A few more updates, friends... In the last couple of weeks, our classmate John Lawrence suffered from his third heart attack. Last I heard, he was begrudgingly following the limits set by his cardiologist and his wife. Last week, Julie Parrish Fast had quintuple by-pass heart surgery. While waiting to be moved out of ICU to a regular room, she suffered a stroke. She's now recovering at home. Finally, I just read a few minutes ago that Brad Pennington has been diagnosed with a type of non-small cell cancer in multiple spots. Please pray for these class members and their families.

Hey friends! I am shocked and saddened to have to pass along to you that we've lost another classmate. I just read that Renee Lynch Parker passed away last night unexpectedly. Some of you may remember that her husband passed away a few years ago. Her college aged son is left as an only child. If you will, lift him up in prayer as I'm sure he's overwhelmed with all of this. As soon as I hear of any arrangements, I will pass those along. She was living in the Indianapolis area.


Friends, I have more sad news to share. We have lost another classmate. Ronnie Nolen has battled for a long time with multiple health issues... Cancer and renal failure among them. In trying to confirm the spelling of his last name, I looked in our senior year book, but couldn't find him. I want to say he may have moved to Nashville then. But those of you who attended Franklin Jr High will, no doubt, remember him. I have no details about when he passed or arrangements for him, only that he was able to be back "home" here in Tennessee. If I get any further information about arrangements, I will pass it along here. Love to you all... I am reminded tonight of how very precious and short life is, and how important our friendships and relationships are.

Friends, I have the information about Glenda Pointer's arrangements that I promised. She will lie in state tomorrow (Friday, March 17th) at Waters' Funeral Home from 10am - 5pm. Then there will be visitation on Saturday March 18th from 11-12 at 4th Ave Church of Christ, with the funeral to follow.

Hey classmates! I still don't have details about services for Glenda, but it has come to my attention that there have been a few shares of this post. It has been requested that instead of sharing the post, maybe you can copy and paste instead, leaving out the specific information about who we are collecting the money/gift cards for. To copy and paste from your phone, just hold down your finger on the post and it should give you a "copy text" option. Then you can paste it onto your page, and delete the part about her niece/daughter. Maybe just say in lieu of flowers, donations can be made for the family at Waters Funeral home. Thanks!

Hey friends! I'm sorry to have to share this sad news, but I just spoke with another of our classmates a few minutes ago and was told that our classmate Glenda Poynter passed away this week. I will be getting more information about the specific arrangements, but what I know at this point is that there will be visitation at Waters Funeral Home in Franklin on Friday, and then her funeral will be on Saturday at 4th Ave Church of Christ. (I hope to have specifics by tomorrow, and I will post them then.) Glenda had adopted her niece, and in lieu of flowers, we would like to make donations of either cash or gift cards for her niece who is a student at Austin Peay. If you'd like to make a donation, you can drop those by Waters Funeral Home this week.

Our fantastic photographer has just texted me her info, so here it is: If you have any questions, please email her at

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Hey Y'all! It was so great seeing everyone over the last couple of days! So many of you were missed, but we hope that you will be able to join us for a 35 year reunion. My husband took lots of pics at both Friday night and Saturday night. If you will go to my facebook page (Mignonne Sawyer), you can see the album of pictures that he took. I am waiting to hear back from our photographer to get the link to her smugmug page so that you can order pictures. (All her cards were gone when I had a chance to get by the table!)

We are hoping to put together a survey for both those who attended and for those who didn't. We'd like to know what worked, what didn't, what you'd like for us to try, when the best time of year is for you for the next reunion, etc...

So stay tuned... we want to make this next reunion something to talk about!

Tonight's the night! We're gathering at The Fairways at Spencer Creek from 7 to midnight. It's not too late to sign up! Bring cash or check tonight and we'll get you signed up for the weekend's festivities. We'd love to see you! Tonight is casual dress. The address is 285 Spencer Creek Rd., Franklin. We're serving snacks and drinks. You may want to eat dinner before you come. Especially if you are going to partake of the adult beverages! Cant wait to see y'all!

The countdown is almost complete! We are two days away from the start of the festivities at The Fairways at Spencer Creek. This event starts at 7pm and goes until midnight. We will have snacks and drinks, but dinner won't be served, so you may want to grab dinner before you head over. I hope you're getting as excited to see old friends as I am!

Hey there, classmates! We are trying to take care of the final details... Please let us know what kinds of drinks/mixers you'd like to see at the Friday night gathering.

The countdown has begun! Two weeks from now, those of our class who live in parts beyond Nashville will be heading home from our little shindig. I can't wait to see y'all!

If you haven't sent in your check, please do so this week. We are purchasing things and will need to pay for the Marriott, etc. For those of you that have taken care of this, thanks so much! If any of our classmates who are business owners want to purchase ad space in our booklet/program, full page are $100; half page ads are $50; and quarter page ads are $25. Checks payable to FHS Class of '83, and mail to me at the same address you sent your check for the festivities. Message me (Mignonne Moseley Sawyer) if you need that address.

