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...and you don't want to be *that* person, do you?!


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15 hrs

That's a silly question & we both know the answer to it already 😎


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Cathy Anne
· February 14, 2018
Just returned from the Y@HThailand trip. It was phenomenal, exceeding my expectations by long shot. Our guides were Rocky and John who complimented one another very well. They were always looking o...ut for us individually and collectively. Never once did I feel unsafe (well, except for crazy traffic while crossing streets). Our group quickly developed an incredible connectedness and synergy that created a magical atmosphere.

It was so convenient to have our activities planned and the transportation prearranged with such a variety of fascinations on the itinerary as well as optional choices if desired.

Rocky and John gave the trip a feeling of being with family and were so generous sharing their talents and interests with us. The people of Thailand were warm and friendly. The scenery ranging from city to jungle, temples, river, and trekking was spectacular. Getting up close and personal with the elephants and monkeys were beyond amazing. Don't let go of anything around those monkeys as one cleverly swiped my water bottle and ran off with it.

Helpful Hints: I agree with previous post about packing on the light side while bringing warm clothing for the northern country in the evenings. Also would suggest slip-on shoes as some of the lodging required them left outside the door as well as the village restrooms.

If you have food allergies, particularly gluten, I would encourage bringing plenty of nonperishable food items from home. So many deliciously tempting meals are made with sauces such as soy which often contains wheat as well as breakfast toast, many spring rolls, and noodles.
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Margaret Clarke
· January 26, 2018
I have just returned home from the Young@heart 2 countries trip to Thailand/Cambodia, what an incredible experience it proved to be. I had the usual fears after booking about the food, toilet, travelling on my own etc but was so glad I ignored the doubts and went ahead. I loved every minute, the guides were amazing and the balance between work and having fun was just about right. It is a full on tour and requires a certain amount of stamina, with early starts and non stop days but so worth it. We had so much fun and the group of ladies and one man on the tour were all so lovely and made the experience so unforgettable and special. See More
Lucy Chambers
· February 1, 2018
Where do I start?? I came on this trip alone and not knowing what to expect and now two weeks later I’ve left with a new family!

I did the elephant to islands tour and I honestly couldn’t fault it, ...absolutely nothing.. it was perfect!

The value for money was amazing and the amount we did, so many adventures! We stayed in a few different types of accommodation and the ones that weren’t hotels were my favourite. The elephant sanctuary was the highlight of my trip, staying amongst the local village and sitting around the campfire in the evenings, it was amazing.

Tang, Kooga and Tee were the ones who made the trip super special and we have shared so many new memories together and I know I can always pop over and see them if (more like when) I come back to Thailand! �

If you’re thinking about going on a tour with bamboo, stop thinking and just book it because you honestly will not regret it.
Thank you so much for an amazing trip bamboo, Bam fam for life.
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Jenny Cain
· January 25, 2018
A truly wonderful experience that I will treasure forever. Just in the interests of hoping to provide some helpful feedback, I agree with another reviewer that on some days the programme was so packed..., that opportunities to just stop and stare and wonder, reflect and take a few pics without being hurried along, were rare, (I’m speaking specifically of Bangkok here). Whilst I deeply appreciate the scale of what Bamboo pack in, in terms of ensuring we got to see so many wonderful sights, temples etc, I wonder if it might be possible to strike more of a balance between sight-seeing and just chilling for a bit also?

At the elephant village we had the misfortune of it being perishingly cold at night, which most of us were ill prepared for. My bed was next to a window that didn’t shut and on the last night the wind was blowing right on me, I got up and put on just about every layer of clothing I could find and still froze and barely slept! On the last day we were told we should have asked for extra blankets. On reflection that seems so obvious now, somehow at the time it never occurred to me there’d be extra bedding - d’oh! I think it would be helpful to clarify this at the beginning. But overall, these are fairly minor issues in the grand scheme of things.

As for our guides, they couldn’t have been more wonderful. That’s a heck of a responsibility for people in their 20’s to take care of the needs of a bunch of strong, mainly women, over 50! They did it so well, they were kind, professional and great company.

