Symphony captures you.. and your music
We will be getting no less than 6 different Call of Duty: Ghosts ad bombarded at our TV screens. The ads will f…
Battlefield 4 TV trailer goes over the top October 14, 2013 | No commentsWritten by: Sam on October 14, 2013EA will definitely turn some heads with their trailer for Battlefield 4. Tagged: Battlefield 4, battlefield 4 commercial, battlefield 4 trailer, battlefield 4 tv trailer
Xbox One to get Battlefield 4 DLC at launch October 7, 2013 | Posted in PS4 News, Xbox One News | No commentsWritten by: Sam on October 7, 2013For those Battlefield fans picking up an Xbox One on launch day, you will be able to download the Second Assault DLC as soon as you plug in the console. Seco...

OPM are doing a PES v FIFA player comparison. Although it's been pretty even, god knows what PES was thinking with this attempt.

We are giving away 20 digital copies for the PC game Irritum. All you have to do it follow the rules of our super original idea… retweet this!
With any major game release, news always gets around of copies being released early.
At Tokyo Game Show Sony took to the stage to introduce their entry into the microconsole market with PS Vita TV. The console will be able to play games, access TV services and enable the ability to use your PS4 remotely.
The Vita’s electronic wizardry gets shrunk to give us a leaner handheld that still packs a punch. At Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed to the world a remodelled PSV in a variety of flashy colours… and grey.
Sony revealed at GamesCom that they have over 1 million of their PS4’s pre-ordered by gamers. There is no doubt that there is a huge demand for the PS4 and it’s quickly becoming the hottest gadget on the planet. If you haven’t already put in your order then you might struggle to get your tech eager…
The X1 will launch on November 22nd in 13 countries that include major territories like the US and UK. That date will put its release a week after the PS4 launch in the US but a week before the UK and other EU countries.
Trying to describe Saints Row 4 is like trying to describe insanity itself, because for all intents and purposes, that's what it is. Imagine a world where anything you want to do is possible, and anything you don't want to do is also possible. Now take that world, toss it in a blender, add some bana...
Nintendo announces the 2DS
PS3 and Vita price drops
After seeing Yoshida’s cack-handed attempt to show off Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer at GamesCom, it’s nice to see 6 minutes of it in the hands of somebody that can play.
Shuhei Yoshida kicked off Sony’s press conference with a demonstration of the PS4’s UI and to everybody’s surprise the XMB is still being utilised. Instead of the XMB of old where it would sit proudly in the middle of the screen, it now takes a less prominent role and remains hidden until you need i...