With careful consideration we have decided to shut FlyForHero down for the time being. It was in a state and was not fair for anyone to keep it running while we have developer problems.

Your accounts are safe but we have a long road ahead to get it back up. Thanks for supporting and being apart of FlyForHero. If there are any updates regarding developer situations and the servers coming back up we will post it here.

Farewell guys.

Like this page to be notified about what's going on with the server, main site and forums will be going offline tomorrow.


Looking for Lv.130 Accessories? Gang up on Chief Keokuk located on Kailun Grassland and farm those accessories you are looking for!

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Happy Weekend!

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Say hello to our friends from Barkada Guild!

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Can't join the Guild Siege? Let us know why!



To give comments/suggestions for the Guild Siege Times!

Or you can Simply leave a comment below with the following format:

Siege day and time:

Suggestions ( regarding guild siege ex: best siege times...):

If not sieging, Please state why:

Thank you!

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Any caption for this scene? Join Saleron Match ingame for Blue Chips!

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Looking for Equipment? Weapons or other Items? Visit Darken City!

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Here are some in-game Guild Siege action! Thank you for participating!

Guild Siege starts now! Goodluck!

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Greetings from Ankou! What do you think Ankou dropped for them?

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New updates for 01/05/2015 Patch, check out the patch notes here which include new shields added to red merchant NPC. Bows are now on handed!…/new-shields-general-patch-01-…

Longest Running Flyff Private Server - Fishing system, v6 PK & Skills, Advanced Raise Pet System, Automated PvP Tournaments and more! FREE TO PLAY MMORPG!

Did you catch the Clockworks Arena Invasion today?

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New Promotional Video Event is going on, over 50,000 dPoints giveaway! Visit more event details here…/promotional-flyforhero-video-… and Race to Hero Event with over 184,000 dPoints giveaway!

Greetings all, It had been suggested by a few people that we do more video contests and its a great time to do so with the new launch of our server....

You can view our donation compensation procedure here…/donation-compensation-procedu…

Sorry for the wait for this thread, as you can imagine there are a million things to monitor on the launch of the server to make sure everything is...
Flyff private server just got wiped, heres my reaction!

Here is our master thread for some of the main features covered in our update…/…/resurgence-update-thread.25/

As FFH has launched with a bundle of new updates that I and the development crew have done, its only fitting many of you will have questions about the...