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· July 27, 2016
Had a drug and alcohol test today. Overall they did a great job to me as a patient. They issued the certificate in such quick time. Knowing that I was not the only one who's on schedule for the test, ...a lil bit delay of the process is normal due to queuing. The only sad is that the place to take the urine is on another level of building which is on 11th floor while the clinic is on 9th floor. Hope in the future it has its own better toilet to collect the urine and the process shall be more organized. See More
Lorraine Lin
· October 23, 2014
Hi ...I went to the novena branch today as a walk in patient. Overall I feel that the doctor did a great job assessing my condition and he was thorough doing so and I felt that he is one of the better... GPs I have seenso far. Unfortunately, the waiting time was 1 hour which I think can't be helped and I gladly waited for my turn . What made my visit unpleasant was the service of the receptionist. I waited 30 mins for my meds since I walked out of the consultation room. There was no indication from anyone how much longer I need to wait further so I proceed to ask the reception. Before I could open my mouth, she cut me off and said " yea ! Yea! Will give u your meds soon."
I really feel that was just plain rude n I felt quite humiliated since there were other patients around. I m having a cold n I wasn't feeling well enough to be in the air con room waiting for this long . But I waited patiently for half an hour to collect my meds knowing that this could be a busy day. I politely asked her for my meds but her response was just appalling .
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Khairi Woods
· March 6, 2016
Thk u for the assistance during our emergency calls offshore. Fast, efficient and reliable team. Easy communication and most of all friendly working staff...

Introductory Course in Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies.

Course Date: 26th August to 27th August 2017
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The Introductory Course in Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies will be held on 26th and 27th August 2017.

Course Lecture Topics : Diving Medicine Past & Present, Diver selection, Diving Physics & Physiology - interaction with the Human Body Systems. Underwater Environmental Hazzards , Diving Accidents.

Course Practical Scenerios: Emergency Management of Diving Accidents (The Basics), Emergency Response Plan & Remote Medical Assistance.


Course Exams: MCQ's & Diving Emergency Management Practical Exams.

Course Location:
FEMA Clinic & Surgery
10 Sinaran Drive, #09-32
Novena Medical Center , Sq2
Singapore 307506


Please visit our Website: to register for the course.

Payment can be made via our Education Courses Payment Gateway -

Hope to see you all at course !

Dr Kevin U Chan

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