A poem written this Christmas morning:


From God’s eternal foreknowledge...
He knew those which are His.
Knew our inner heart and bondage
To our sin nature, but despite this
And due to His eternally deep love
He gave us security, which nothing’s above.

This security is described in His word.
Not just a handshake, nor a note
Not just a receipt to show our worth.
From times of old we are told
In the Old Testament, through Isaiah,
An act of remembrance, saying.

I have engraved you on my palms.
You will not be erased off or scrubbed from.
This will give you assurance and calm
To know we’re not just chosen but come
Continually to His mind that we’re His
Engraved for His eternal Praises!

Engraved, how I love to proclaim it!!

Copyright - 2015

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Why is God’s grace amazing?
Why is God’s love very deep?
Why is God’s mercy forgiving?...
Why are God’s blessings perfect?
Why is God’s faithfulness pure?
He created us, we’re to reflect.

Just as the moon reflects the sun;
Just as water reflects the sky;
So too we are the reason
That God designed us to absorb
All of His character to season
Every neighbor within our orb.

This gives God ultimate glory.
Each of us sharing our story
To give each neighbor some of God.
This gives God the best of our love.
Every child of His reflecting from above;
Your will be done, earth with heaven shod.

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If someone is curious about Christ,
I feel, can this really be for real.
You would think you would have to try to fight ...
A hard battle for them to see the appeal.
But they ask and you answer with great joy
And explain just how simple, but no toy.

You say they need to say a simple prayer.
To repeat after you what's to be said.
You both bow your heads, doesn't matter where.
There's excitement in your soul as they're led.
You finish the prayer and you're overcome
With emotion so real, it's from the Son.

Your body is engulfed with happiness.
And you know heaven's angels are singing.
Another sibling through Holy finesse.
You both hug and feel a great new bond.

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God, You have blessed me with Your love.
You have filled me from high above.
There are times when I feel alone,...
But I know You watch from Your throne.
Lord, You encourage when I fail.
When I do, I'm an empty pail.
You fill me again by Your blood.
If I hold close to You, I'll flood.
My praise to You is not enough.
And must come from heart to smell sweet.
If I praise You just to sound tough,
Your true heart I will never meet.

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When you're out on a desperate limb,
And all of your long days seem so grim,
And you've given your best to His tests...
But you aren't too sure what His plans are;
Because every time you've really thought,
Your great plans just seem to slowly rot,
Then you should just rest your heart in Him.
His timing is joyfully perfect.
If you are trying hard to please Him,
Then He is sure to have a reason.
When God has opened an easy door,
Be sure to take a big step ashore.
Even if it ends up in closing,
It is sure to have been a chosen.
No door opened is end in itself.
But if you find life’s destination,
Give Him your strength and adoration.

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Of the years spent without romance,
I felt left out of that enjoyment.
Not that it was necessary to prance,
But was desired as life's allotment....
But it's more important to romance God.
In the process, all things seem for naught.
True human desire will push for attention.
But these will have moments of exhaustion.
People are moody and come to contention.
But God is constant, love that's always.
Comfort that can always be found
Even when human desires ache; not going away.
So if you're left without romance Valentines’ day,
Remember many people are in same shoes.
I, for one, desire the feelings of the day.
But this thought came when I lose
Out on the day I want to share feelings.
So I choose to write God these feelings.

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When we're in the company of Christians,
Is it a time to act spiritual?
For myself, it's simpler than otherwise....
Sundays sometimes feel its ritual.
Unless it's from my heart, will not rise.
Christians, be honest and lift each other.
It's been said, true friends will listen from the heart.
To find true friend we must be one ourselves.
Taking time to reach out and not to depart.
We must be vulnerable; not on the shelves.
Can't always go beyond "Hi, how are you?"
Really seek God; He'll show friend that's true.
Once we have found that sincere and true friend,
We share deep thoughts; sharing desiring no end.
We’ll pray for others; have seen myself.
There's no end to sharing; it's off the shelf.
Keep contact, don’t let busy lives master.
Thoughtful, so no tall wall of plaster.

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Jesus came to the temple in early morning
And many people came to Him and sat down.
The Scribes and Pharisees came intent on stoning.
They set the guilty woman in midst whom they found ...
In act of adultery and hoping to test
Jesus, but little did they know His quest.

And they said to Him, "She was caught."
And He only stooped down and wrote.
They were indignant, wanting what they'd sought.
But Jesus simply stood up and spoke.
"He who is without sin among you,
Let him throw first stone" then stooped.

And as the words went out to them,
From the oldest to youngest they went out.
Each dropping their stones; for all sinned.
Then Jesus straightened again and said with mouth.
"Woman, where are they, did no one condemn?"
She replied, "No one," Jesus said then

“Neither do I condemn, go and sin no more.”

