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Ald Win
July 25, 2012
The government is overwhelmed with the increasing size of the population it seems that they don't know how to turn people into an asset.And it seems that they don't know how to use the peoples money w...isely and effectively.And that is our greatest problem. See More
Shiela Gumera Apalisok
June 18, 2012
Event for Defeat the Heresies of Religious Liberty and Liberty of Conscience
Sunday, June 24, 2012...
8:00pm until 8:30pm in EDT
Wherever you are in the world 8pm in unison with our Lady
Rosary Crusade (Consecration of Russia, Against abortion and same sex civil unions, the re-establishment of the Social Kingship of Christ, for the arrival of the Great Monarch, the Triumph of thee Immaculate Heart; for vocations and Priests and for the souls in Pugatory and for the Pope)

Wherever you are in the world 8pm in unison with our Lady

Weekly Rosary Crusade for the aforementioned above offering in the union of thee Immaculate Heart. To defend and stay strong in this trying time of deception. Please invite all to this page to learn more daily. Not limited to those just in the group but if you have left the group you may rejoin as we get closer to the material chastisements many more will begin to see more clearly. Ave Maria!
8pm* Sundays as general rule...but of course extenuating circumstances may apply, let our Lady heareth us as One Voice and Heart.

"...she (Russia) will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated..." - Our Lady of Fatima

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Ronierey Celades
· February 24, 2017
They are businessmen, does not serve the lord......................................................................
Cara Gutierrez Domingo
November 9, 2012
Most reverends, I hope you can consider improving the discipline and uniformity in our Liturgy especially in our masses. There has been too much deviations already. We are
+ the only ones in the worl...d who recite the Apostle's Creed instead of the Creed of Nicea,
+ the only ones holding each others' hands during the Pater Noster,
+ the only country where many sit down during the epiklesis and anamnesis,
+ the only country that is very lax in dresscodes.
+ the only country where the priest has to add GOOD MORNING before the Dominus vobiscum at the start of the mass, and would invite the faithful to Clap for the Lord after the Ite Missa est.
Perhaps it is about time to return the occupation of the sanctuary ONLY to the bishop, priests, and deacons, and to the altar BOYS (being their practicum). The Liturgy is the showcase of our faith and our patrimonial discipline in the Western Rite. We cannot afford so much deviations and informalities.
Perhaps it is about time to set strict rules in our Church hymns that are currently laced with so much pop music and less didactic lyrics that most often times do not sing about the mystery being celebrated. Perhaps revisiting the gregorian chants will not be bad.
If we Catholics have to start loving our Faith, the Liturgy is the place to start it and surely the rest will follow.
Praised be Jesus Christ!
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رودريكو دودردي
· February 24, 2017
You are draging people in hell. Telling lies to them, your a hypeocrites
Don Dodj
May 26, 2012

Some of your bishops have challenged Corona’s accusers to sign his waiver. Bishop Pabillo said that “there is really something wrong when they want a person to disclose his dollar accounts... but his accusers refuse to do the same or don’t want to be transparent.” Your former president, Oscar Cruz, clarified that your message was to let people “know who have no sin and [let them] throw the first stone.”
You are saying that only those who are blameless can challenge others or throw blame. Since you have challenged Corona’s accusers, you must think that you yourselves are blameless. In the terms of Corona’s waiver, this means you think you have no ill-gotten wealth to hide. But you are mistaken.
No one knows ill-gotten wealth like you do, because you have founded your Church on ill-gotten wealth. Literally. Your organization wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the billions your predecessors stole from the Philippine government.
In case you’ve forgotten, I’ll remind you. When your former colleagues, the Spaniards, colonized us, they stole lands that belonged to Filipinos and gave it to your friars. These friar lands allowed you to control everything: business, education, politics, etc. So aside from money and property, you also gained power. You used this power to further amass wealth that went beyond the original value of the lands that were stolen.
When the first Philippine Congress was established, one of their first plans was to take back what was rightfully ours — to confiscate the land that was stolen and then redistribute it among Filipinos. But unfortunately, their plans were thwarted by another colonizer: the Americans. They would eventually give us back our freedom, but they didn’t give us back our property — well, not really. Instead, they did what capitalists do best: sell it to us.

