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Nicole Merenda
· January 27, 2018
Bless this store and these peeps for unlocking the door at 4:57 PM on a Saturday so a rude hangry girl could get her vegan Almond Butter cups!! You guys are just lovely. 👍❤️ (And for an added bonus, t...he best selection of specialty health foods in town by far.) See More
Sheila Tucker
· July 28, 2017
I'm so impressed with the variety, quality, and value of this store. I usually go to Pensacola or Destin for my natural supplies and I was delighted to gain the assistance of a super friendly and know...ledgeable staff. Thanks for offering a wonderful shopping experience. Oh, and the discount for checking in on FB and even more discounts with the punch card for savings on future sprees. See More
Tricia Lee Kelly
· June 23, 2017
I had an iron/anemia problem and Golden ALmond's Liquid Iron got my numbers back to normal in two months!

I was also suffering from hair loss due to the low iron and they had another product called U...ltra Hair Plus that I continue to use as my hair is thicker and looks as good as it did when I was a teenager!

They also sell a drink in a can called Sevia. It has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no calories and they have it in several flavors. Grapefruit citrus
is my favorite along with ginger ale and cola.

Last, but not least, their customer service is phenomenal!

Tricia Lee Kelly, Fort Walton Beach, FL
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Candy Huml
· February 14, 2018
This store is terrific. Employees are so helpful and nice!! Recommend everyone stop in and check them out!!
Carmen Douglass McCage
· February 17, 2018
Friendly staff, variety of products, and good prices. I'll be back!!
Wen Clark
· June 1, 2017
I absolutely love this place all their products and the people are phenomenal. Gluten-free,organic , vitamins, my cleansers, and a smoothie to go!
Heather Crutchfield
· April 9, 2017
The staff at the Golden almond in ft Walton Beach FL is very helpful. They are knowledgeable in regards to my questions. I asked about a specific product, they didn't have it but will be researching t...o see if it is something they would like to carry for inventory. See More
Bridgette Webster
· July 23, 2017
Best place ever to get essential oils and the guys behind the counter are always so friendly
Kati O'Brian
· August 11, 2015
Certainly one of my all time favorite places to shop! A plethora of organic foods and wonderful natural supplements, vitamins and remedies! A place I can go to get trustworthy products to maintain a m...ore primal way of life!!! Love it! See More
Brandon Follis
· November 27, 2015
The staff at the Golden Almond are extremely knowledgable and very kind. Brian runs the show and is an exceptional fellow with wonderful, all natural based business. Keep it up y'all! I'll be back for... my usuals once I run out! Thanks! See More
Andrew Pearson
· July 4, 2015
If I lived down at the beach this would replace my golden temple(birmingham al) fix haha. The store is very well organized and they had what I needed and everyone that worked there was super nice and ...helpful will be going back :-) See More
Megan Doheny
· September 22, 2015
Pretty much the best place to go for any vitamins/health food/skin care products you might want or need. Also the staff is awesome! ;)
Liz Perry Saludez
· June 25, 2016
I love the golden almond!! Great people that are always helpful!! Lots of healthy options as well!!!
T-roy Magill
· August 2, 2017
They had what I needed and sold it with friendly faces
Melody Lena
· March 22, 2016
Well the folks are awesome that work here and very helpful. Don't forget to visit the sandwich and smoothie bar!!! ♥!
Courtney Jackson
· February 7, 2017
The staff is always so helpful. The variety of items they carry is amazing!
Jeannette Manning Debs
· October 30, 2013
Very helpful and friendly staff make this health food store my favorite of the four choices I have.
Angelica Blackwood
· September 23, 2016
I think I really enjoy this store! The people that work there are incredibly kind and helpful. And they have a lot of great brands and items!
Susan Coxwell
· January 6, 2017
Great place! Great staff! And the smoothies are amazing!
Pam Utton
July 15, 2012
I've been to a few health food stores from Pensacola, FWB and Crestview, this one is the best one I have found.

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Toronto Cow Save added a new photo to the album: #FebruDairyFREE.

Can I Really Get Enough Calcium Eating Just Plants?

Like iron, magnesium, and copper, calcium is a mineral. It is found in the soil, where it is absorbed into t...he roots of plants. Where do animals get their calcium? By consuming these calcium-rich plants. So even though we are all conditioned to believe that calcium comes from a cow's #breastMilk and other #dairy products, the real source of calcium richness is the earth. No wonder that a whole-food, plant-based, #vegan diet has plenty of #calcium.

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Tasty Vegetarian

How To Make Veggie Stock From Kitchen Scraps


Be sure to stop by our Golden Almond Booth! Check out our CBD oils!

Mar 10 - Mar 11Emerald Coast Convention CenterFort Walton Beach, FL
96 people interested

Try using Almond milk or Coconut milk...delicious!

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Prevention Magazine Australia

The healthy ice cream you've been waiting for! (Vid: Goodful)

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A Well-Fed World

A common misconception we encounter is, "If the world went vegan, we wouldn't have enough land to grow crops to feed everyone!" In reality, a diet that includes... animal products requires *far* more land than a plant-based diet. Global animal agriculture currently raises and slaughters some 70 BILLION land animals for food every year. Think about all of the land needed to house, graze, and grow feed crops for 70 billion animals.

By comparison, it takes drastically less land, water, energy, and crops to grow plant foods for 7 billion humans. In fact, a United Nations Environment Program analysis of global agricultural yields finds that better use of existing croplands could feed 3.5 billion more people simply by shifting away from growing crops for animal feed and instead growing crops for direct human consumption. Reallocating croplands in this way could increase available global food calories by as much as 70 percent, according to researchers.

In a recent article for The Guardian, "Goodbye— And Good Riddance— to Livestock Farming," environmental journalist George Monbiot notes, "Almost all forms of animal farming cause environmental damage, but none more so than keeping them outdoors. The reason is inefficiency. Grazing is not just slightly inefficient, it is stupendously wasteful. Roughly twice as much of the world’s surface is used for grazing as for growing crops, yet animals fed entirely on pasture produce just one gram out of the 81g of protein consumed per person per day.

...That vast expanse of pastureland, from which we obtain so little at such great environmental cost, would be better used for rewilding: the mass restoration of nature. Not only would this help to reverse the catastrophic decline in habitats and the diversity and abundance of wildlife, but the returning forests, wetlands and savannahs are likely to absorb far more carbon than even the most sophisticated forms of grazing.

The end of animal farming might be hard to swallow. But we are a resilient and adaptable species. We have undergone a series of astonishing changes: the adoption of sedentarism, of agriculture, of cities, of industry.

Now it is time for a new revolution, almost as profound as those other great shifts: the switch to a plant-based diet... It’s time to abandon the excuses, the fake facts and false comforts. It is time to see our moral choices as our descendants will."

Further reading at our website: "Why We Need Plant-Based Approaches to Global Hunger":

"Understanding the Meat → Climate → Food Insecurity Connections":

"Feed:Meat Ratios":

"Local v. Less"

Our meme uses data and graphics from The Plantrician Project.

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Do you want to lower your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes? Consider increasing your magnesium levels.

It’s delicious AND nutritious for us. BUT did you know it’s beneficial for plants too? We’ve written countless times about adding more...