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'You will make known to me the path of life. 
In Your presence is fullness of joy. 
Psalm 16:11'
Life with Lisa Williams
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"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit."
Jeremiah 17:8,9

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For "Flash-Back" Friday we have one of the funnier shows for you, a fitting end to the week. It's with, of course, Eric Allen - the Gold Dropper. Enjoy!

It's Friday, a day to unwind from the week. Who better to do that with than Eric Allen in this Flashback Friday show!

Here is CeCe's story of what happened in the drive through line:
I am shaking at an experience that just happened to me. I almost missed God and I'm so glad I didn't.
Since today is a holiday – like most of you, I've had the day off and am trying to cram a million things into it. I needed to get out of the house for a bit so I decided to jump in the car and run through a fast-food drive-thru to grab a bite – with total intensity of plans to get back as soon as I could and f...

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Producer Melanie with yet another amazing story from this past year. She ALMOST missed a chance to let God's love pour through her in the drive thru. Almost. But thankfully her heart said yes to Him.

Producer Melanie here, again! Have you ever made a mistake that you couldn't just forget about? That happened to Lisa and she had to tell her friend Jeanie Rowden about it. This was such a strong message I wanted to share this show with you again.

Producer Melanie here again! It takes courage to admit when you've made a mistake, it also takes courage to love through the pain of being hurt. Lisa and her friend Jeanie Rowden talk about a very i

Hello, it's Producer Melanie. Remember the movie "Inside Out"? Lisa and Dwight Bain had a great discussion about how emotions inform our moods when it first came out. Take a listen on this "Turn It Back Tuesday".

The movie "Inside Out" was a hit that had even adults tearing up. Lisa and Dwight Bain have a wonderful conversation about the reality behind the animation. For more information about Dwight Bain; a

Producer Melanie here, wanting to share some of Lisa's radio moments from the last week. I hope you enjoy it! You can also find full podcasts at

Warm sun, palm trees and hopefully no alligators are what Lisa is experiencing in Florida this week with her family. While she's away, here are some choice stories from the Life With Lisa Williams ra

It's always fun talking to Chad Prather, but he'll tell you something on today's show that you probably didn't expect. He's just full of surprises!

Always entertaining, Chad Prather gives us a look at a different side of him today with his thoughts on Easter, and even a little lesson in Greek! For more with Chad Prather, please visit www.watchch

If you've ever wondered whether you were living the right life, maybe you need to turn to God? Dwight Bain unfolds a beautiful story of how a trip to Jesus' tomb turned his life to a new direction on today's show.

A life-changing moment can happen anywhere, but what if it happened at the tomb of Jesus? Dwight Bain has a wonderful story of how that very thing made all the difference in his life. Dwight Bain is

He's funny, he's witty, he's deep... he's Eric Allen. What a great chat!

Nothing is more comforting than chatting with Eric Allen, unless it's chatting with Eric Allen while eating bagels...

We've all been there, those buttons get pushed just right and we're yelling, more than we'd like. Julie Thomas - Women Who Believe shares her story and how God helped her from the inside out. #thanksforlistening

Angry, button-pushing yelling - been there? Me too so what Julie Thomas has to say today really speaks to all of us in how we can let God change us from the inside out. To learn more about Julie Tho

Where do seeds thrive? In well tended soil. How do we thrive - soul care. Dwight Bain has wonderful wisdom on how to tend our souls.

If you are feeling worn down it could be you're not tending your soil properly. Dwight Bain has great tools to help you do that on today's show. For more information about Dwight, please visit www.d

It's a wowGod story when you are shot 8 times and survive. This is Pastor John Padula's account of the shooting of Pastor Tim Remington from The Altar Church in Couer d'Alene Idaho a few days ago.…/john-padula-wow-god

You hear your pastor has been shot, you pray and then hear the good news that he survived and will be okay - THAT'S a wowGod story. Listen to Pastor John Padula today as he talks about Pastor Tim Rem

Lisa shares such hope and joy on her radio show, take a listen. We hope you'll be blessed.

Always dream, help those in need, and the impact our stories can have on others - just a little sampling of Lisa's radio show. God Bless

Laugh, cry, be who you are - Carey Scott and Lisa share a story today and trust us, you'll laugh!

Just what you needed at the end of the week, Carey Scott and a show that will not only empower you to accept who God made you to be, but will also have you rolling on the floor in the process. Discla

Dogs have it right, they live for the moment, in the day. They don't worry about the past or think about the future. Join Dwight Bain today as he talks about the importance of intentional living.

If you knew you'd never see or speak to someone again, how would you be more intentional with your relationship? Listen in as Dwight Bain explains the importance of living in the moment. Dwight Bain

Matt Hammitt has a passion for helping men step out to be leaders in their families. Today, in part two of our chat, Matt tells us more about his God given calling.

Are you full of good intentions, are you acting on them? Today, in Part Two of Matt Hammitt's interview, he wraps up his purpose in helping men be leaders in their families. More information on Matt

Sometimes it's hard to let go when God points us in a different direction. That's what Matt Hammitt thought when God told him to leave his singer/songwriter career with Sanctus Real and start a new chapter in his life. Today is Part One of Matt's story.

It took a heartfelt talk with his wife and tour burnout for Matt Hammitt to realize God was leading him on a different path from what he'd been doing for the last 20 years. His moment of revelation i