Malolos Congress in Barasoain Church
Before they could do that, they had to take it back from you. But instead of just taking it away — something they could have done without much difficulty — they again did what capitalists do best: buy it from you. William Howard Taft, the first head of the Philippine Commission, went to Rome to ask your infallible leader for permission to buy the friar lands so that it could be given (i.e. sold) back to us. Your Pope agreed, and in 1903, the friar lands, some 166,000 hectares were bought for $7,239,784.66.
You may have lost your lands, but you got a ton of money in return. Add that to the profit you’d already made on those properties — and the power you consolidated through it — and it’s clear how you’ve become one of the richest and most powerful organizations in the Philippines today.
It’s difficult to put a price on your ill-gotten political power, but the money is another story. For starters, we can calculate how much you got for the sale of the friar lands. According to one CPI inflation calculator, the purchase price of $7,239,784.66 would now be worth $168,259,177.12 (PHP7,235,144,616.16) — if it was purchased in 1913, which is as far back as the calculator goes. Surely it would be more if we could calculate based on the 1903 amount.
Next we can check your investments in publicly registered companies. This has already been done, and conservative estimates put your investments at over P18 billion. We don’t even know how much you’ve invested in private companies, and if Corona has taught us one thing, there’s another way you could’ve hidden enormous sums of money: dollar accounts.
By the time the Americans introduced their currency in our country, you already had considerable wealth, and it’s not unlikely that you’d think like he did: you invested in US dollars. There weren’t big corporations to invest in back then, so you probably converted a considerable amount. And considering how you have nothing against the financial institution — you have PHP18 billion invested in it after all — your dollars are likely deposited safely in dollar accounts: the same accounts you’re challenging congressmen to publicize.

Rep. Faye Ferriol takes Corona's challenge
Of course, I don’t have to speculate so much if you’d just sign Corona’s waiver. Now that I think about it, you could take the moral high ground and create a waiver of your own, disclosing not only your dollar accounts but also your public and private investments, business affiliations, everything.
Because as far as I’m concerned, most of your wealth is ill-gotten. Your wealth was built on money that was stolen from the Philippine government by two foreign ones. The theft may be centuries old, but it doesn’t change the fact that a crime is a crime, or in religious terms, a sin is a sin. Even your God does not unconditionally forgive a sin simply because it was done long ago (e.g. Original Sin). So I’m sure you’ll understand that although many have forgotten, you don’t deserve to be forgiven. Not by God, and certainly not by the Filipino people.
You may try you hardest to hide this fact by casting the blame — and the spotlight — on someone else. You’ve long been very active in pushing for agrarian reform. You’ve been preaching the idea that the lands should be taken from illegitimate owners and redistributed among its rightful owners. This is a worthy cause, and I commend you for understanding the idea of rightful ownership.
But why can’t you understand that every single peso of your billions is a peso that belongs to the Filipino people? Not only should you publicize your ill-gotten wealth, you should do the “Christian” thing and give it back as I’m sure Jesus would want you to. Otherwise, you’ll be contradicting your calls for transparency and fairness — not to mention your vow of poverty. You may lose much, but only by doing so can you rightly call yourselves a Church of the Poor.

