My bootleg of 'Heaven Scent' is now available for free download!…/bedrock-heaven-scent-dulcet-remix

A little bootleg remix of the trance classic 'Heaven Scent' by Bedrock, you can grab it as a free download! Enjoy

So I guess this is kind of relevant, but I did a bootleg remix of 'Heaven Scent' at the start of the summer, slower and more progressive/technoy


This is just one of them tracks that even after you stop listening to trance, it still blows your mind. Yes!

That one would make a perfect keygen music ;)

Listening back to my old tunes for no real reason. My god I made some seriously uplifting trance. the good old days…/function-c-pres-keelin-1

138 uplifting trancer soon to be up for free download!

Anybody who might be interested. Here is a little 1 hour mix of Techno and Tech House I recroded last week. Enjoy!

Me, my CDJs, and an hour to spare. I hope you enjoy! Tracklist: KlangKuenstler - Do That Dance [Stil Vor Talent] Jake Dudley - Switch Back [FREE DOWNLOAD] OC & Verdi - Maasai [Knee Deep In Sound] Ga
Added a little female vocal snippet to Elevate for the laugh, works.

Something I was doing at the start of the year, but never did anything with it. Maybe put it for free download next week?

Something I made at the start of the year and never really had any intention of doing anything with it. Maybe will put it up for free download.

Some progressive techno trance stuff.

Listen to Elevate (Snippet) by Dulcet #np on #SoundCloud

This page is still flying up, brilliant to see my old tracks still do it for people. If you would like to keep up to date with all my new music please give my Dulcet page a like.




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Dulcet, a techno and progressive producer/dj from Ireland.

Don't particularly like Dyro at all, but that is really smart and useful

In this segment, Dyro shows us how to isolate a kick drum from a fully realized sample of his music. A technique that he has passed on to the likes of Martin...

It is insane to see my Function C alias still getting new likes every day! Good to see the trance I made still being liked. If you didn't know, this alias is no longer in use, you can follow all my newer productions on my Dulcet page, progressive and techno!

You can grab a new FREE download from me though off my soundcloud.…/dulcet-ember-original-mix-master



See More <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Download for free on The Artist Union</a>…/download-dulcet-lidocaine

If you missed it, FREE download from myself under my Dulcet alias. Like & Share

DOWNLOAD: Dulcet - Lidocaine
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Yes! Big thanks to Solarstone & Dimension for playing Shivers from my new EP under my Dulcet alias on their shows! Alos big thanks to everyone who went out and bought a copy, sitting pretty in the Trance top 100…/solarstone-presents-pure-trance-ra…

Solarstone Presents Pure Trance Radio Episode 023
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New two track EP from myself out on JOOF Recordings 8th of Feb…/sian-medicine-man-dulcet-remix-2

Remix I did for the Sian remix competition, left forgotten on private on my soundcloud. Now up for free download!

Remix of Sian's 'Medicine Man'
Listen to Dulcet - Back Into Time (Orginal Mix)Snippet by Dulcet #np on #SoundCloud

Best way to get work done in the studio? Turn the internet off for an hour or two, surprising the amount you get done! Dulcet stuff in the works and loads done and on the way!