A slice of my soul. An outward revealing of inward vibrations. This was written in three stages: In th Sierra Nevada mountains in California, in the desert o...

New Blog! Thought provokers for creating change that lasts!

9 Ways to Reshape and Optimize Your Family Dinner Table Negativity is worse than burnt food, make your table a “Safe Zone”; There is never anything negative that is so pressing it cannot wait to be talked about until after dinner. If it is that pressing, you shouldn’t be eating dinner yet with some…

An interview I did last summer. Check out the rest of her videos too, she is doing some really cool things!

In this video, I interview raw food artist Dan Foster about some frequently asked questions about eating on a raw diet. 0:34 What is the easiest way to start...
Yoga Festival - a list of Yoga Festivals, Yoga Conferences, and Events.

NEW BLOG: "There is great strength in trusting your weakest points of vulnerability are simply distorted perceptions of reflection. This strength is an accessible yet cultivated level of comfort within us; formed from weaving a safety net of love and gentle strength. The grounding mechanism that roots our foundation of love must not be allowed to easily have a shadow cast across by the forces of preconceived notions, inside the box thinking, and repetitive floundering thoughts."

Being Gentle while Cultivating Progress By: Dan Foster One of the hardest internal balances that transcend topics is the ability to continually push forward while still being gentle on ourselves. It is easy to set our directive and bury ourselves in the process, only to come up for air and realize…

Phoenix, I am coming to share some food bulk buying and various money saving techniques to help optimize your pantry and confidence. Stores know you have time or money, and if you show them you want grab and go off the shelf, they make you pay. However, if you simply put in a little strategy for your time it can create a huge difference in quality, savings, freshness, etc. We will discuss various options to create a better flow, while keeping money in your pocket and up your options. This is for any level, we all eat, we can all benefit. Walk away with ready to implement techniques and confidence to begin becoming more efficient.

$15 or all 3 workshops for $35

March 6th 6pm-8pm Protein: Optimizing Our Intake

March 7th 1pm-2:30pm Quick Healthy Meals & Strategies for the busy

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Sat 10:00 AM MSTTempe, AZ
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Phoenix, let’s talk protein while leaving the normal routes rather untouched. This is for plant based eaters as well as meat eaters. Discussion will revolve around maintaining and optimizing nutrient levels in our body through integration of nutrient dense and sprouted activated foods. Simply talking “protein” is a broad enough statement to keep you aimlessly wondering around searching for what works for you, what is needed is a directive and resource kit for success. Bre...aking through the myriad of myths and preconceived notions, we clear the air to allow our own personal gauge and search for information to lead us to proper nourishment for ourselves. If you believe in certain protein beliefs but cannot explain them beyond a sentence or two, do you really know enough to be in charge of running and maintaining your body? Let’s talk information, recipes, ideas; Question and answer segment to finish.

$15 or all 3 workshops for $35

March 7th 10am-11:30am Buying Strategies to Save Money and Optimize Your Life

March 7th 1pm-2:30pm Quick Healthy Meals & Strategies for the busy

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Fri 7:00 PM MSTTempe, AZ
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NEW BLOG: . Food is a baseline for excellence that connects our mind, body, and soul in optimal alignment; in order to facilitate and gravitate towards all we need to notice and capitalize on throughout a day...During travel, the fragileness of our overall optimization is at stake due to many variables outside our typical daily routine; making it of utmost importance that we solidify the foundation of nutrition by locking in measures that set us up for success before we embark on our travels.…

Basic Tips for Eating While Traveling There are very few things that can propel a road trip, or any travel, into a chaotic frenzy like uncontrolled spending on underwhelming food; resulting in unproductive, unhealthy, and quickly expensive trips to disdain. Luckily, with just a little bit of pruden…

NEW BLOG: plus some strategies for creating a new pantry springboard for life

"It’s important to build a resource center, not just a “this week” platform. Invest in clearance, sales, etc. even when not planning on being used that week to save money while increasing diversity. Here is a starter list of ideas."…

Pantry Building: A Foundation For Growth I believe that building a quality home pantry is truly a foundational and cascading component to forming a healthy and thriving family, as well as a community; one that bonds together while reducing their “need” for strangers supplying the goods. In order to…
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"When we rid ourselves of all that doesn’t directly affect our health and happiness and work outward from there, we are creating a safety net that offers no fright or anxiety to fall into should something not work out. "

Health & Happiness: Be Outstanding with the Basics By: Dan Foster The yearning for connecting with our true selves in a more pure fashion is a common theme I hear burning through people’s morale. I believe there has been a profoundly expansive disconnect in regards to the honor and subtle energy a…

One of the views from Apoyo Lodge. Message me on details for a customized personal retreat!

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NEW BLOG: "When we decide to take control over what goes into our body, we take physical and instant control of our life. When we stand up to ourselves, our ego, urges, society, to anyone or anything and proclaim, “I deserve the best, I am worthy, I am a blessing and am going to ensure that what goes into my body reflects those beliefs,” we transform 'I should' into 'I must'."

I think is important to know is the intention and space from which my work manifests. I pride myself on empowering, inspiring, motivating, elevating, strengthening skill sets, and otherwise enriching others through various mediums that are ever increasingly devoid of ego. In this sense, what I st…

Some answers to questions I'm commonly asked.
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