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Jim Derwin
· August 27, 2017
The 5 star reviews are shills. Someone on the board of directors? Last person I would trust.

The worst management company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Absolutely 0% on returning ...calls, untrustworthy, and unprofessional. Just no apparent care for those they are supposed to serve. Avoid at all costs.

Want real reviews, Google is your source. ALL 1 star reviews, 12 of them so far.
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Ann Clark
· May 31, 2017
I am on the Condominium Board of Directors. I know this individual below who had his toilet crack and create a major water loss for an Association who already has high Insurance premiums from loss his...tory. The individual below also tried to place several fraudulent bills through on this Insurance claim to have them paid to “contractors”. When the Insurance carrier as well as the Owner of G&W Management caught the fraudulent bills and they were denied Joe became upset. He also tried to use contractors who are not Insured or licensed to perform the job. He also stated several times throughout the claim he wanted to “make money off of this job”. Anyone who deals with Insurance knows you don’t make money off of a claim; you follow the scope of work that was distributed from the Insurance Company directly. Bottom line, Joe is upset he didn’t “make money” off of this claim and his false bills from false contractors were not paid. His Attorney has also closed the file as the work has been completed and signed off on.

G&W Management, Inc. is a great Company! You need to educate yourself and read your docs for the Association to better understand how your Association works as well as your state laws and statutes in regards to Condominiums.
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Joe Magaraci
· May 30, 2017
Hire this company at your own risk! Just take a moment to research customer reviews on other sites and you will read all the poor ratings they received. This is the management company in charge of mai...ntaining my condo complex in Waterbury. In February 2017, my condo had water damage and this company took over the repair job. They did such a poor job and were so unprofessional that I had to hire attorney Stephanie Cummings. Now when I reach out to them to address any issues, they refuse to respond. There are better companies out there. See More
Tina Illes
· March 13, 2014
Great place to work for they have been awesome to my daughter
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Property Management

The main role of a professional management company is one of providing expertise, continuity and professional assistance in the operation of a residential and commercial community.

It has always been our strong belief that you cannot manage a community by sitting in an office. We are a hands on company and our property managers are mandated to be on site.


We are active members in the Community Association Institute. We provide continuous training and professional development for out property managers.

Services Include but are not limited to:
Enforcement of Rules and Regulations
Weekly Site Inspections
Monthly In-House Financial Reporting
Newsletters, Memos, Letters etc.

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We supply the following services for Maintenance:

24 Hour Emergency Services
Fire Restoration
Flood Restoration...
Handle Insurance Claims
Gutter Cleaning
Window & Door Installation
Minor Repairs etc.

Contact us today for a meeting/quote and let us fill all your management needs at (860) 274-6725.

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