We still have several classmates that we haven't found, so if you stay in touch with anyone from our class, please make sure to reach out to them and make sure they know about the reunion. We have, unfortunately, been given some names of classmates who are deceased, and we would like to make sure that we have an accurate and complete list. Here are the names we have:

Kim Barnett, Connie Dugger, Gail Gormley, Jimmy Hannah, Jennifer Holt, Tim King, James Levy, Jeff Locke, Tracy McClain, Jeff Seltz, Jan Smith, Mike Tywater, Cindy Whitman, and Marcus Whitsey.

Please let us know if you have knowledge of anyone else that we should add to the list, or any changes that need to be made.

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Calling all '83 Rebels! Our 30 year Reunion is just two weeks away! I don't know about you,... but I'm really excited about seeing everyone and hanging out! Having said that, we haven't gotten registration and checks from a lot of you who had said that you wanted to attend. Not to mention, when the reunion committee met last time, we realized that there are many classmates that we haven't found. We're running out of time, and we want everyone possible to come. Please co...ntact people from our class and make sure they know about the reunion! Several of you have messaged me questions about the weekend, so I am recapping the info.

The festivities are as follows: Friday October 11th is the Classmates mixer at Fairways Golf Club on Spencer Creek from 7pm to midnight; then on Saturday October 12th we have the main event... dinner/dance at the Marriott in Cool Springs from 7pm til 1:00am.

Spencer Creek is located at 285 Spencer Creek Rd, Franklin, TN. They have a website with a link to directions. The Cool Springs Marriott is located at 700 Cool Springs Blvd. If you search Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, you can get a link with directions. (It's right off I-65.)

The suggested attire for Friday evening is casual. We are in a venue that has indoor and outdoor seating, and I would assume that we could expect cooler temperatures in the evening, so dress for comfort. Saturday evening's festivities are a little more upscale, so we are suggesting semi-formal attire. That can range from "Sunday clothes" to cocktail dress. Whatever you wear on Saturday, put on your "boogie shoes," and plan to tear up the dance floor with us!

I have tried to message as many of you as possible to offer the payment info, but apparently have missed several. As I am asking you to send the checks to my personal address, I haven't posted that online, but if you'll message me (Mignonne Moseley Sawyer), I'll send you my address. The cost is $80 for classmates or $130 for couples, and you can make your check payable to: FHS Class of '83 Reunion.

Finally, here's the link for registration:…/1cxJHuMks9laohXG3z4RzGb_…/viewform

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Hey there all you Franklin HS Rebels! If I have counted it down right, we have around 8 weeks until our class reunion. It hardly seems possible that such a young group of people will be celebrating 30 years of life adventures beyond FHS! We definitely need your help now. We are ready to register people and start paying for the reunion, so we need to hear from you! I have been looking into a Paypal account for our group, but so far it looks like they will charge us quite ...a fee for that, so perhaps we'd better go with sending in a check for payment. Please private message me, and I will give you an address to which to send your checks. I should be getting a link soon for our Google Doc registration.

We would also like your help in gathering the names of our classmates who are deceased. Sadly, we know there are a few. Please send those names to me, so that they may be included on our memorial table at the reunion.

Last, but not least... please get the word out to our classmates! I am currently going through a list of names and trying to find people on facebook, but any help you could give us in finding folks and making contact would be much appreciated! Our reunion will be all the better with as many of our class as possible in attendance! Love you al,l and can't wait to see you!!

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Hey Classmates!

I just got off a reunion committee conference call, and we are hammering out some more details... I believe we are in the stages of finalizing our Saturday night location. We will be "throwin' down" at the Cool Springs Marriott. More to follow... I want to make sure I have the details right before I post. Marcia is going to be sendingcommittee members the minutes from our last two meetings, and then I will update the page. Committee members, our next conference call will be on Sunday, May 19 at 8:00.

October 11th Classmates Mixer 7 til Midnight
October 12th Reunion Dinner/Dance7:00pm til 1:00am

Sat 7:00 PM CDTFranklin Marriott Cool SpringsFranklin, TN
55 people went

Reunion Committee members... remember we have a conference call tomorrow (Sunday, March 10) at 7:30 pm. If you have not received your number to call from Marcia, please contact her (or let me know and I'll send you a private message on how to get the number). I look forward to talking with you all and hearing the info you have been able to get on all the various tasks we were researching. Have a great day everyone! And to the rest of you... be thinking of songs that you MUST hear at the reunion... more on that later today!

Hey there all you Franklin Rebels of 1983! We are planning our 30 year class reunion, and we need your help. We really want this to be a success, which means that we need YOU there!!! We are planning our event for the weekend of October 11th and 12th. We are currently researching locations and menus, so stay tuned... At this point, we are planning a classmates mixer on Friday night (October 11th), and an all-inclusive dinner, dance, reunion on Saturday, October 12th. Please let everybody know about the page, and let us know where we can find our classmates. Until the fall of 1982, we were all one big family, so please let our Brentwood friends know that they are invited too! As we firm up details, we will post them.