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Who's ready for May 29?

Multi-platinum artist Post Malone announced his upcoming North American tour with multi-platinum rapper 21 Savage and special guest SOB X RBE. Produced by Live Nation and sponsored by blu, the outing will kick off April 26 in Portland, OR and makes a stop at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom....
Freedom Hill Job Fair!!! Tomorrow, May 3 from 11:00am - 3:00pm Make sure to show up with a filled out job application which can be found at the Freedom Hill website. Freedom Hill is looking to hire the following positions: -Guest Services -Parking -Concessions -Security -Housekeeping
Freedom Hill Banquet & Event Center had its grand opening last night! Come tour this new facility and plan your next big event with us at Freedom Hill! Call Today 586-795-2800 For more info visit:
WDIV Channel 4 - Freedom Hill
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Andrea Elizabeth Yeager
· October 7, 2017
So unorganized. Missed more than half of the concert waiting to get inside in a so called “line”. Waited in 3 different “lines” for hours that led to nowhere. I asked several workers what the issue wa...s and why the line wasn’t moving and they were clueless. There also isn’t any parking lot markers to be able to find your car afterwards. Hundreds of people were wandering aimlessly and hitting the panic buttons on their key fobs trying to find their cars. I consider myself pretty chill and I rarely feel the need to bring things to attention, but this facility is the most unorganized I have ever been to. Still in awe that this place is even open. See More
Spencer Hively
· October 8, 2017
Worst Venue I've ever attended. I've been to countless concerts and venues and never seen anything so poorly organized. Doors opened at 2 and we didn't get in until 4:30. Missed half the bands we paid... to see and were treated rudely by the security guards and crowd control. Even warped tour is able to get in guests in a fraction of the time and that has way more people attending. Even worse, while standing in the amphitheater watching a band, a member of the guest services told us we had to move further back very rudely. So we did and he then approached us even more aggressively and said we had to move further back. We were standing in an area where many people were that did not obstruct traffic or block anything. We questioned why and he proceeded to push us back and swear at us. He shoved my fiancé who was much smaller than him because she wasn't moving fast enough and told her to "get the fuck out of the way". I confronted him since that was unacceptable and he pushed me as well and told me to "fuck off". All of this caused us to miss half the set of yet another band we had paid to see. I have never been more disgusted with any venue I've ever attended. That staff member should be fired and several others should learn to do their jobs better. Whoever manages this joke of a venue needs to figure out how to better coordinate events. See More
Ryan Mueller
· October 8, 2017
If I had to guess, I would think that yesterday was the first event this venue has ever held. By far the worst organized venue I have ever been to. I showed up early to get a good spot for the concert... and was turned away because the parking lot was not open until noon. When I finally came back at noon, I found out that they had been letting people in for awhile already. I drove into the parking lot and went to back into my parking spot, when I did so, one of the workers stepped behind my car and started banging on my window and kicked the back of my car and wouldn't let me park and then proceeded to let everyone else by me. Thank goodness there was no damage. If I wasn't in a hurry to get in line, I would have called the cops.

Once I finally got in line, I was about 50th. About 45mins before doors were scheduled to open, the workers made 3 separate lines side by side. Then for whatever reason, just before doors were supposed to open they made us get into 2 lines in front of the security scanners. When doing so, they took everyone who arrived late and lined them up in front of people who were waiting for hours. They continued to grab people from the back of the line and line them up at the front next to the scanners. Doors were supposed to open at 2pm, but for no reason at all, they kept us outside until 2:45pm. The first band went on stage at 2:30 and we could do nothing but listen from outside the venue.

