10 Tips you need to consider before buying a laptop

1- screen size : the the common is 15 inches but there
are also more sizes like ( 14 inches , 16 inches ..etc
) as much as the screen size become more bigger as much ...
as you need to pay more money .

2- Random access memory (RAM) :at least you need 256 as
a RAM size and u better to use (DDR) type NOT (SDRAM)
because this type is so old and its not compatible
with windows 7 or windows vista , and we all know there
new types like (DDR2 , DDR3 ) and sure its more faster
than DDR1 .

3- Video card : if you like to play PC games or you use
some of the applications for designing graphics like (3D
MAX or AUTOCAD ..etc ) you need to pick 1 Giga of RAM at least ,and there is two common types that are using in laptops now days the first is NVIDIA which i recommend this one
and the other type is ATI , I noticed when i playing a
pc game that use high graphic resolution i saw that the
ATI start heating up and then the laptop restart but i
didn't see that in NVIDIA .

4- processor: if you want to use the laptop just for
surfing on the net you can choose this processor
Celeron which i recommend and if u picked this one u
will have a long battery discharge time Because this time
will use less power than other types like Intel (i core3 , i core5 , icore 7 ) which i recommend for those
who like to play pc games or using graphic design appl.

5- floppy disk : we see there is no exist of the
floppy driver in the laptops now days as its not that
important and but if u still need to use a floppy disk
, you can buy an external USB floppy drive and that
will fix the problem .

6- Hard disk : there is no problems with the hard drive
in the laptop and u can pick the size and the type you
want according to your use , I recommend 80 giga size
and u have to be aware the percentage of the bad sector
will increase as much as u pick more size for your hard
disk like ( 120 giga, 200 giga..etc ) .

7- modem and WLAN : you have to make sure if u have
modem in the laptop that you are about to buy and u
will find wireless lan in all laptops .

8- firewire : make sure that u have fire wire connection
Because its more faster than USB connection .

9- operating system : in the most of that laptops with
high specification u will get an original windows with
it but u must know they will add like 120$ on the price
if your laptop when it contain an original windows like
windows Vista or windows 7 .

10 - The most important thing that u will need to check
if u want to buy a fast laptop need to check for
the cache memory and it should be at least 3 mega that
will insure a high respond .

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10 Tips to maintain your laptop battery discharge time

1- If you don’t have wireless connection inside your house or your work place turn off your WIFI and the Bluetooth .

2- Avoid as much as you can using computer games and listening to music and dvd movies these things will exhaust the discharging time


3- Reduce the brightness of your laptop screen that will make u gain more time

4- Set your laptop to turn to sleep mood after 10 minutes to maintain the energy of your laptop battery.

5- Try as much as you can on not using any external devices attached to your laptop like (flash memory, external USB modems ….etc ) and try to use your built in mouse instead of using external USB mouse .

6- try to reduce the sound volume .

7- Stop all the tasks in the (schedule task )

8- Set your laptop on auto shutting down all the Microsoft office features and other applications.

9- If you're using WLAN try to turn it off when u don’t use it

10- if u need to use CD or DVD while u are on battery try to copy and paste the content of your CD or DVD on your hard disk drive and turn them on from there cause that will spend less energy than reading them directly from your CD / DVD driver .

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post here your laptop brand then model then the operating system name if its possible and I will do my best to get it for you as soon as possible ....

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> ADMO >
1- Dell admo 13
2- Dell admo xps...
> Alienware >
1- DELL Alienware M11x
2- DELL Alienware M11x R2
3- DELL Alienware M11x R3
4- DELL Alienware M14x
5- DELL Alienware M15x
6- DELL Alienware M17x
7- DELL Alienware M17X R2
8- DELL Alienware M17X R3
9- DELL Alienware M18x
> Inspiron >
1- DELL Inspiron 1000
2- DELL Inspiron 1100
3- DELL Inspiron 1120
4- DELL Inspiron 1121
5- DELL Inspiron 1150
6- DELL Inspiron 11z
7- DELL Inspiron 11z Intel (1120)
8- DELL Inspiron 1200
9- DELL Inspiron 1210
10- DELL Inspiron 13
11- DELL Inspiron 1300
12- DELL Inspiron 1318
13- DELL Inspiron 1320
14- DELL Inspiron 1370
15- DELL Inspiron 13z
16- DELL Inspiron 13z (N311Z)
17- DELL Inspiron 13z Intel
18- DELL Inspiron 14 (1440)
19- DELL Inspiron 14 AMD M4040
20- DELL Inspiron 14 Intel (N4020)
> vostro >
1- DELL Vostro 3555
2- DELL Vostro 1000
3- DELL Vostro 1014
4- DELL Vostro 1015
5- DELL Vostro 1088
6- DELL Vostro 1200
7- DELL Vostro 1220

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> Compaq Armada >
1- Compaq Armada 1100 Notebook
2-Compaq Armada 1500 Notebook > ...
1- Compaq Armada Notebook 1505
2- Compaq Armada Notebook 1510

3- Compaq Armada 1500C Notebook
4- Compaq Armada 1700 Notebook
5- Compaq Armada 1750 Notebook
6- Compaq Armada 3500 Notebook
7- Compaq Armada 4100 Notebook
8- Compaq Armada 4200 Notebook

> Compaq >
1- HP Compaq 2210b Notebook
2- HP Compaq 2230 Notebook
3- HP Compaq 2510p Notebook
4- HP Compaq 2710p Notebook

> EliteBook >
1- HP EliteBook 2530p Notebook
2- HP EliteBook 2540p Notebook
3- HP EliteBook 2560p Notebook

> pavilion >
1- HP Pavilion dm1-1004tu Notebook
2- HP Pavilion dv2-1001 Notebook
3- HP Pavilion g4-1010us Notebook
4- HP Pavilion tx1000 CTO Notebook

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1- SONY VAIO PCG-FR130 Notebook


1- SONY VAIO PCG-FRV23 Notebook
2- SONY VAIO PCG-FRV25 Notebook
3- SONY VAIO PCG-FRV26 Notebook

1- SONY VAIO PCG-FX100 Notebook
2- SONY VAIO PCG-FX120 Notebook

1- SONY VAIO PCG-GR250 Notebook
2- SONY VAIO PCG-GR100K Notebook

1- SONY VAIO PCG-NV100 Notebook
2- SONY VAIO PCG-NV170P Notebook

> VAIO PCG-R505 >
1- SONY VAIO PCG-R505DC Notebook
2- SONY VAIO PCG-R505DF Notebook

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just click on your model so you can get your drivers ..its just that easy!!!

> Aspire >
1- Acer Aspire 1200
2- Acer Aspire 1350 ...
3- Acer Aspire 1360
4- Acer Aspire 1410 (11.6'')
5- Acer Aspire 1410 (15.4'')
6- Acer Aspire 1420P
7- Acer Aspire 1425P
8- Acer Aspire 1430
9- Acer Aspire 1430Z
> Extensa >
1- Acer Extensa 2000
2- Acer Extensa 2300
3- Acer Extensa 2350
4- Acer Extensa 2500
5- Acer Extensa 2600
6- Acer Extensa 2900
7- Acer Extensa 2900D
8- Acer Extensa 2900E
9- Acer Extensa 2950
> Ferrari >
1- Acer Ferrari 1000
2- Acer Ferrari 1100
3- Acer Ferrari 1200
4- Acer Ferrari 3000
5- Acer Ferrari 3200

> TravelMate >

1- Acer TravelMate 2000
2- Acer TravelMate 2100
3- Acer TravelMate 2200
4- Acer TravelMate 2300

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