All in all Bamboo, hats off. It’s great work you’re doing and I can only marvel at the organisational skills required to co-ordinate so many individuals and so many trips around the world! Thanks a bunch! ��
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Kay Salmon
· February 12, 2018
Well, returned from my 2nd Bamboo trip on the 6th February 2018 and it did not disappoint indeed deposit paid for next year, just trying to decide between India and Vietnam, but there is always 2020! ...This trip was Costa Rica and an action packed 2 weeks it was. Started slightly disappointingly with an disorganized youth hostel not quite what you want after an 11.5 hour flight, but that was the only down point, all other accommodation was between nice and very nice (ensuite rooms for 2 3 or 4 persons) so don't book if you don't want to share! Indeed said disappointing youth hostel was replaced with nice hotel at the end of the trip, so the reps do listen and act! There was such a mixture of activities including community work and turtle patrols mixed with zip wiring, private yacht, salsa dancing, ecolodge with massage (extra but worth it) waterfall trekking, hot springs and more, every day was packed. I note that the trip itinerary has changed now which is probably due to the turtle season but I am sure that this is for the benefit of the travelers as wildlife is unpredictable! Our guru and guide was Elisha Petrie, she is young but does her best to keep the pace with the Young at Heart! Elisha is a terrific guide and her team comprising of Yana Sofi and Isa were a perfect combination for translating and helping to read menus - very important. Indeed when we decide on India or Vietnam, if Elisha is available it would be great to have her as a guide for 2019. I am glad that I found Bamboo 2 years ago, I have a new family of fellow female travelers who I converse with on Facebook and plan future trips. Travelling alone can be daunting but there will be someone to meet you at the airport and you will have a good time. Cheers to Bamboo x See More
Denise Brownlow
· January 27, 2018
I am in my late 60s and have some serious health issues including 3 bulging discs (slipped) in in my lower back, so was a bit apprehensive about the trip to Thailand and Cambodia. My 25 year old daugh...ter joined us oldies and loved the whole experience and would like to be part of Bamboo I think.

I coped pretty well, particularly in Thailand. I loved Bangkok the first day when we went shopping in the markets. Then we went to Surin, where we helped look after the elephants.and see the temples.That was a remarkable experience despite the extreme discomfort of the beds and dormitory!! I got an extra mattress which helped but did not sleep well for the whole week, what with the snoring and discomfort.
By the time we got to Cambodia I had caught the dreadful cough that was spreading around and was shattered. The hotel was luxury compared to Surin, hot water and comfy beds. Unfortunately I was already going downhill with cough and exhaustion.

The school was in a poor way but the kids and teachers were lovely and it was a humbling experience to see happiness amongst such poverty. I loved it there but the day was very long - from 7.30 until.4.30pm was too long for us oldies. Particularly the builder volunteers. I don't know how they managed as was so physical and long.

However, my major criticism was the 30/40 minute tuk tuk rides every day. The dust was chronic, affecting our lungs: the jolting was agonising for my back. It got to the point where I was absolutely dreading going. Many people were complainting about the journey length in these vehicles and we really felt that Bamboo should have provide cabs or vans for the little extra it would have cost. This is what ruined it for me ; the long days at school in the heat and dust; the long painful dusty ourneys each day; along with me feeling poorly.
If you could fine tune things a bit it would make for a much better experience.
I think what you are doing is wonderful but you need to think things through a little more.
Make life a little easier, particularly for the oldies!!
I will.definitely think about doing another but would need to know much more details first as I don't think we were informed enough on our working day schedule and travel times.
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Amelia Provencher
· February 1, 2018
Bamboo has been the most amazing experience of my life!! I went alone, a little scared, and not knowing anyone, but from day one felt like I was at home. I left with thailand with new amazing lifelong... friends and I absolutely love my Bam-Fam!

I went on the Elephant 2 Island tour starting January 17, 2018.
We had several different accommodations and my favorite was in the elephant village where we stayed amongst the locals and spent the nights listening to the guitar by the fire and going down to the river to see the amazing stars (watch out for the pigs though). I also loved the volunteer house in Koh Samui where we also had communal living quarters. I felt like it really helped bond our group and I loved waking up surrounded by friends and hanging out on the hammocks and bean bags outside.

