Woo hoo, another Z-connector sighting! This smart consumer never has to worry about where his smartphone is because he keeps it connected to his person and suffers ZERO LOSS ~ ZERO FUSS ~ ZERO HEADACHES!

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Check out this scary story from one of our Z-connector customer:

A friend and I trained from Boston to Washington DC for the 50th anniversary march last month. I penned a "short report" for friends and relatives. Near the conclusion of my "report", I wrote this paragraph.

> Treated ourselves to a taxi from hotel to Union Station (train) on Sunday morning. $15 including tip. ...
Agreed that we had walked and waited enough the day before. As I was walking into Union
Station, I noted my cell phone had fallen out of my pants pocket. (Drat those fashionable trousers with
shallow pockets.) After 20 minutes of stunned "what do I do" I used my friend's phone to call my cell phone.
The taxi driver answered on first ring, I offered a repeat fare and reward to return to Union Station (he was back
at our hotel in Alexandria VA), he was back in 15 minutes and handed me my cell phone.
LARGE tip plus fare handed over to him. He said it made his day. Made mine too!

> Reminder to self. Order Z-Connector iPhone with belt chain for use with high fashioned trousers.

- Fred

Don't find yourself in the same situation as Fred, save yourself from the aggravation and get your Z-connector today!

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High school girls love rocking their Braids and keeping their smartphones connected to them. RK's iPhone is connected with a military grade kevlar coil.

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If you use your smartphone to make purchases, you will be interested in the following article.…/still-not-a-wallet-nfc-has-a-second-li…/

NFC sounded like it would be the central solution for digital wallets but that bet hasn’t paid off yet. Instead, NFC is finding far more success as a way to pair phones with wireless speakers, printers and even automobiles.

Z-connector alert for present and future smartphone users: hackers are trying to get your private information in any way they can. Keep your smartphone connected to you to prevent theft, damage or loss of your important data. And to keep the hackers at bay, read the information in the link below!…/i…/secure-mobility-infographic.html

Mobile Device Defense: A do or die dilemma-rules of engagement for BYOD to work

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Z-connector News Alert!!! Information on new technology for the prevention of phone theft. Check out this link

New measures to deter mobile phone theft - which is soaring worldwide - are being tested by prosecutors in New York and San Francisco.

These Deltas kept their smartphones connected to themselves during the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Centennial Convention in Washington, DC. Have you ever lost, damaged or had you phone stolen? If so, do like these beautiful sorority sisters did: "Get Z-connected and stay connected!"

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42% of subjects in a recent study reported preferring to lose their license than their iPads. Oddly enough, the Z connector was based on the styling of a wallet chain—so you don’t have to lose either.

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Things you never knew about cell phones:

Mobile devices keep getting better, and users are more dependent than ever.

iPad users reported being more willing to endure physical pain than dropping their iPad and shattering the screen. Can we suggest a better alternative? Get Z Connected.

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Your phone probably wants to be with you as much as you want to be with it. Don’t let it get away… Get Z Connected.

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“Technology is making it easier to connect to other people,”- Jay Z

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Jay-Z performs at President Obama's rally in Columbus Ohio on Monday November 5, 2012 (Adam Glanzman)

What's worse having your phone "hacked" or stolen? Which one of these (hacked or stolen) do you think you have more control over?
"Stay Connected" -

4 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe From HackersThis is a guest article by Miles Young.When using your smartphone, security is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, how many times have your friends gotten their phones hacked? The truth is, public Wi-Fi, apps and other external forces migh...

Did you know that if you travel this summer, you can buy an unlocked phone and save all your numbers, making travel less stressful and hassle-free?

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Incredible Cell Phone Statistics:

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“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another- and ourselves.” – Jack Kornfield

We encourage our friends and customers to “Stay Connected”.

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