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He just made his second attempt going outside, but after only a few steps laid down not wanting to move. Once I got him on his feet it was difficult getting him to walk to bring him in. Gentle help and convincing needed. he is back on his living room bed and I just syringed some needed water into his mouth which he swallowed. Those beautiful eyes I swear said thank you.

Will update more later.

Loki did not stir during the night. Sleeping with him I believed he felt more secure, as during the evening he would try to make it down the hall to the den where mom and I were.

Poor boy came down hall just before we settled together for sleep and just stood in the middle of the hallway, not knowing what to do next.

He wanted to go outside so I did take him but once in the backyard, again he was very unsure and did not do any business. The mosquitoes were wicked. ... Once inside (had trouble with the few steps getting in) he retired back to his bed in the living room.

As you can see from below pics that is where we slept together. I will continue to sleep on the floor there with him until he is more confident and not still feeling affects of the sedation. Took me back to October 2013 when I slept every night in the run with him.

Truthfully, it felt damned good to be on the floor with him to sleep again, that velvet nose beneath my fingers, put him back to sleep in a blink of an eye.

He remains on his bed in the living room stretched out and I have gotten ready for work. Mom will call me if need be and I will come home at noon to check on him and to see if he wants to try going outside in the backyard or not. Regardless, if he uses the piddle pads that is fine and easy to clean up. Rather that than him slipping of the steps.

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Image may contain: cat, table and indoor
Company at home
Bonnie C and Loki, plus mysterious shadows
Making her demands

Going to curl up with him in living room now. Will update again tomorrow or Friday. Thank you for all your prayers and love.

Loki is home from surgery which went well. Dr. Jim removed both cycsts and got all of each. Blood tests were good, and he also got his rabies booster at same time. A shot of Penicillin and of pain killer to keep him comfortable. I have another 30 day supply of antibiotics for him and Probiotics for when he finishes the antibitoics.

A huge thank you to Bonnie C. who took us to the mobile clinic, and of course to Dr. Jim who was so gentle and did a great job.

Loki was plae...d in his carrier and loaded into Bonnie's enclosed truck with the help of my neighbor Jim. On way to vet Loki manged to get out of the crate (door was also tied with bungy cords) but he still got out. He also chewed through both his leads.

My heart was in my throat of course fearing he would dart out soon as we opened back of truck, but I was able to open small back window and he came to me when I did so I was able to hold onto his harness and collar. Bonnie C went in to tell Dr were there and he came ot, got into back with Loki and injected a sedative to calm him. After waiting a time, Bonnie C and I got him into the clinic and we waited until he was pretty close to out.

When we picked him up I sat in the back of the truck, balancing him, his head on my shoulder. We did not use the crate. Bonnie and I lifted him out of truck once home (in garage) and carried him to landing in garage and guided him into the house.

He is passed out on his bed in the living room and if he can't make it 'our bedroom' tonight I will sleep on the floor next to him in the living room.

I will only take him out to back yard to do his business, at least till weekend. No run for "Our Boy" till I know he has no ill effects. Tonight piddle pads will be used.

Elizabethian collar is on as well and of course when he does move he can't see properly and bumps into things.

Incisions are longer than I had expected (pics below) and I have all I need here at home to keep them clean and protected.

Will keep you all updated.

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Yesterday I got all of the yardwork done and put up the wind/shade netting for Loki's run. It allows him total privacy while he can still see out, protects him from strong winds while allowing great air circulation and gives him shade. I also totally cleaned his large carrier and it is now ready for him. Today I will wash all his bedding and hang on line to dry in hot sun. Includes his run bedding and his fleece and beds in the house. I want everything clean and ready fo...r him for when he comes back from surgery. I will of course keep him in the house the rest of the week afterwards and take him out to do his business. Mom can reach me at work Thursday and Friday if I need to come home for him.

We stopped by Bonnie C's last evening but no one was home. We have missed connecting a few times on our walks.

I will keep all of you updated on how he makes out.

Hugs to all of you and much love to each of you.