We did so much in the two weeks we were there and our bamboo team, especially Kooga, Tangmo, and Tee, made the experience amazing. You definitely get your money’s worth and so much more! I highly recommend it! Just remember it is a volunteer trip and the main reason you’re there is to benefit the local community. It is not a cushy western holiday, it is sooo much more than that �� I’m sad to be home! I miss it already!
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Rhonda Krachmer
· February 11, 2018
I just finished the young at heart Thailand tour and had an amazing time. Bamboo did a great job organizing the trip. We saw so many great places. The village and elephant sanctuary were the highlight...s of the trip. Our leaders Rocky and John were the best!! I can’t say enough about John and how he went out of his way to make sure we all had what we needed and were safe wherever we went. He is truly an inspiring young man, I feel privileged to have been able to meet him and all of the folks we met along on this journey. This was by far a life altering trip that I will never forget. See More
Aileen Todd
· February 15, 2018
Wow, thank you so much Bamboo for such an enjoyable experience on the Costa Rica Y@H trip, it was just an amazing experience and a hugely fun time.
I will admit that I was a little apprehensive as I ...had not heard of Bamboo before, however I can truly say that they are one of the best I have been with and will definitley be booking another trip with them. I really had no idea what was in store (the itinerary does not do it justice) but we were introduced to some very passionate people at Turtle Trax and Crema as well as the local community where we worked in the first week, all of them were totally inspiring. The communities that Bamboo support in Costa Rica are such worthy causes and when you hear their stories, you cant help but want to be a part of it, and I'm so glad that I was.
All the guides were so lovely and couldnt fault them in their organisation and attentiveness, but most of all they were fabulously entertaining! (Elisha, Yanna, Sofie, Isa and behind the scenes, Kim, and special mention to our expert salsa dancing driver, Oscar).
Every day there was something new to experience, and thats not including the (huge!) amount of 'surprises' we had, big and small, ranging on a scale from 'omg' to almost squeaking in delight. This is definitely a trip not to be missed!

A few hints and tips - change a bit more money at the airport or before you arrive;the food is basic but you will never go hungry (beans and rice, tortillas, plantains, fruit, veg) all very tasty and plentiful, and the fish is just great; Accommodation is on a shared (2-6) basis (ear plugs may be necessary), all very clean and functional and most with fridges or use of them and some come with pools and/ or bars; if ziplining bear in mind that you start in the cold but it does warm up very quickly, however, as you are harnessed you cant take layers off! (and probably more importantly no peeing), also there is only one water tap available (after no7 i think) so if possible take a water bottle that you can use a caribiner to secure it to your harness.
You will have the most amazing time !
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Paul Hawthorne
· January 27, 2018
From the moment I was met at the airport to the goodbyes at the Hotel, it has been the most amazing experience that I have ever had. A fantastic group of people that gelled so well together, worked so... hard and laughed over a beer. Dimong and the Bamboo crew were superb in their care and attention . As a group leader a Dimong was exceptional and I could not fault him in any way.
I was a little nervous when I booked but, those worries disappeared on the first night. I did find it a little strange that there were not more men, I was the only one in my group,but I had a blast with 17 woman from all 4corners of the globe and all walks of life. Would I recommend it. YES I WOULD
Thanks Bamboo, I'm thinking of where to go next
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Kristine Bartunek
· January 31, 2018
I’m coming to an end on my two week tour in Surin elephant village. I’ll start by saying you have to come on this trip with an open mind if things were perfect there would be no need for a program at ...all. There are things that may be hard to see but that is the purpose of bamboos program here.

Our guide pan pan absolutely made my trip 1000 times better then I could have ever imagined. She spent every moment of my two weeks here making sure We had anything We could have possibly needed or wanted, played games with us, taught us thai culture and language. I’m entirely moved my her work ethic and positivity I feel like I made a friend for life. The entire staff goes above and beyond and you will not for one second be hungry or bored in this village. It’s the perfect amount of work and fun.