Red Tani
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Limuel Aldrin P. Alvarez
· March 14, 2017
Drug protectors and hypocrites of the philippines.
Due North
May 26, 2012

THE Prosecution for the Senate Impeachment Trial (hereinafter, Impeachment) of Chief Justice Renato Corona felt they simply ran out of lies to weave when the Accused, on Friday, f...inally handed over to the Impeachment Court his signed waiver against non-disclosure of his dollar accounts as provided by law. They saw it coming three days earlier and would have been in endless huddles as to how damaging to their case it might be to cross-examine Corona after his very honest and moving testimony on Tuesday – let alone adopt bank officers that might be called to testify on the ‘suddenly open’ dollar accounts as their own witnesses.
* * *
In cases like this, the best cross is no-cross; the best evidence is no-evidence. The Defense saw no need for a direct examination; the Prosecution found a cross could only slit their throat and, this one – the Prosecution was so scared to look into the dollar accounts because it could have exposed them as liars tenfold worse than ones who could bloat five properties to 45, four dollar accounts to 82 and bank deposits from 12-to-2.4 million dollars. There is a limit to what the stomach of liars can take – unless you are the Devil Incarnate, yourself. Meanwhile, the people have been dragged to six months of distraction, albeit entertaining, to arrive at this ironic ending. This is not the way to fool 100 million Filipinos, ladies.
* * *
This is the complete and truthful answer to the question of Senator Chiz Escudero as to why one piece of document – so important to have been the subject of a long tug-of-war during the Impeachment – was suddenly “irrelevant” to the Prosecution. The dumb-looking Niel Tupas said half of the reason. The Prosecution, he mumbled, had found no more need for it – but did not dare say why they suddenly chose to rely on previously presented ALMC documents over the previously sought-after bank documents that could come out of Corona’s waiver. He had the gall to say that after the waiver was offered by Corona in a silver platter? One thing became crystal clear: The Prosecution was so damn afraid of what the truth could bring about.
* * *
His little mind chose to ignore that by not cross-examining Corona, the Prosecution was in total surrender to the “truthfulness” of Corona’s statements in his testimony. In so doing, the Prosecution practically admitted that Corona has four dollar accounts, not eighty-two; two million in dollar deposits not twelve. Further, they acknowledged that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales had lied beyond comprehension and this simply gave his statements and declarations no weight in truth and sensibility. Clearly, the Prosecution figured they would be better off holding on to pieces of lies thrown in the wind, like feathers, by an otherwise regal woman in the afternoon of her life. It was bad, they knew – but knowing the truth would have been worse for them.
* * *
The bone of contention now, therefore, has come down to the $2.4-million undeclared dollar deposits which Corona admitted in all honesty. Assuming that even in his lofty position as Chief Justice, he erred – in good faith – in the interpretation of the law having failed to declare that money in his SALN, does it constitute an impeachable offense? If the answer is yes, then let President Aquino and his Cabinet, all Senators and Congressmen, all other Justices of the Supreme Court down to the lowliest public servants in the government be required to sign waivers against the secrecy of their bank accounts. Let all those found of having erred in their SALN declarations step down from their positions – and let us all see if there will still be a dozen good men left to govern this country.
* * *
We want the Philippines to be worthy of international respect again? Stop hypocrisy in government, go for the real crooks, put aside small talk and work hard – and abandon retribution and vengeance for whatever reason we might have embraced them at the outset. The Impeachment proceedings have shown what dominant force in the Lower House we have. Now, whatever verdict the Impeachment Court comes up with will show what stuff our Senate is made of.
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Edrick Gonzales Madeja
March 21, 2013
Chances of Davao Archdiocese to become a cardinalitial see like manila and cebu archdiocese
Jeriteri Tenorio
December 19, 2012
Support the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill NOW!!!!!!!! Make the Government HONEST Add this page if you Support Freedom of Information (F...OI) Bill. See More
GaiLbert Vito Bosea
November 25, 2012
♛ Solemnity of Christ the King
Mcdowell Mendiola
January 29, 2013
I'm sure merong mga nasa likod mo , can I meet you personally so I can give you a kiss and a hug! Mr. CS...
Rhea Caspe Campomanes
January 20, 2012
Something worth reading...
Jackie Rivera
July 30, 2012
I love God :) Its you, His fan club I can't stand.
Archipelago Brand
December 18, 2012

