
The first time this New Yorker saw the sacred ground in PA it was only a few weeks after the crash. I worked for Immigration and Naturalization Services at the time which quickly after 9/11 became the... Dept of Homeland Security.
Such sorrow overcome me when I arrived at the makeshift fence with the flowers and cards and all I could see scattered throughout the field were the small white evidence flags. The memorial is a somber beautiful place where my tears flowed freely while I walked through the visitors center and remembered that beautiful, blue sky day in September when all those innocent people had their lives snatched away and their families had to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

Thank you for this memorial so we will never forget
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Robert Whipple
· September 11, 2017
For those of you who haven't been, there isn't a lot there but from the minute o turned onto the grounds the feeling of sadness and loss struck me. It stood on my shoulders the entire way through the ...grounds and grew heavier as I got closer to the Visitor Center. Once inside the tears started trickling down my face I couldn't stop them and then I listened to the phone calls from the plane!!! WOW it's a powerful place and in my opinion a must visit to pay respects to all those who died that tragic day. God Bless the surviving Family members. You aren't forgotten See More
Denny Haight Sr.
· October 4, 2017
After 16 years we finally made it . We were impressed with everything. The National Park Service did a great job with the layout of the Park. A beautiful day but a solemn one as well. I remember the d...ay Sept.11,2001 well, visiting our daughter Becky in Watertown,S.D. We went to a mall to see what the TV's were showing and were impressed with the quietness of the other on lookers watching with us. We saw the same thing here at the Memorial. See More
Patricia Ann Sluss Mosley
· September 10, 2017
The memorial is so moving, well planned, and laid out for future generations to understand what took place there on 9/11/01 and just prior to the tragic events of that day. May we who experienced that... day and the days after never forget - and those who weren't born yet be able to know about it. Just as I feel about 12/7/1941, but was not born yet. See More
Jori Kennedy
· September 11, 2017
It was a very touching experience. We took our 9 year old son and he was very saddened by some of the evil in our world. It was a tough piece of history for him to learn about but important for him know to help make the world a better place by addding love and peace to it. Its a beautiful memorial for the 40 heros who died there. See More
Lee Deam
· September 18, 2017
Wow! This is a very touching, well thought out Memorial. The NPS staff & volunteers (many are locals) did a spectacular job of conveying the gravity of this event. I was seriously impressed with th...eir interpretative talks. They went out of their way to accommodate visitors, especially in the gift shop. The visitor's center was clearly designed to tell the story for those too young to remember it. Great work! Way to remember the heroes of 9/11 Flight 93. See More
Scott Gonzo Wadsworth
· September 10, 2017
Words can't really explain the Flight 93 memorial. All I can say is you have to seeit. It's an amazing memorial to the heroism of those 40 brave crew and passengesr. Knowing what the possible out com...e could be, they made a decision to protect other lives in the face of shear evil. The National Parks system did an absolutely incredible job memorializing their sacrifice. See More
Jennifer L Williams
· September 4, 2017
We used to visit every year until 2014 when we brought my mom up before her passing. The new visitors center was so much better then what was described to me. I left there with tears in my eyes and my... soul full of pride to be an American. See More
Chris Howells
· September 10, 2017
Everything there was done perfectly. Everything was thought out very carefully to honor the Heros of that day. I would've given it 5 stars but I don't think saying I loved it really fit the meaning be...hind it all. But it's definitely worth visiting and paying respects to those that gave up their lives to save others. 9/11/01 We will never forget your sacrifice. See More
Ivan Himmler
· January 23, 2018
Can anyone produce any pictures of the plane debris from 93 or the bodies of the victims? After all these years, all that I've seen is a 20 foot long hole in the ground and a coroner's statement of no...t witnessing a "single drop of blood". See More
Molly Brandon-Krywopusk
· September 11, 2017
I can never thank these people and families enough. My sister was in the bullseye for that flight. I want you to know she has gone on to do so much good in the world. I am ever in debt for the sacrifi...ce made that day. They will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! God speed, and may your life be blessed. See More
Kathy Carufel Leech
· September 4, 2017
Beautiful Memorial. Very sad walking through the Museum and seeing photos. Listening to the 3 women's who left messages to their loved ones. It brings tears to your eyes. The walkkng path down to the ...crash site was nice, and peaceful. Wild flowers all the round. The wall with all their names. May they all Rest In Peace. 💕 See More
Kimberly Madeja
· September 11, 2017
I was so moved by the Flight 93 National Memorial. We were there when it was still incomplete which made it more heart wrenching. That open field where so many give their lives to spare ours....I just... stood and sobbed - it was like I could feel their spirits all around me. See More
Patty Cox-Matthiesen
· September 10, 2017
It was a very besutiful day. The flight 93 memorial is outstanding and very sobering to see how all this people on the flight died for our country's safety.. beyond words of how emotional the visit wa...s but very glad I went. Highly recommended going there. See More
Michelle White
· September 5, 2017
Flight 93 National Memorial commemorates the heroic yet somber tragedy endured by the passenger's and crew of Flight 93. A touching and reflective memorial capturing the timeline of events is surround...ed by breathtaking landscape & fields with a walkway thru 40 memorial groves that depict the enormity endured by the heroes of Flight 93.
As was eloquently stated during my visit "Family Friends God and Country!"
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Martita Corley
· October 19, 2017
This is an incredible place of honor for the brave souls that sacrificed their lives to save so many. Blessings to the families that lost their loved ones. Thank you for sharing their stories in such ...a profound way. See More
Alpha Wagar
· September 6, 2017
Very appropriate beautifully done!! I just wish we made it before 5 pm to see the visitors center. So for everyone else it will take about 20 minutes to get to the site from the park entrance!
DV Kirchgessner
· September 5, 2017
What an amazing job they did making this such a special and unique place. It's a beautiful place to visit and worth the trip.
Glenice Ann Parker
· October 22, 2017
This is a beautiful tribute to the people who were brave enough to stand up for our freedom knowing they would loose their life.
Pilar Rodgers
· September 6, 2017
Beautiful place to reflect on the lives lost and the terror that gripped a nation. Im ashamed this was my 1st visit. Should have gone years ago.
Crew members of the U.S.S. Somerset ring the Bells of Remembrance during the observance as the names of the passengers and crew are read aloud by family members
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell hammering in the first stake to mark off the Visitor Center
Family members and friends gather at the Wall of Names to lay a wreath and pay tribute to their loved ones. #Honor93 #NeverForget

