Hidden Fee's from Fox Rental Car
Dirty hidden fee's is one way Fox makes up for their low rates
Fox Rent A Car Caught Charging Outrageous Fee's
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Imagine being 3 miles out of town and 2 hours from the rental office and your Fox rental car breaks down... Just look at this battery... Horrible! And no cal...
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Fox Rent A Car, Inc. was founded in 1989, as a discount brand catering to airport travelers. Actively managed and owned by its founders, the organization has enjoyed robust growth and positive operating income for over twenty years...
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Just a suggestion Fox Rent a Car... Before posting about wacky laws in California people should read, maybe you should re- read the rental laws you are supposed to be following per 2006 lawsuit! I see many that you break on a daily basis and wonder just how long before your reported and caught again.

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Only after the media attention did Fox Rent A Car change their mind... What about someone who is mugged and car stolen? I guess fox assumes you for being at fault. They also ignore you and hang up on you when trying to make contact! so much for "We would definitely take care of somebody in the event they're not at fault."

complaint posted July 5th 2012 about Fox Rent A Car...
by Joe C. written to Fox Rent A Car Posted Mon May 21, 2012 4:01 pm I rented a car from Fox...

Fox's blog traffic web stats look odd, hmmm.....

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Fox Rent a Car: Las Vegas - early return fee plus other fees?
I have never heard of this before. I have worked in the Car Rental Industry when I was younger. It was common practice for people to return their vehicle early or extend the rental. All the customer was charged was the daily rate as indicated in the rental agreement.

Now, I am surprised to read that Fox Rent A Car charges $10 + daily fee to return your vehicle early. If you extend your rental, you are dinged anothe...r $10 + daily rental fee. You are also charged for an additional driver, even if that additional driver is your spouse.

What's going on??

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Consumer complaints about Fox Rent-A-Car

Eugene Jivotovski, a software engineer in Fremont, Calif., received a bill from Linda A. King & Associates Claims Management regarding a recent rental, he thought the invoice for an additional $360.26 was a joke. He rented last November from Fox Rent A Car in San Diego. According to a letter sent to Mr. Jivotovski, the company had found cigarette burns on the driver's side of the Chrysler Pacifica he used.

A letter accompanying the invoice suggested that if he did not pay, the company would take him to court.

Mr. Jivotovski said there were two problems: He does not smoke, and the license plate for the car on the bill did not match the one he had rented. ''I have absolutely no problem paying money for the damage I incur,'' he said. ''But paying for something I haven't done makes me furious. I feel like I'm being robbed.''