An inspiring video about our beautiful Philippines.
Al P. Carrillo
· September 23, 2017
Sorry ! to say no more EDSA bec.of SOCIAL MEDIA GOD said Amen.GOD SAID,COMPUTER INTERNET LIKE BIBLE WAS MADE BY MEN BY D' POWER OF GOD TO PREACH D' WORLD,GATHER ALL PEOPLE WAS WRITTEN ND BIBLE IS A BO...OK OF,PAST,PRESENT,FUTURE,ALL WALKS OF LIFE@ISAIAH 43:9=Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this, and shew us former things? let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, It is truth.@MAT.24:14=And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.WE MUST PREACH GOD'S WORDS GLOBALLY & ALL CORRUPT/EVIL BE KNOWN.amen. See More
The Books of Abp. Oscar V. Cruz, JCD
Mass for Good Governance

Gospel Reflection of Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara for Palm Sunday.

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Bishop Mylo's Page
21 hrs

Gospel Reflection for Palm Sunday

Holy Cross (from my book 'A Shepherd's Staff', 2008)

My uncle suffered from one of the severe forms of cancer. In my life as... a priest, I have visited and administered the sacrament of anointing to some relatives and friends who have had cancer. But my uncle‘s cancer was by far the gravest form of illness I have ever witnessed. I say this because, before he died, I saw how his cancerous tumors spread and lumped both inside and outside his body. His nose bled profusely because of the swelling of a tumor that originated from a section almost tangent to his brain. Whenever I visited him, I felt so much pity for him, seeing him suffer from all the pains he felt all over his body. Doctors injected him with high dosages of strong pain relievers to ease his suffering, but this had little or no effect on him. During our encounters, I had no words of counsel to alleviate the pains of his dying body or to console his weary spirit. I knew that even my prayers for him would not wipe away his cancer pains. As I looked at him, I realized that, if the Lord were not present in his life or in mine, how difficult it would be to understand this suffering. I am grateful that Jesus Christ suffered on the cross for our sake. Because of Him, we can find meaning in the sufferings we have in life. We can hold on and embrace our crosses through the cross of Christ.

Today, we once again recall the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. We remember how He triumphantly entered Jerusalem, the road to his crucifixion. Perhaps, some of the people who waved palm branches at Him, shouting “Hossana, to our King!” were the same people who mockingly commanded: “Crucify Him!” Once again, in the gospel narrative, we heard his arduous walk from the garden of Gethsemane to the mount of Golgotha. We heard how Judas betrayed Him; how His enemies seized Him; how the chief priests and elders of the Sanhedrin interrogated Him accusingly; and how His disciples deserted Him. We also heard how Pilate questioned Him; how the Jews chose Barrabas over Him so that He would be the one crucified. We relived how the soldiers scourged Him; how they struck His head with a reed, spat at Him; and how they crowned Him with thorns. Again, we felt how He carried His cross; how the soldiers nailed Him to the cross; and how people insensitively jeered and laughed at Him up to the last breath of His life. Yes, on this day, we contemplate the passion of Jesus, the sinless Lamb hung on the cross: forgiving His offenders, thirsting for the love of His persecutors, and praying to His Father in heaven as He breathed His last saying: “It is finished!”

To this day, Jesus lightens the burden of our crosses. Do you have a grave illness that you find unbearable or afraid to confront and accept? Do you have a big problem which you sometimes feel difficult to carry? Do you suffer from a wounded heart because of a broken relationship? Jesus Christ lovingly assures you: “It is finished! I have finished it for you! Do not be afraid. I carry your cross. I will ease whatever heavy burden you have in life because I love you very much.”

As we enter Holy Week, we once again prayerfully say, “We adore you Oh, Christ and we praise You. Because by Your holy cross, You have redeemed me; You have redeemed us; and You have redeemed the world!”