Remembering Patricia Cushing today.

Patricia was known to only speak unless she had something important to say. Her son David recalls, "She would listen and if she was going to speak or give you a response, you knew it was going to be thoughtful or thought out." She could get along and relate with just about everyone.

Patricia loved shopping for sales and attending movies, the opera, and ballet. After becoming a widow, Patricia returned to her job as a service representat...ive for New Jersey Bell in order to raise her five children. Her children joked that they were made to sit ramrod straight at the table, and that the living room was kept off-limits so that it would be left spotless for visitors.

Patricia never believed in quitting anything and instilled this value with her children. Many difficult situations faced by her children were often relieved by homemade soup, conversation, laughter and a care package resulting in a brighter outlook on life for everyone.

Who are the people that encourage you to never quit?

Learn more about Patricia and the others:

#Honor93 #TheirStoryLivesHere

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We will be operating under a two hour weather delay. The memorial's operating conditions are posted on our webpage and updated daily. Closure and weather delay notices are removed when conditions improve and allow for safe travel and walking conditions. #Winter2018


Due to unsafe weather and driving conditions, the memorial is closing for the afternoon (February 4). Please check our website routinely for all weather delays and closures at

On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the U.S. came under attack when four commercial airliners were hijacked and used to strike targets on the ground. Nearly 3,000 people tragically lost their lives. Because of the actions of the 40 passengers and crew aboard one of the planes, Flight 93, the att...

Are you a high school graduate, current college student, or college graduate with a passion for history and education?

Flight 93 National Memorial and the Student Conservation Association are seeking applicants for the Richard J. Guadagno Fellow, an extended internship, at Flight 93 National Memorial. The fellowship will run from April through November 2018.

Flight 93 National Memorial is looking for creative, self-motivated individual to join our interpretive team.

Following the enactment of the continuing resolution, the National Park Service has resumed regular operations nationwide. We appreciate the support of state and local partners nationwide who stepped up to offer support to national parks over the last few days. Flight 93 National Memorial Visitor Center is open 9 am - 5 pm, weather permitting.

Today we honor the life of Toshiya Kuge. The local time in his home city, Osaka, Japan is 14 hours ahead of the memorial.

In March, 2001 Toshiya completed an English-language immersion course at the University of Utah to improve his speaking and writing skills. He again returned to North America in August to go whale watching, rafting and horseback riding. He loved visiting the United States and American culture.

During this trip he had planned visiting San Francisco, Seat...tle, Victoria, Vancouver, Jasper, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto and New York. Toshiya was considering obtaining his master’s degree in Canada or the United States in engineering. He had hopes of enrolling at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or University of Pittsburgh and was inspired by inventors and scientists who emerged from these programs.

Toshiya was a passionate football fan. The San Francisco 49ers were well liked by Toshiya … however the Pittsburgh Steelers were his all-time favorite. He even had a Steelers jersey with him on his trip to the U.S. and Canada.

According to his mother, “he was a positive thinker. He was very curious to everything and he wanted to challenge everything. He wanted to try everything. He was a leader and he was trusted by everybody. Sportsman. And he was an athlete- So, he loved sports; he was involved in swimming, running track field, ball games. He played soccer; he played American football. He was great athlete. He had, he always have smile. He was fearless.”

Learn more about Toshiya and the other passengers and crew:

#TheirStoryLivesHere #LivingMemorial

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Flight 93 National Memorial updated their cover photo.
January 6
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Cover Story! 📰

We're excited to see the Tower of Voices dedication in 2018 as a notable opening for travelers, park, and museum-goers. The addition of this feature will complete the construction of the permanent landscape memorial that honors the passengers and crew members.