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I come from the sky
And sail through the air
To a destination of whom knows where.
When I land, I may join my relatives...
Or I may hit the ground and spread.
Then when my originator clears the air,
I may follow a course not previously declared.
This course may take me through many channels.
Or this course may take me way underground.
I may stay underground for a long time.
Or I may be joined in the air, heaven bound.
While underground, I may fuse into tentacles, some in a line.
If in a line, I may join you when you dine.
And without me over time, you can't make a sound.

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What gives Christmas its glow?
Is it all the lights that do glow?
If that were all, it would surely fall!...
Is it the exchange of gifts to and fro?
If that were all, some could share but time!
Is it the gatherings that people call?
If that were all, some would be in the cold!
No, Christmas is a time for love.
A love that came down for the world,
And it comprises all the above.
God came down to give Holy light.
A light to be given to mankind, free of charge.
A light to be shared with men at final call.
So it takes all the parts for perfection. Receive His light and you'll be complete.
Free to engage in the true meaning of Christmas.

So what gives Christmas its elation?
Knowing that one has the light, then give it feet.
So others can praise the day and not rush.
So let's slow down to cherish our salvation!

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What is important to you in life?
Is it prestige of job up high?
What is important to you in life?...
Is it the expensive car you wish to drive?
What is important to you in life?
Is it the great abilities you Show?

What is important to you in life?
Is it the amount of money hoarded in droves?
God has a different point of view.
It is so contrary, it's seen by only a few.
God wants you dependent on Him!
God gave your job, so see different flight.

God wants you dependent on Him!
God has given you your transportation, give up rights.
God wants you dependent on Him!
God gave talents for benefit, not show.
God wants you dependent on Him!
Money is to bless those who can't repay.

These ways are hard to come by
But try them and it will make you truly high.

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In the process of human endeavor,
If God has seen it in His eyes to bless
And in man's eyes you look rich; God's favor.
Don't take your friendship to God for granted. ...
It's not for money that you have panted.

God doesn't need your riches or pitches.
If God's seen in His eyes to make you poor;
It's the heart He's after to mold and bend.
He does not do it for your harassment,
So you shouldn't make your heart like cement.

See what you do have through His loving eyes,
And it will make the rich man even cry.
So position high or position low,
Don't let your relationship to God go.
It is in His plan to use you to bless.
He's made the poor to be sometimes an oar.
Both are used to show the real depth of God.
To quicken both, He uses loving rod.

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What are you waiting for
To receive God’s love for your life?
Do you need to do wrong, hitting the floor?...
And then pick yourself up after strife?
Wake up and see that life need not go sour
Before you receive God’s love like a shower.

These blessings can come before you transcend
Into deep darkness where Satan can laugh
And say, we’ve got a hold, their on a trend
Going lower and lower causing you to crash.
When you could have relished in God’s love
By receiving God’s grace descending as a dove.

However, if choosing to reject God’s grace
And realizing later that life is empty
And trying to fill it up may cover your face
From showing the hurts and failures a plenty.
God is still there when you want to reach when low
And will guide you to higher ground, you know.

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Let your light so shine before men.
What does that mean for us as Christians?
Should we simply do good works but then,...
Not reveal the reason for our actions?
No, salt by itself has no benefit to man.
And light hidden can not illumine God’s plan.

God has a plan for his children;
To reveal Him as the source of goodness.
For without that knowledge man’s driven
To believe good works are enough to harness
Living a good life that will satisfy God.
However, Jesus is the center of ways for laud.

So the next time you have opportunity to shine,
Let your light shine also with words
To reveal the source on which you dine.
This will then produce good works for the world.
For mankind is evil at heart
Then unbelieving man will see the need for a Godly start.

By Friedhelm Rosenau
Sunday, August 03, 2014

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When you're up against the feeling,
Thinking nobody really cares.
And feel depressed and are dealing
With ill words people have shared....
Don't assume the words have substance,
Since words are said in rashness.

There are words said with great care.
They're said many years ago.
Were even inspired to share.
Words from One with love to show.
He's God who never cares more;
Giving His Son to implore.

His words live in the Bible.
Read them anytime at all.
Comforting in all trials.
For Christ's been through, but no fall.
His strength’s there to be eaten.
Chew on them, they’re well proven.

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Is someone I see feeling down?

I should share a kind word from a sincere heart.


And I will lift that person from a frown.

Is someone I know lonely and lacking friends?

I should visit them and share words of kindness.

My warm heart and smile will make their eyes shine.

Many people only hear the negative all day.

I am too quick to criticize to lift me up.

The other person may laugh but inside really say

That was not fun and go their way feeling cut.

These wounds over time build to sad thoughts

That will someday cause actions once fought.

So let me lift up someone who is maybe a stranger

That will probably warm a heart and make a friend.

And that friend could make more friends, remember

He was first given encouraging words that had no end.

And if this kindness be me could multiply

This world would have more happy hearts that edify.

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