Animation continues apace into 2018.

Hello, all - just checking in here as we move into 2018! Animation continues on The Spine of Night at a good clip - it turns out that it takes a while to animate a feature-length film! I intend to get another teaser trailer out before too long - there's a mountain of animation completed, but I'm trying to make sure we don't show too much of the story.

Here's a still of Uruq Il-Irin lecturing from his podium inside the great library of the Pantheon Ashurban:

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This is the new film from the co-director and co-writer of The Spine of Night, Philip Gelatt, and features Alex Malcolm Mills who is prominent in TSoN, and I've seen it and it is awesome. Keep an eye out for it:

Philip Gelatt

They Remain coming soon! I wrote and directed this adaptation of Laird Barron's stunning story. Can't wait for people to see it!

Paladin has acquired domestic theatrical rights to horror-thriller “They Remain,” starring William Jackson Harper and Rebecca Henderson, Variety has leaned exclusively. Philip Gelatt di…

Even without speaking Portuguese, I thought this was awesome:

Existem livros, músicas e filmes que te marcam tanto que sua mente vira e mexe volta para eles anos depois. Esse foi o caso do Exordium, um curta de animação...

This isn't from anything real, but I've been fantasizing about a side-scrolling brawler with Mongrel from The Spine of Night (and previous exploits), and mocked this up for fun and thought I'd share.

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A new teaser trailer to show off some of the gorgeous background paintings, and a few new shots, from The Spine of Night. Epic riffing by Tentacle.

Wanted to share some more of how the film is coming along by showing some of the gorgeous backgrounds painted for the film. Music kindly provided by Tentacle...

A still from the scene I was working on today that I quite liked - we'll have more from The Spine of Night to share with you in the coming year!

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Hey everybody - I know it's been quiet over here, but we're just working everyday on getting this colossus all animated - tens of thousands of frames drawn, still a few tens of thousands to go!

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Many thanks to Fright Night Theatre Film Festival for selecting Exordium as their 2016 Best Animated Short film. Awesome.

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We broke 155,000 views of Exordium today, if you add the 3 versions together (the original, the MIFF version, and the Russian translation). Pretty awesome.

A group of warriors confront that which stands between them and the power to save their people in this rotoscoped animated fantasy short created by Morgan Ga...

Hey everybody - just checking in for the new year. We're still hard at work on The Spine of Night. A fully hand-animated film, it turns out, takes a long time to draw!

Below is an image of the shanties that stretch along the road to the Pantheon Ashurban, painted by the immensely talented Jordan Grimmer.

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I'd been holding off sharing this amazing Halloween costume sent in to us of the Gatekeeper from Exordium until we got closer to the end of October - it's my favorite thing ever!

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Thanks to the Toronto After Dark film festival for featuring Exordium in their short film showcase!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival is one of the world's best showcases of new Horror, Sci-Fi, Action & Cult Movies.

This week on the blog, meet the inquisitive Ghal-Sur. We're going to take a few weeks off from updates, but will return with a few glimpses at the exotic locations from the film shortly:…/a-young-scholar-seeing-the…

Meet Ghal-Sur, one of the protagonists of the chapter titled “The Allsorrow.” Ghal-Sur is an ambitious young man, hungry to learn all that the old scholar-priests of the Pantheon Ashurban keep locked away in their vast library, a temple dedicated to preserving all the information known to humanity.…

This week, meet Tzod, queen of the great swamp (who is pictured far out of her element on an icy peak):

This is Tzod. She is the queen of the tribal denizens of the great swamp Bastal, a dreaded and impenetrable northern bog that has spawned so many grim tales that the few travelers who return from its treacherous banks have come back to civilization calling it The Allsorrow. But to Tzod, adorned with…

This week, we're talking about the return of Exordium's new gatekeeper, the Guardian of the Bloom:…/oh-sons-and-daughters-of-m…

This is The Guardian. He is the same figure who took the great helm and sword at the end of Exordium. Since that time he has waited, alone and contemplative, on that mountain top, his only company the stars, the skull and the bloom itself. In The Spine of Night, The Guardian is portrayed by Alex Ma…

The Spine of Night was mentioned on Heavy Metal's site today - rad!…/philip-gelatts-classic-heavy-m…/

Philip Gelatt, the screenwriter on EUROPA REPORT and comic scribe for Oni Press’ Petrograd and Dark Horse's Pariah, is currently producing a feature length, rotoscope animated, hardcore fantasy film called THE SPINE OF NIGHT. This film is very much inspired by the 1982 Heavy Metal flick and m

This week, meet the first king of Men, Syr:

This is Syr. Legends say he was the first King of Men. They say when the world was newly dreamed, he led mankind out of the wilderness. He forged weapons to hunt and to kill. He built himself a crown. They sing songs of his conquests, his sorrows, and his rage. What drove him to such bloodlust is a…