You're All I Need
Rehearsal May 28 2011
Freddie, Chris and Rodney play for 106.1 WNGC'S Radiothon
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Mountain Metalworks & Woodworks

In honor of Veterans Day, we are featuring one of our favorite military signs and having a sale on this piece today for $55!! I believe these words say it all for any military family!! THANK YOU to our Veterans!!

by Freddie Way

We remember all who perished on September 11th....13 years ago. They will always be in our thoughts and our prayers.

Been doing a lot of rehearsing lately...getting ready to hit the road again! Can't wait!!

Freddie Way updated their cover photo.
May 15, 2014
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Country | Cornelia, GA

Workin' on some new songs!!

Happy...Happy...Happy...Mothers Day to all of you out there!!

Listening to some older Steve Earle heading down the highway!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! We have some GREAT things on the way here at the FW camp. Stay tuned in for more!!!

Hope everyone's having a great Easter!!

How "Real Men" roast!!!!

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I hereby declare.......let the SPRING-BREAKING begin!!!
.......and these little emoticon thinga-ma-jiggers at the end of this sentence do too!!! 😆😋😬😏

SCARS - are like a road map of where you've been in life. One look...and it brings back memories instantaneously. Whether they are physical or weigh heavy on your heart. Remember, they are just that....a SCAR. They make you stronger as you continue this road map of life....and know that the MAN UP STAIRS is the one strengthening you....and preparing you....for something greater in YOUR LIFE!!!!

I think I will do what I was going to do...instead of doing what I was doing...but since I don't feel like doing what was going to do...I think I'll just do what I was doing. Now....what was I doing...before I was thinking about what I was going to do??? 😁😁

Hope everybody has a GREAT WEEKEND!!! Live it up!!!