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Founded in September 1984
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The protection and enrichment of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Dedicated to the protection and enrichment of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.
Company Overview
Friends sponsors the following community events:
-Semi-annual work days, generating more than 5,000 hours of volunteer service...
-Annual Red Rock Photo Contest for all ages
-Annual Red Rock Canyon Art Contest for southern Nevada schools

-Protecting, monitoring and preserving Native American resources, such as Petroglyphs and pictographs, in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institute and the BLM
-Design and installation of the Lost Creek Walkway, protecting a fragile and heavily used riparian area
-Providing graffiti removal, as well as trail maintenance and improvements
-Providing pet waste dispensers at all trailheads and picnic areas

-Member staffing at the Visitor Center Information Desk providing area education and information to more than 450,000 guests annually
-Maintaining and improving all Visitor Center landscaping as well as providing information about native plants and establishing a plant propagation center
-Tortoise Habitat care and maintenance. Our volunteers provide information on this threatened species to approximately 50,000 visitors annually
-Providing transportation funding for 'at-risk' schools, enabling over 18,000 children to visit the canyon
-Funding and staffing for interactive children's programs and events
-Funding and staffing for 'Explore the Great Outdoors' workshops
-Speakers Bureau provides off-site information and education programs about Red Rock Canyon
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Friends of Red Rock Canyon was established in 1984 for the purpose of providing trained volunteers for Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. As Red Rock Canyon evolved to a Conservation Area, the role of Friends has changed as well. Friends annually provides the equivalent of 13 full time employees as well as over $120,000 in direct finacial support for programs and services.
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National Making a Difference on Public Lands - 2002 (C. and P. Williams)
National Making a Difference on Public Lands - 2004 (W. Stephenitch)
Presidential Call Service Award - 2004 (C. and P. Williams)
Presidential Call to Service Award - 2007 (B. Wolin)
National Making a Difference on Public Lands - 2010 (Cultural Resource Committee)
National Making a Difference on Public Lands - 2010 (C. and P. Williams)
2011 Volunteer Group of the Year - Friends of Red Rock Canyon Natural Resource Team
Presidential Call to Service Award - 2011 (J. Burke)
Presidential Call to Service Award - 2011 (M. Burk)
Conservation Lands Foundation Advocate of the Year - 2011 (P. Williams)
National Volunteer Milestone Award - 2013 (P.Williams 20,000 Lifetime Volunteer Hours for the Public Lands)
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