Share this insight for #palmsunday

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Warm greetings to Bp. Mylo Hubert Vergara, bishop of Pasig Diocese on his Sacerdotal Anniversary (March 24, 2000)

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Pasig Diocese
21 hrs

Happy Sacerdotal Anniversary! Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara


Lenten Recollection with Most Rev. Pablo Virgilio David, DD

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11,511 Views was live.

Lenten Recollection with Most. Rev. Pablo Virgilio David, DD

Topic : Fasting, Praying and Alms Giving Lenten Spiritual Work Out for a Healthy Soul

Kudos to NASSA/Caritas Philippines and WeGen Philippines for their partnership in bringing solar power to off-grid communities, parishes and dioceses in the Philippines.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing
NASSA/Caritas Philippines

Just happened:
Signing of Memorandum of Agreement between NASSA/Caritas Philippines and WeGen Distributed Energy Phils. Inc.
Fr. Edwin Gariguez, NASSA/Caritas P...hilippines' Executive Secretary, and Atty. Sarge Sarmiento, CEO and President of WeGen, sealed the deal for the historic partnership to "share the power" to the most vulnerable and/or off-grid communities, parishes and dioceses in the Philippines, using solar energy.
#WeAreCaritas #CelebratingResilience #SharethePowerPH

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Broderick Pabillo

Msgr. Manny Gabriel delivers his talk today at Diocese of Borongan regarding Catechesis on Priesthood. (Photo shared by Bishop Crispin Varquez)

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Congratulations to the awardees of CBCP-ECMI NATIONAL TOSDOSA AWARDS 2018!

CBCP-ECMI added 12 new photos — with Rowena Quizon Cornejo.



A grade 10 student of Canossa Academy in Lipa City-Batangas, RENE M. SANDOVAL, JR., topped in this year’s 10TH GAWAD ANAK OFW for the national search of the Ten Outstanding Sons and Daughters of OFW Student Achievers Awards (TOSDOSA Awards) held on March 20, 2018 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Intramuros, Manila. On the otherhand, RAPHAEL JOHN V. DASALLA, a grade 6 student of St. Mary’s University in Bayombong-Nueva Vizcaya topped the Luzon TOSDOSA Awards Elementary Level. Both of the top winners are son of a seafarer. Rene Sandoval was also elected as the Batch President among the Top 18 Finalists.

Meanwhile Senator Cynthia Villar graced the occasion as she was welcomed by CBCP-ECMI Chairman Bishop Ruperto Santos together with ECMI Executive Secretary Fr. Restituto Ogsimer, CS.

The TOSDOSA Awardees 2018 are as follows: Junior High School Leve: Top 2- Mykee Allyana Santiago, Angeles University Foundation Integrated School, Top 3-Noraine Jem Punzalan, University of Batangas, Top 4-Jurgen Excel Coyoca, Caloocan National Science and Technology High School, Top 5-Riona Bianca Basco, St. Scholastica’s Academy-San Fernando Pampanga, Top 6-Alyzza Francheska Bernice Riveral, Holy Family Academy, Angeles City-Pampanga, Top 7-Kier Quiambao, Angeles University Foundation Integrated School, Top 8-Mick Brien Macuha, Sta. Teresa College, Bauan-Batangas, Top 9-Zamantha Manicio, St. Paul College of Makati, and Top 10-Cathryne Kisha Flores, Eastern Samar National Comprehensive High School, Borongan City.

For the Luzon Awardees Elementary Level, the TOSDOSA Awardees are as follows: Top 2-Kirsten Moira Tiongson, St. Mary’s University, Bayombong-Nueva Vizcaya, Top 3-Angela Sapphire Labog, St. Louis School, Solano-Nueva Vizcaya, Top 4-Alex Anthony Andal, De La Salle Lipa Integrated School, Top 5-Kim Bulanhagui, Sta. Teresa College, Bauan-Batangas, Top 6-Nicah Anne Sese, Holy Family Academy, Angeles City-Pampanga, Top 7-Abigaile Cyrell Adricula, Malanday Elementary School, Marikina City, Top-8 Jana Mendoza, Our Lady of Caysasay Academy, Taal-Batangas, Top 9-Louiesa Jenn Coloma, Our Lady of Peace School, Antipolo City-Rizal, and Top 10-Leecia Castro of St. Scholastica’s Academy, San Fernando City-Pampanga.

