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Help clean up our Community on Saturday May 12th. Any help for any amount of time would be appreciated. And it ultimately helps us all!!

where would i get a summer camp application and brochures?


The clean up was a great success this past weekend! What a wonderful sight to see the community coming out and helping eachother in this time of need for us all!! Don't forget to join the facebook group for Floradan Estates to see what the discussions are all about... Keep up with meeting info, access to by-laws, rules & regs and budget info. and more!

Don't forget that for those who ive in Floradan... Check out the group and see what everyone is saying!

everyone be safe!! and tie down your lawn stuff so it doesn't become projectiles when the wind starts!!

pool painting part is posted as an event on the group page, make sure to check it out!

The pot luck supper is posted as an event on the groups page... make sure to go over there, join the group, rsvp to the event and post what you're bringing.

pot luck supper time!!! June 18th, 5pm at the casino. Bring a dish to share!!!

If you haven't already done so... make sure to check out the facebook group 'floradan estates'. Keep up on what's going on in your community!

Great meeting tonight!!