Thank you all for joining me for timed prayer and Light projection onto the planet this evening .Forgive me , but this is the only visual I have right now to use for intention. Love*Peace*Light "The Sacred Blood of Jesus is the Holy Armor of God"

There will be times in our lives when we will encounter people going through suffering and hardships and really feel sorry for them and want to help . However, when you do help , don't overextend yourself to the point of you taking the burden completely away from them . In doing so , you are taking away the lesson that God intended for them to go through , and you will hinder their spiritual progress. It's sort of like giving them all the answers to a test . How are they supposed to learn and evolve spiritually ? You can give them your "notes" and show them how to help themselves ..but they need to go through it and figure it out for themselves through God the same way we all have to.♡

Everyone is worthy in God's eyes , no matter what they have or have not done in their life ......whether we agree with that about a certain person or not .