Learn more about the Tower of Voices features at and follow updates through the construction using #TOV2018

For travelers, the new year opens up a whole new world of places to go and things to do. Here are a few notable openings and events scheduled for 2018 around the U.S. NOTA

Thank you to the many partners featured here who contribute to the success of making Flight 93 a living, breathing memorial landscape in all seasons.🐝

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Explore Nature added 3 new photos.

Throughout a hallowed field honoring those lost in the horrific events of Sept. 11, 2001, partners of Flight 93 National Memorial are encouraging some new life....

In 2016, Pennsylvania State University's Department of Entomology and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History Powdermill Nature Reserve began inventorying pollinators on the memorial grounds. Pollinators play a critical role in the survival of native ecosystems, so knowing what species are present is important to restoration success. The Garden Club of Allegheny County joined the partnership to create a pollinator-friendly landscape. A new site, the Tower of Voices, is set to be dedicated in September 2018.

#ParkPartners #Pollinators #FindYourPark #LivingMemorial

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Flight 93 National Memorial updated their cover photo.
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We always recommend visitors check the current conditions at the memorial prior to making a trip--especially this time of year!

Alerts are updated daily to reflect changes in the weather, special projects that impact visitor experiences, openings, closings and the overall status at Flight 93.

Remembering Hilda Marcin today.

Born in the German village of Schwedelbach, Hilda Zill grew up on a farm, the youngest of four children. In the late 1920s the family moved to the United States, temporarily making Brooklyn their new home before settling in Irvington, New Jersey.

As an adult, Hilda loved roller-skating, dancing and music. Her granddaughter recalls, "We always had music on in the house, always. . . . She loved big band music. She loved anything that you could to and move to, and she did love, she did love Elvis and Patsy Cline."

Hilda learned how to drive at the age of sixty-four and was certainly able to fend for herself. She once whacked a thief over the head with an umbrella when he tried to steal her purse.

In 2001 Hilda retired having never missed a day of work in 14 years as a teacher's aide in a special needs classroom. She was affectionately referred by school children as "Grandma" and absolutely loved teaching and helping them. #TheirStoryLivesHere #Honor93

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Remembering Patrick Joseph Driscoll today.

"Joe," as everyone called him, was traveling with his long time friend, William "Billy" Cashman for their annual hiking trip to Yosemite National Park.

Joe was extremely athletic, excelling in swimming and baseball in high school. He joined the Navy and after serving through the Korean War, entered engineering school eventually earning a master's degree in computer science from Rutgers.


Intensely driven to succeed, Joe was a retired executive director of software development for Bell Communications Research. When spending time outdoors with friends, he joked that they should always travel with one slow guy. "I won't have to outrun the bear," he would say. "I'll just have to out-run you."

Joe also kept himself in terrific shape. He hiked across various national parks. He often told his wife, Maureen, that reaching the summit of a mountain was a spiritual experience "like being closer to God." At the age of Seventy, Joe was an altar boy, serving at eight a.m, mass each day. He loving referred to his wife, Maureen, of forty-two years, as 'pretty lady.' #TheirStoryLivesHere #Honor93

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Remembering CeeCee Ross Lyles. She would have celebrated her 50th birthday today!

Her adoptive mother and aunt named CeeCee before she was born, recalling, "She didn’t like her name when she was, a little girl growing up. She wanted to know why that I name her CeeCee . . . And I said, 'Well, CeeCee, I thought that it was such a beautiful name and I had never heard it before.' . . . But she grew to love it."

As an adult, CeeCee spent six years successfully as a police officer... and eventually detective in Fort Pierce, before beginning a new career path as a flight attendant with United Airlines. She completed her training in Chicago in January, 2001.

The busy mother of two sons and two stepsons enjoyed the travel opportunities of her new job, and relished the time at home between flights. She took a hands on approach to raising her boys and often played basketball and baseball with them. Her late husband says that nothing was more important to CeeCee than family time. She is remembered as a tough, smart, and caring woman with a strong faith.

Learn more about CeeCee and the other passengers and crew #TheirStoryLivesHere #Honor93

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Today we remember Todd M. Beamer.

Todd was a graduate of Wheaton College with a MBA from DePaul University. He was a successful business executive, committed to his family and Christian faith. A competitive athlete and avid fan of Chicago sports teams, Todd was considered "tenacious" when on the playing field.

A close friend and mentor recalled Todd "was a leader that led by example rather than by force. He was a very humble person. He didn’t think he was all that good, ...but he was very good. He didn’t think he was that smart, but he was smart. And it wasn’t really self-deprecating, but the humility he had made him very amiable to other people. Other people felt very comfortable around him, whether you were an athlete or not an athlete, whether you were a good student or not a good student. He was friends basically with everyone. And people felt that and the leadership he had on the basketball court, on the soccer field, on the baseball field, I mean, anywhere he was, he had a tendency to bring out the best in the people that were around him."

Who are the people in your life that challenge you, but also bring out the best in you? #TheirStoryLivesHere #Honor93

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