Get your s#it together. I will not be coming back to your venue. I will travel else where to see bands coming to MLA.
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Alex Montreuil
· October 7, 2017
Went to self help and took nearly three hours to get in when I arrived at 1:30. I missed the plot in you which was a huge reason I went. Security completey sucks and I have never been so pissed off the security. They literally took people and cut them in front of people who were there longer. The bands were awesome but didn't even get in until of mice and men were playing. I will never go to this venue again. I go to a lot of shows and I'm very very angry. See More
Tori Hummelle
· September 23, 2017
This is one the most poorly run venues I've ever been to. The fact that it took over an hour and a half to even get to the entrance was ridiculous. Once at the front, I quickly realized that it was du...e to the fact that you had to go though 3 checkpoints and each checkpoint only had one person doing each check, with 2 entry points, so a total of 6 people to get hundreds of attendees into the concert. The Offspring had to start 15 minutes late; playing to a half empty venue, and I was left to listen to the first 4 songs in the parking lot. Not to mention that the ticket scan lady said that we needed print our VIP tickets because "they" wouldn't let us in the VIP area or to our seats. So my friend ran to the ticket office got them printed, scanned, and then at no point did someone ask to see our tickets... seriously... anyone could walk in and out of the "VIP" area and we definitely didn't need our tickets printed to get to our seats. So a couple more songs missed for nothing. The staff were like zombies and anytime I asked a question, I was either ignored, or they didn't know anything and just would walk away, it was like The Twilight Zone. I will never see a concert again at this venue. Seeing The Offspring has always a dream of mine, and while they still blew my mind, this venue should be embarrassed. Just so utterly dissapointed. See More
Brianna Payne
· October 7, 2017
This is the most unorganized event I have ever been to. People have been standing out here for more than an hour and then to have the page say that the doors are open at 2:00 but not let us in until a...round 2:40. Missed one band that was hoping to see and now missing another one that is playing. The staff is horrendously slow. It blows my mind that you can plan an event but not follow what was planned. Hope staff isn’t getting paid because they aren’t worth the shit. See More
Josh Buchholz
· October 7, 2017
Went to self help fest tonight and it was the most unorganized event I've ever attended. The gates didn't even open until two bands had finished playing. All of the headlining bands did not play on th...e main pavilion stage but on a smaller side stage. The area was way too small for the amount of people and led to multiple injuries and no one being able to move. All of the bands were fantastic but unfortunately the venue was a complete failure. Most likely my first and last time going. See More
Leah Golembiewski
· October 8, 2017
This is one of the most unorganized venues I’ve ever been to. If a venue is not equipped to cater to this large of a crowd, maybe it should’ve been held elsewhere. The event time on Facebook and the t...ickets clearly read that doors would be open at 2 pm for the Self Help Festival, yet people were still standing around outside waiting to be let in until ~2:40 pm which means that most of the people in attendance didn’t even get in the venue until the third band started to play.
I don’t know if the staff here lacks training or they just don’t care anymore, but I had to talk to THREE different people before someone could point me in the direction of a first aid station and once the “medics”(who I feel greatly lacked the knowledge to even hold that title) finally were able to get to my friend and “evaluate” her...which their version of a medical evaluation was to just keep questioning if she had taken any drugs that night even after she told them no more than once. The only advice they provided was for her to follow up with her primary care...
Since this venue has access to the number of tickets purchased for an event you would think that this information would be passed on to the food and drink vendors to make sure that they are adequately prepared to serve their customers. Rather than worrying about selling $16 mixed drinks made with house pours there should’ve been enough water purchased in preparation to provide until the end of the event.
Also, the dirt parking lot that lacks lighting and markers making it hard to locate where you’ve parked, but makes up for that with the insane amount of potholes and ridiculously deep ruts was a nice touch and extremely fitting for a place like this.
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Lisa Andrzejewski
· October 8, 2017
The bands that played at the Self Help Fest was amazing, but the fact that the people first in line weren’t even in at 2:30 and the first band played at 2:30, AND you even said on your Facebook that d...oors opened up at 2pm was a bit ridiculous.

I was far back in lines in the parking lot that weren’t even organized, and those long lines were merging into other long lines, and I didn’t even get in until 3:15. So we missed 2 bands playing and almost missed the 3rd one because there was ZERO organization.

And to top it off, the staff had no clue what was going on and they were lying to us saying that is was “cds playing and no one was playing yet” ... this group of people all know what live music sounds like. 2 of my friends were actually able to see the first band because they were literally 3rd in line, and the first band Plot in You, had a really small audience because because barely anyone was in to see them.

I really hope that this venue does not have self help ever again because it was a very unorganized event and there were a lot of unhappy people who missed bands that they wanted to see.

The parking here was also terrible for getting out because we were stuck in our spot for over 20 minutes. I had heard from a security person that the gates were closed for letting anyone out.

0/10 would never come back again.
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Taylor Lynn
· October 8, 2017
Very disappointed. I've been to this venue before and it wasn't nearly as much hassle. We spent good money on tickets to attend Self Help Fest and see some awesome bands and what did we get? Over two... hours of waiting in line and rude smart ass comments from employees. Doors were said to open at 2:00 pm and that DEFINITELY didn't happen. I don't think we got in until 4:30 and we arrived at 1:30. The line to get in was absolutely ridiculous and completely unorganized. It definitely seemed that the employees didn't know what they were doing.

