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In addition to still trying to keep you informed about all things GMO, I'm also working on the One Fair Wage-NY campaign, which is dedicated to eliminating the sub-minimum wage paid to tipped workers in New York. All workers should be paid the same minimum wage, which in NY is slated to go up to $15 by 2021. But under the current law, tipped workers will be paid only $10 by 2021 -- it's a legislated pay gap that disproportionately affects women because most tipp...ed employees are female!

Furthermore, the vast majority of restaurant workers aren't getting rich off of tips! In fact, tipped workers in restaurants are some of the lowest paid employees in the country, and are more likely than other low-income residents in the state to be on public assistance. Some restaurant owners add insult to injury by not paying their workers for time spent doing non-tipped work (aka wage theft) or by keeping some of their tips -- both things are illegal!

Working for tips also puts workers more at risk of being pressured by management to dress and act in ways that promote objectification, and creates a climate where sexual harassment is more than tolerated in the workplace -- it's often accepted as the norm. As most of you are now aware, sexual harassment is oftentimes not reported, so what's been coming to light now is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

As this campaign starts to kick into high gear, we'll be looking for people who care about this issue -- like you -- to help us win this in Albany. One fair wage is a women's equality issue, a sexual harassment issue, a workers' rights issue, a racial discrimination issue. Now is the time to make New York the first state on the East Coast with One Fair Wage!*

Please follow the Facebook page below and stay tuned. Thanks!! - Stacie

*Seven other states out west have already eliminated the two-tiered system for minimum wage and the sky hasn't fallen. In fact, the restaurant industry has thrived in those states, and restaurant workers are tipped at the same rate as before, on average. To learn more about this issue, visit and

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One Fair Wage NY
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Beautiful shot of the Hudson River as my train heads up to Albany.

“In cities and states across the country, climate activists and environmentalists are linking up with bold political leaders to say that now is the time to race towards the goal of 100 percent clean energy. But New York's political leaders are being left behind.”

New York needs real goals for converting to clean energy, writes Scott Edwards of Food & Water Watch. Cuomo's strategy only feeds fracking.
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Sign of the Times: General Mills just announced a deal to create South Dakota's largest organic crop farm as the company works to secure enough organic ingredie...nts to meet growing consumer demand worldwide. Gunsmoke Farms will convert 34,000 acres — more than 53 square miles — near Pierre to organic by 2020, where it will grow organic wheat for General Mills' popular Annie's Macaroni & Cheese line. Gunsmoke Farms will also carve out around 3,000 acres of pollinator habitat in cooperation with the Portland, Oregon-based nonprofit Xerces Society. While this is good news, in general, we recommend eating fresh and supporting your organic-local producers first, instead of huge multinational corporations and their processed foods. The conversion of Gunsmoke Farms to a certified organic operation is definitely a positive step. And this is surely a testament to you, wallet-and-purse-wielding eaters, that you can make a difference through boycotts of Dirty Food. The Future is Organic.

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General Mills announced a deal Tuesday to create South Dakota's largest organic crop farm as the company works to secure enough organic ingredients to meet growing consumer demand worldwide. Gunsmoke Farms will convert 34,000 acres — more than 53 square miles — near Pierre to organic by...
The suit alleges that the agricultural giant knew about the dangers posed by PCBs in the 1930s, yet it manufactured them for nearly half a century.|By NBC News

Get involved in the fight to get NYS off fossil fuels and get 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030!

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A federal judge issued a temporary halt to the listing of glyphosate as a known carcinogen under California's Proposition 65, siding with Big Ag. Ugh.

A federal judge sided with major agribusiness groups and temporarily halted a Proposition 65 warning for the pesticide glyphosate. The controversial herbicide was listed this year as a "chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer," despite conflicting evidence.
U.S. Rep Lamar Smith, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, & Technology, has slated a full committee hearing for Feb. 6 with an agenda aimed squarely at attacking some of the world's top cancer scientists.
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February 5
Instead of grass, the modern dairy cow is literally gorged with a rich, corn-based diet, all to maximize production.
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January 22
Corporate monopolies will accelerate the globalisation of bad food, poor health and environmental catastrophe, says COLIN TODHUNTER
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January 8
Will you know it when you see it at the grocery store?
Emails obtained in litigation brought against Monsanto uncovered a disturbingly cozy relationship between the EPA and Monsanto on matters involving glyphosate
The FDA is responsible for food labeling but in the peculiar way things get done in federal agencies, the USDA governs front-of-package labeling for organics and also gets involved in labels for no…

Monsanto must be pretty desperate -- they are now offering flat-out bribes for farmers to spray their controversial, crop-harming dicamba-based pesticides on their GMO crops. JUST SAY NO!…/monsanto-offers-cash-to-u-s-farme…

Monsanto Co will give cash back to U.S. farmers who buy a weed killer that has been linked to widespread crop damage, offering an incentive to apply its produc

Our glyphosate exposure is now off the charts thanks to GMO agriculture and its use as a dessicant for non-GMO crops.

If you’re trying to get pregnant and raise healthy children, recent science suggests you should consider switching to an organic diet and voting out poli...