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Necessity is the mother of invention.....
Very cool idea! :)
Mucho Nacho!!! Messy array, matching skill. Great for scanning, matching, turn taking, and just plain fun!!!

Join us for an encore presentation of "What the bleep is ABA", an introductory workshop (or refresher!) dispelling the myths and misconceptions of what applied behavior analysis is, why it is the most recommended treatment for behavior change and for children with autism, and how you can use the techniques to help change behaviors! Join us March 22, at 5pm in the sanctuary of the Montoursville Brethren in Christ Church.
(light refreshments provided)
Great presentation for ...parents, caregivers, extended family, teachers, paraprofessionals, OT's, SLP's, TSS, Behavior Technicians, and anyone just wanting to learn a bit more about applied behavior analysis.

Presenter: Your presenter for this encore workshop is Dr. Dana Garner. Dr. Garner has had over 20 years experience in the field of autism, behavior management, staff/parent training, supervision of BACB applicants, and has worked internationally. Dr. Garner received her PhD from Pennsylvania State University in Special Education, a Master's Degree from Penn State Harrisburg in Applied Behavior Analysis, and a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University of PA in Psychology. Dr. Garner is a BACB ACE Provider, an autism specialist, and an assistant professor at PSU. She lives and works in Lycoming County, PA.

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Thu 5:00 PM EDTGarner Behavior Services, LLC 105 Fairview Ct. Montoursville, PA 17754. (Montoursville Brethren in Christ Church)
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