If you're going to make hundreds of people wait in line for hours then I would recommend that you put some rest rooms outside for everyone to use. While waiting in line I ended up have to use the bathroom (as I'm sure tons of people did). It got to the point where I really had to go and NEEDED to find a bathroom. So we walked and asked one of the employees directing traffic if there were any bathrooms outside we could use. He laughed and said "over the hill". I'm already pretty upset by this point and the employee making jokes made it so much worse. So I end up having a panic attack because my stomach is killing me, the cramps were really bad and I didn't think I was going to make to a bathroom and basically shit myself in front if hundreds of people. We ended up leaving the venue to find a bathroom. (I understand from and outside view, the whole bathroom situation would seem stupid but I was really freaking out).

Once we finally got in, we had already missed half the band's set to play and I'm sure that pissed a ton of people off. The bands we did see put on an excellent show and I'm glad I was able to see them. Pierce The Veil was excellent and A Day To Remember put on one of the best shows I've seen in a while. I just wish that Freedom Hill could get their shit together. I've never had such a terrible time getting to and into a venue.
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Wohn Jebb
· October 7, 2017
Do you want to miss 25% of the show that you pay money to see? Come to freedom hill. It's got great unpaved muddy parking lots you'll be seeing a lot of while you wait for hours and hours to get into ...the show.

It's a great time! Got to miss my favorite band, thanks freedom hill!
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Jared Lamphere
· October 8, 2017
Actually the biggest cluster fuck of a "line" kept moving people from back of the line to the front i waited in line for 3hrs while people that arrived after me go in less then 15mins would never go b...ack even if they paid me 1 star is a nicer review then id like to give See More
Jessica Bell
· October 7, 2017
I’m currently in the parking lot missing the show. Maybe they forgot they had a concert today, but this is absolute bullshit.

All of the people around me paid to come here today to see their favorit...e bands and have been standing over an hour in the parking lot, all while the bands are actually on stage.

Will avoid this venue at all costs.
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Brittany Grace
· October 13, 2017
Drove 3 hrs to get here and got there an hour earlier than the show started. Waited in line for 3 hrs to get into the show and missed at least 4 bands. We had to wait because there were 4 metal detec...tors every single person had to go through which DIDN'T actually work because I walked through with metal on me. Got in to the show to my favorite band late and had some horrible "guest services" employee named Jerry push me multiple times, and I asked him to please stop touching me and he yelled in my face "then get the fuck out of the way". Absolute garbage person and venue. Will never go here again. See More
Katie Lynn Amaro
· October 8, 2017
Self Help Fest- That line. I feel bad for everyone who had to wait and the BANDS that would have had a bigger crowd if their fans all weren't outside waiting to see them! There was barely anyone Too Close to Touch and 2 bands played before them! There were more people in line than in the venue. If you're going to security check, cool, but have more security stations setup and/or open WAY earlier so people don't miss bands they PAID to see.
The show was fun, but that was no help to the was because the BANDS killed it.
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Lindsey Wissinger
· October 7, 2017
I've been to many music festivals and this was the most poorly planned execution I have ever seen and it's not the band's faults whatsoever. Two friends and I drove the entire way from Central Pennsyl...vania for the ADTR Self Help Festival. The gates were scheduled to open at 2pm and the show was to begin at 2:30 and there were at least a couple thousand people attending this festival. The festival began at 2:30, but the venue didnt open the gates until 2:45. Absolutely no employees directed anyone where to go or even to where the line began. There was no organization whatsoever.

When we arrived the bands were already playing inside while over 3/4ths of the attendees were still waiting outside the venue. When we attempted to ask what was going on the employee acted as though she was irritated with us and responded "there's a lot of people here". Okay, and? It's not like they didn't know how many people were attending until the day of and they should have planned to open the gates at an appropriate time.

We would assume it was just poor planning on ADTRs part, however, every other location of this festival has stellar reviews, some even claiming it to be better than the long running Vans Warped Tour.

We chose this location as opposed to the closer Philly location we could have attended because we preferred the line up for Detroit more. Unfortunately, because of the poor planning and service of the venue we missed 6 out of the 12 bands that were playing as did the majority of the festival goers.

It's extremely upsetting that we drove 7 hours to see half a show, at full ticket price.

The sound board was spotty at best and bands that we've heard live in the past and know are amazing performers sounded subpar because of it. The sound board controller for the musicals we were a part of in high school was better than whoever was working tonight.

ADTR mentioned during their set this was the first year they brought this festival to Detroit. Considering the circumstances and how many unhappy fans they have today compared to the other venues they performed at, it should also be their last.

What's even better is that people have already contacted the amphitheatre to see what is going to be done and they were told that they literally don't care that everyone missed half the show and they refuse to issue refunds. This amphitheatre scammed the hell out of every single one of us.