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Thank you for all your prayers for "Our Boy". Needless to say I am nervous, but I know these vets, been going to them for over a decade now and they are so good with Loki. They know our history together. I am including a picure of the cyst to be removed. This is the picture I had sent them online. Right now it is drier due to the medicated cream used daily. A regime of cleaning and cream application. He is so good, allowing me to take care of it. He does have a closed... one above this one which I drain by squeezing, which has to hurt, but he sits or lays quietly as I do so. The open cyst is about the size of a quarter now. In the second picture top right, is what came out of the open cyst. While it was this bad I kept it covered with a bandage which "Our Boy" never attempted to remove. It was deep enough to put your finger into, but has since shrunk.

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By now you must be thinking we fell off the planet. Truth is my laptop totally crashed and I had to have work done on it, onlygetting it up and running again today. We all know that involves alot, particulary when all files have been lost.

Thankfully there has not been very much that all of you have missed. Life has been life as usual, same old. Mom remains very much the same, remains here at home with myself and critters.

I will let you all know that Loki is going in for... surgery on his left shoulder this coming Wednesday the 21st. A recurring cyst that I believe is a direct result from when he was darted four years ago, prior to catching him and getting him home here, needs removal otherwise it will continue to recurr. He will be in very good hands. I am thinking that a piece of the dart may have broken off and remains in his shoulder. The dart never discharged the sedative and had remained stuck in his shoulder three days. This was back in the summer of 2013 June or July I believe. Remember we did not catch him and get home here until Sept 29, 2013.

Loki has been on heavy antibiotics (1500 per day) for almost two weeks now and I have been cleaning and medicating the one cyst for a number of weeks again. I had sent picture of the open cyst to my vet and he ordered me meds through our local pharmacy, at the same time we scheduled surgery.

Bonnie C will help me get Loki to and from the vet (who will be in town). Loading Loki into his large crate and into the back of her truck.

Today, I shall be giving his crate a deep cleaning and also washing fresh bedding for him in preparation of his return from surgery. Thankfully the 21st is a holiday here so I will be home for him.

Needless to say, I am praying that all will go well during surgery and that there will be no negative affects for "Our Boy", although the mere transport will be a trauma for him.

I will let all of you know how it goes.

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Making a difference

Ken Wyrsch worked at an army base in Iraq when he met with Ollie for the first time. Then Olli just a little puppy and won once all the soldiers’ hearts. They could not see the little street dog suffer, but began taking care of him and give him food. Above all it was Ken …
Posted by 22 Words
22 Words
May 16

This pup is trying so hard not to nod off. A state that personally feels all too familiar...😂

(via Jukin Media)

We can all make a life saving difference.

The Dodo
April 27

These sea rescues are AMAZING — the whale even says thanks!

Posted by Go
May 18

This puppy needs attention 😂
Credit: JukinVideo

With only today as my day to rest, after an intense laborious three days of a long weekend, I plan to relish this, another beautiful Arctic summer day.

The plan...a leisurely walk with "Our Boy", a gentle and lengthy grooming of "Our Boy" and an waterless gentle bath for "Our Boy".

The lawns are cut, the flowers planted. Loki has plenty of fresh Petunias to smell and the day is absolutely beautiful. One cannot waste such a day. Perhaps a walk along the back trail, something... not done since last summer.

A most restless night and early morning, given the absolute chattering of the resident squirrels during the wee hours. To the point where I actually got out of bed and shone my flashlight through the window wondering just what was going on. Was some as of yet unseen critter in my backyard raising the alarm. I did not see a thing, even though my Zoie most certainly did. Her head moved slowly, ears perked forward as she sat with both front paws on the window ledge. Obviously my night vision cannot even remotely compare to that of a cat!!

After a beautiful day yesterday, Loki fell asleep in my arms in the living room. Dead to the world, that beautiful head resting in the crook of my arm. His breathing rhythmic. He is truly such a joy, truly such a gift. Words cannot describe how he has enriched our lives.

Sunset in an Arctic town called Hay River.

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First, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Manchester, England. Your loss is felt by each and every one of us around the world. Know that this act of violence has defeated its very purpose. We stand united with you.