Video from Linux Tag 2010! Frederik was lucky enough to give a short introduction to Fluffy there (at the end, video in German)…/Video-Das-war-der-Linuxtag-20…

OTRS erklärt seine Herkunft, Sidux organisiert die Mini-Debconf und der Linuxtag e.V. bittet zur Open-Source-Sprechstunde. Wer die zähnefletschende Monster-Distribution Fluffy noch nicht kennt, wird aufgeklärt.

We are working hard on Alpha 1 Release can be exepected this very weekend

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For everyone who is going to be at LinuxTag in Berlin tomorrow. Frederik is giving a talk on Fluffy, you really want to check this out. Also make sure to stop by at the the booths starting with K

Fluffy will be present at Linux Tag 2010 in Berlin!

In other news this is a test post on our new site we just created for the most cuddly and fluffy and awesome and great and pink and plush and nice and ludicrous and punk linux distribution’s news blog!

First spanish Fluffy news! "Parecia un algodón dulce de los que se compran en la feria."

Sitio con noticias de software libre, hardware, tutoriales y novedades del mundo internet.

Let's not where we come from... KDE's Konqui is still the most awesome pink fluffy dragon in town!

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The newest Fluff comes from Fluffy Linux core developer Harald!

It all started out with Parley. We justed wanted to test the amazing theming capabilities in the upcoming 4.5 release of Parley, and eventually we ended up doing a whole distribution Parley is a wonderful ...

Can vocabulary learning be more fluffy?

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Parley gets some Fluffy too! In celebration of the next release (due August 2010), we already created a Parley Theme in the spirit of Pinkness! It includes the bunny!

Share the Floveffyness Fluffy color-scheme for KDE is now on

Fluffy will be based on Kubuntu First version is being tested right now Stay Fluffy

latest version

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Failed to create a screencast for you, oh my I am sorry.... we are just too emotional

Finally a Linux distribution that targets the younger audiences! Pink is the new blue!

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May 24, 2010

This is the fluffy that features more Unicorns than any other Linux distribution. If we should ever run out of Unicorns, we will fall back to using Unicows!