Galing Foundation Inc. Volunteer Immnauel handed the check to Mr. Mac Galdo of Continental Freight Forwarders for the payment of 8 empty boxes.
Thank you Cross of Life Lutheran Church and International Dinners partners! Thank you for supporting GFI's Library Development and Assistance Program since year 2005!!!
Come and visit the Atlanta Fernbank Museum of Natural History's "Reflections of Culture" exhibition featuring the Blaan Women's Clothing of the Philippines. This particular engagement is presented by the Galing Foundation, partnership with the Philippines Honorary Consulate Office in Atlanta and the Fernbank Museum. The following cultural materials from the collections of Galing Foundation, Inc. Board Member Josephine "Arjho" Turner (half-Blaan) are featured in this specific exhibition space: 1. Beaded embroidery for the blouse (Albung/Lbung Sanlah/Slah) done by Blaan embroiderers of Amgu-o, Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato 2. Blaan Traditional textile (Tabih), tubular skirt or "Tabih Dafeng" from the fusion of two designs (Tabih Amlatoh/Mlatoh and Tabih Fule) are the works of Bai Yabing Masalon Dulo, Manlilikha ng Bayan/Philippine National Living Treasure for Blaan Tabih (ikat weaving) 3. Brass belt (Sabitan), heirloom piece 4. Anklets (Babat/Singkil), heirloom pieces 5. Beaded necklace (Slah) done by Lamlifew Tribal Women's Association Photo inset was taken by Cocoy A. Sexcion in Lamlifew, Datal Tampal, Sarangani Province featuring Blaans wearing diverse clothing that is representative of the influence of other people groups like Tboli and Maguindanaon to the material culture of the Blaan. Thank you Fernbank Museum!
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Fran RodTi
· March 4, 2018
Galing Foundation Inc is an organization that helps ingenious Philippine communities acquire books & other school supplies through donations from people and other organizations primarily in Georgia.
It forges a stronger relationship between our 2 countries, the Philippines & the USA. It also builds a greater sense of community within its very giving members.
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Jeff Breedlove
· October 8, 2017
Galing Foundation - a great organization promoting peace and building a strong relationship between Georgia and the Philippines. More than that, they are amazing people who give so much to Atlanta.
Galing Foundation, Inc. added 20 new photos — with Maritoni Luetgers and Mary Anne.

Some Board Members of Galing Foundation, Inc. at the Atlanta Fernbank Museum's "Reflections of Culture" exhibition featuring the Philippines as represented by t...he Blaan Indigenous Women's Clothing. This is the first time that Philippines is represented in this exhibition. Blaan is one of the Indigenous Peoples Groups served by Galing Foundation, Inc. Mindanao Outreach.
Thank you to the Atlanta Fernbank Museum for this cultural program partnership!

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