The opening band had two songs left when the first person was let in meaning they played the majority of their set to an EMPTY venue when there were THOUSANDS of people waiting to get in to see them. That's not only disrespectful of the venue to the fans, but also to every single band that were forced to play for a crowd of 10 or less people with so many waiting.

I am 100% convinced these bands were forced by the venue to start when they did instead of waiting for more people to enter.
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James Giammarco
· August 10, 2017
-Pretty nice amphitheatre once you are inside. Good sound.
-Traffic outside the amphitheatre is horrendous. (We arrived at 7pm for an 8pm Santana show... and we sat in traffic just outside the theater for an hour and a half. We didn't walk into the theater until 8:45 pm -- and missed nearly half the show. Hundreds or thousands of other people had the same experience. By comparison, I arrived at DTE Energy Theatre last month about an hour before the show and parked my car within about 10 or 12 minutes).
-Most of the parking lot is unpaved dirt/mud. Several cars were stuck in the mud after the show and needed tow trucks to get out. (It hadn't even rained for several days).
-Parking lot staff was unhelpful. I asked one guy if I could easily drop my handicapped father off at the door and he just shrugged at me. I honestly would have preferred either a "yes" or a "no". The shrug felt more like, "I don't know and I don't really care." (Dad ended up walking at least a quarter-mile on crutches... through the dirt/mud lot).
-If you want to sit on the lawn, I can pretty much guarantee you that someone will be standing in front of you and you won't be able to see.

Final advice:
-Try to avoid seeing a show at this theater.
-If you must see a show here, consider parking a half-mile away and then walking to the theater -- you might actually get to the show on time this way.
-If you must park at the theater itself, get to the theater at least two hours early -- and be careful where you drive (or you will end up needing a tow truck, too).
-You might also want to do some research online to see if you can find an alternate route or an alternate entrance that has less traffic.
-Bite the bullet and pay extra money to sit in the pavilion if you actually want to see the show. (On the lawn, people will be standing in front of you... either because they are drunk or selfish, or a combination of the two).
-If you plan on standing/dancing on the lawn, don't stand in front of anyone... for crying out loud.
-If you sit on the lawn, bring a small flashlight with you in case you need to use the restroom. There are no lights on the lawn and you might end up stepping on someone or tripping by accident.

Suggestions for the theater:
-Work with the city of Sterling Heights to improve traffic flow and entrance to the theater.
-Run a road grader through your parking lot so it's not so bumpy. Maybe this will even prevent people from getting stuck in the mud.
-Try to enforce your No Smoking policy. (Some people do have asthma, ya know?)
-Have separate "standing" and "sitting" sections on the lawn, with the standing section behind the sitting section.
-Make sure handicapped people have an easy time accessing your facility -- including people who just need to be dropped off at the door.
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Kristol Louise Whitt
· October 7, 2017
Waited in line 2 hours just to get IN the venue, and missed 5 out of the 12 bands playing that day. Staff had no clue what was going on and were not friendly. I will never come to another concert here.... Absolutely atrocious. See More
Wyatt Draves
· October 8, 2017
This is a DTE venue? If that’s the case you put so much shame on the DTE name. I have never had a problem with any DTE sponsored event stadium but last night was beyond horrible. Your staff had no clu...e what they were doing in the slightest. The concert STARTED at 2 and bands were playing yet you didn’t start letting anyone in until almost 2:40. On top of that you have one entrance to the whole event with 6 metal detectors trying to siphon thousands of people through 40 minutes late. I had people leave line by the time we got up to the front due to the fact their bands they drove from Ohio, North Carolina and even Ontario to see already played. So unprofessional and I really hope DTE takes their name off that amphitheater because the way it’s run is very unprofessional. My group of four arrived and got in line at 1:25ish... we got in the concert at 4:06. Almost three hours of standing in a crowd TO GET INSIDE OF THE VENUE. I want to come next year to see the bands themselves but I’ll have to remember to show up 4 hours before the scheduled opening. See More
Danielle Oxendine
· October 8, 2017
We spent well over two hours in line outside even though we were there early, missed three bands. The bathrooms were horribly unkept, water bottles ran out and EXTREMELY rude security at the front Everything was very unprofessional and unorganized! Won't be back in the future!

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Mix 92.3 Summer Breeze featuring R&B artists Keith Sweat, SWV, En Vogue, Stokley and Vivian Green will perform at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill on Saturday, June 30.

MIX 92.3 Summer Breeze featuring R&B artists Keith Sweat, SWV, En Vogue, Stokley and Vivian Green will perform at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill as part of the Fifth Third Bank Concert Series on Saturday, June 30 at 6 p.m.

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