If you want super comfy beds and hot water go to the islands and stay in a hotel. The family who’s house we stayed in felt like home by the end of day one. I felt entirely safe this entire trip and completely welcome. There’s nothing I would change about coming here at all and I’ve learned so much more then expected. I would go on about how incredible it is to spend time with the elephants but we’d be here all day. ��
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Suzanne Brown
· February 5, 2018
The two countries young at heart tour 19/1/18 - 2/2/18 was an epic adventure from start to finish - I have only just got my head around the whole experience to be able to write a review - I consider m...yself well travelled but this was a whole different process and talk about sensory overload ... just when I thought the elephant village couldn’t be surpassed I was blown away by the sheer joy and emotion of completing the building project (a new house constructed for a homeless family in Cambodia in 3.5 days!!!) Yes it was hot, sweaty, dusty and hard work but no-one was expected to push themselves beyond what was achievable. The Bamboo staff were fantastic - fun, knowledgeable, patient and understanding- a big high five to the wonderful Dee and Tone. What an adventure - if you can confirm to the Bamboo rules - keep a open mind and an open heart you will not be disappointed and the bond you form with your fellow volunteers will be very special indeed ... I’m looking forward to my next journey With Bamboo enough said ����� See More
Anita Downes
· February 6, 2018
I recently returned from the first Y@H trip to Costa Rica and had an amazing time. Our guide Elisha Petrie was extremely professional but also a ton of fun. Under her guidance and leadership the two n...ew leaders, Sofi and Isa, blossomed and I know they will do Bamboo proud. Now for the trip - looking back it's difficult to say which part I enjoyed best as it was all fantastic. i loved that we got to see the real Costa Rica and not the tourist version. From the outset it was very obvious Bamboo truly cares and are not in it to make money they want to make a difference. The accommodation was great and each and every meal delicious. There were no hidden extra costs, in fact we had quite a few unexpected 'extras'. In closing, if you are thinking of taking a trip do it with Bamboo and become part of the Bamfam. Be warned though ... their trips are addictive - I'm already deciding where to go next. Thank you to all involved who made my trip one I will never forget. Namaste See More
Louise Adams
· February 4, 2018
Just returned home from the Y@H 2 week Thailand tour, I've had the most amazing time, the guides were great everything so well organised, the best bits for me was living with the hill tribe and living... at the elephant sanctuary. Food in both places unbelievably good the meals they created so tasty and not hot and spicy at all, you can add that yourself. The elephants were beyond words the feeling when you first meet them the excitement from both me and the elephant the fact is all that elephant wants is the banana in your hand No stopping him. The elephants are so well looked after and it was great to sit round the campfire on the 2 nights talking to the Mahout people about the elephants. I've already started thinking about my next trip with Bamboo. Where too next �� See More
Joanne Ufer
· January 25, 2018
I recently had the privilege to be a part of the 2 Countries Bamboo tour. I went in not knowing what to expect and also doing my first solo OS trip. What can I say, it was life changing in so many wa...ys. Living and working within the communities in both Thailand and Cambodia was such an excellent way to give something back but also gain so much personally and I proved a lot to myself. Boo, our tour guide constantly went above and beyond for our group and I think I can say we all absolutely adored him. Thanks also to Panpan and the bamfam, the other guides and home stay family who helped create some wonderful memories of this trip. As with anything we do in life we have to go into things with an open mind and open heart. Sure there were little hiccups along the way but these help form memories too. Finally to the gorgeous 11 who a few weeks ago were strangers who now feel like family I have know forever, you made the journey a great one and one I will never forget. See More
Lee Green
· January 26, 2018
My two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia were so intense and packed with meaningful experiences. There was the joy of serving the children at Feeding Dreams and the elephants in Surin. While we saw som...e heartbreaking conditions, I was grateful that Bamboo connected us with organizations working to bring meaningful change. Mai , Dimong, and Gun beautifully demonstrated to us the gracious cultures of Thailand, Cambodia and Bamboo with the caring, conscientious, and gentle way they guided our group. They were very competent and it is one of the few times in my life I have been able to completely give up control and remain worry-free. See More
Arianna Cooke
· February 1, 2018
This trip went above and beyond my expectations! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I did the elephants2islands tour and it was incredible!!

