and we have a date for meeting about the German of us

Things are getting real. We have commited to our dates. And as anybody knows, developers ALWAYS stick to the commited dates...


The press conference - from left to right:
Jan-Ralf Adam (Virgin Lands), Jan Wagner (Cliffhanger Productions), Jan Klose (Deck 13), AdriJan Goersch (Black Forest Games), Jan Theysen (King Art Games), Jan Joeckel (Keen Games)

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More news!

Red. Black. Fate is being developed by seven of Germany's best-known game studios working together as the "German All Stars."

Don't miss the all Jans press conference at Gamescom

+++ Breaking News +++ Mehr zum Projekt verraten wir im Rahmen unserer Pressekonferenz während der Gamescom 2013 am Mittwoch, den 21. August 2013 um 16 Uhr im Saal Rheinterrassen 3-4. Registrierung unter

+++ Breaking News +++ Want to know more? Visit our press conference during Gamesocm 2013 - on Wednesday, August 21st, at 4 pm in the Rheinterrassen hall 3-4. Simply register by email:

Plotting... RED

Sieht es nur so aus oder bin ich mit 1,90 der Kleinste hier?

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(Jan KING Art): H-hello? Hello World?

The development continues. We are not alone!