Do you ever think that you're normal and most everyone else is just fucked in the head?

who is still about?

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I'm waiting for all the reminders that today is September 11th....just in case we have all forgotten what fucking day it is.

Ever had a day of wet farts? that's my day summed up.

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I am not a Muslim. I do not like violence. I dislike what has happened in France. I also dislike what is happening in the rest of the world where so many innocent people are dying. Violence will only create more violence and outrage and more hate. Nobody will win this war and those who will suffer most are the innocent. This is the world we live in.

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Best album cover? This has to be one of the best. Isn't it pretty and cute? pft.

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I wish people would fuck off with..."we went from 911 to being afraid of offending Muslims". Wtf have Muslims got to do with anything? It's not all Muslims that are extreme in their beliefs...Stop hating the Muslim people...because you that hates are what fuels hatred....#everyoneisequal #love #peace #stopthehate #ignorance

Also, for those who take the bible as a book that predicts the future and think its the end of days because America has decided gay people can marry....HAHAHAHAHA Idiots. YAY TO GAY SEX.

Dear terrorists, please can you attack earlier in the morning in future and take out those assholes (cough, cough, Germans) who put their towels out and take up all the lounge chairs before normal people are awake? Thanks.

Hollywood fucks up movies by remaking them!!! I urge younger people to watch the original of any remake, mostly because 9 out of 10 times the original is better.