There was never a dull moment. We packed so many ...different activites into two weeks and I loved every second of it. We had amazing tour guides to make this experience the best it could have been. so a special shoutout to Kooga, Tang, and Tee. We will never forget you!

We traveled throughout Thailand and stayed in different types of accommodations. My favorite by far was the elephant sanctuary and being able to stay in the local village!

We are already planning our return visit. Huge shoutout to bamboo for making this trip possible. You guys are doing a great job! I cannot wait to work more with you in the future. �my bam fam
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Nickie M Acken
· January 24, 2018
Wow, what can I say it was an absolutely an amazing experience. I was very nervous to do this trip, as from the time I booked it, to the time I left was like 5 weeks and my divorce I've been final les...s than a month, I was really jumping out of my comfort zone, so it was wonderful when everything fell into place. I met some absolutely amazing new friends and we all bonded pretty quickly and worked well together, and with Mayz Amazing help and there were very few hiccups. I cannot say enough good things about May and her staff, Sarah and PanPan , she was on top of things always and made sure everything ran really smoothly and they were a joy to be around. I would highly recommend doing any trip with bamboo.
Until we meet again�
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Rachel Jentsch
· February 1, 2018
A friend brought this trip to my attention almost a year ago, and signing up for it was one of the best decisions of my life. The whole trip was so rewarding! Getting to experience the different cultu...res and showing you how much more is out in the world! I did the elephants2islands tour, and the tour guides (Kooga, Tang, and Tee) were absolutely amazing. They made everything so comfortable for us right from the start! I also made some great life long friends that I miss so much already! I can’t wait to go back and see my bamfam! Adventure is out there, you just gotta go out and get it! See More
Carey Atwater
· January 25, 2018
This 2 Country tour was amazing for me! Our group was full of interesting women and one fabulous man. The week I. The elephant village was awesome, up close & personal with the elephants. Our lodging,... meals and extra curricular activities were beyond my expectations. Our guides were knowledgeable and fun. Mai and Gun helped us s Surin and Bangkok. Dimong was with us from start to finish. I found Dimong to be very caring, he helped me so much and was very courteous. I was one of the older members of the group & he always looked out for me. If I had a problem (which there were a few,)they were handled immediately! Runn at Feeding Dreams Cambodia was exceptionally knowledgeable. A very passsionate young man. I loved this experience. Thank you Dimong for leading me through this amazing experience! See More
Bamboo is with Bonita Wachiraphorn.

Staying true to our favorite #BamFam rule: laugh a lot 😁

🌏Chiang Rai, Thailand
🐘 Discover Thailand
📸 Bonita Wachiraphorn


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The sun sets on another incredible adventure ☀️🚣🏼

🌏 Siem Reap, Cambodia
🎒 2Countries Thailand & Cambodia
📸 Mykela Signorile


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Lace up those sneakers 👟💨


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Posted by Bamboo

Elephant kisses

🌏Chiang Mai, Thailand
🐘 Discover Thailand...
📸 Lauren Romeo

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The #BamFam loves a good day dedicated to exploring Bangkok's temples 🇹🇭

🌏Wat Arun, Thailand
🎒 2Countries Thailand & Cambodia
📸 Paige Bamboo


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It's a "temple-exploring" kind of day 🇰🇭💛

🌏Siem Reap, Cambodia
🎒 2Countries Thailand & Cambodia
📸 Emily Butzakowski


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Getting in some good cuddles 🐘❤️

🌏 Chiang Mai, Thailand
🏝 Elephants2Islands...
📸Kooga Bamboo

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MWAH! 💋🐘 Nothing like a sloppy, muddy, elephant kiss!

From us to you, have a happy #ValentinesDay ❤️

📸 Bek Georgiou

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"happier than the Queen at tea time"

🌏Chiang Rai, Thailand
🐘 Discover Thailand...
📸 Lauren Romeo

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"There's a 7kg limit? Just give me a second..."

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