The CBCP-ECMI salutes all the winners and finalists.

The major partners for this year’s awards are Villar Sipag Foundation, SMART Telecoms which also awarded the ECMI with free usage of Infocast, PASEI, AMOSUP, NCCA, and CFC Global Migrants Program. Other partners are ACTS OFW Partylist, Philhealth and OWWA.

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A different kind of Stations of the Cross

#CBCPNews #NoToDivorce

A Makati-based youth ministry thought it best to add a minor twist to the traditional Stations of the Cross prayers by aiming to inspire deeper reflection through symbolic and meaningful dynamics.

This Home of Hope also offers health promotion, medical and surgical, psychospiritual and social services.


A Catholic Church-based drop-in-center for people struggling with substance abuse has opened in Cebu City recently.

“Paglalakbay” Interactive Stations of the Cross at NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE SACRED HEART

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CBCP News was live.

CBCP News Conversations: The NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE SACRED HEART in Makati City will offer an Interactive Stations of the Cross coming Lent. Let us listen to Kristina Abundo and Gjian Carlo Gallano on their twist to the traditional Stations of the Cross.

Congratulations to the Diocese of Paranaque on the groundbreaking of the St. Joseph's House of the Clergy.

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Saint Joseph Parish - Tambo is with Ronnie Garcia and 4 others at Madonna Del Divino Amore Quasi-Parish.


March 19, 2018 is the Feast Day to St. Joseph also marks the ground breaking of the St. Joseph'...s House of the Clergy, located behind the Madonna Del Divino Amore Parish. The center will have 9 bedrooms, an infirmary, library, recreation hall, a conference room and is fully PWD-friendly. In additon, this is also the 41st Sacerdotal Anniversary of Bishop Jesse Mercado, bishop of Parañaque and the 7th Sacerdotal Anniversary of Fr. William Ramos, former parish priest of Saint Joseph Parish - Tambo. Hail San Jose!

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Be blessed and be a blessing! SHARE this video!

For event announcements, parish updates, and daily reflections, please LIKE our parish page: Saint Joseph Parish - Tambo

#StJoseph #SanJose #TataHosep #HailSanJose #GroundBreaking #HouseOfClergy #DioceseOfParañaque #SJP50 #LipadBaymax #PastorBonus #LifeChanging #KapeAtKampay #THM #TeamHappyMamimiyesta

*The Video/ music content has been made available for informational and non-profit, educational purposes only.

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Zero Extreme Poverty 2030 added 4 new photos.


Fr. Edwin Gariguez, a religious leader and an environmentalist, with members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Phi...lippines - National Secretariat for Social Action, Justice, and Peace (CBCP-NASSA), a member of the Zero Extreme Poverty Philippines 2030 Housing and Shelter awarded 25 units of Mangyan Resilient Sheltes at Sitio Inabasan, Barangay Caagutayan, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro.

This project is generously supported by Caritas Germany.

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Congratulations to the official Philippine delegation to the Pandaigdigang Araw ng mga Kabataan!

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CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth

We would like to acknowledge the leaders and assistant leaders of the following subgroups who attended the Orientation of Leaders and Assistant Leaders under th...e ECY-Philippines, the official Philippine delegation to the Pandaigdigang Araw ng mga Kabataan, last March 17 at the CBCP Building, Intramuros, Manila:

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Watch out for the 6th Saint Pedro Calungsod CATEQUIZ on April 7, 2018 at the Cardinal Sin Auditorium, Paco Catholic School

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ACY - Manila is feeling excited.

APRIL 7, 2018.
Are you ready?