We had an egg-cellent day practicing our marketing and songwriting skills by creating brands for drone egg-dropping delivery services (drones dropping eggs?!). A great big thanks to American Securities who brought the entire staff to Grace to help up with our marketing pitches. Check out the marketing campaign and jingle for 'Egg-Ceptional Deliveries'
10 Days, 10 Women, $10,000 - Day 8 ft. Heather Harvey
10 Days, 10 Women, $10,000 - Day 9 ft. Tinika Robinon
47 Reviews
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Ebony Roberts
· September 30, 2016
Grace Institute has changed my life. I learned about Grace from my mother and after 2 failed attempts, I made it thru and graduated July 2015. If you are truly looking to better your life, Grace is the place
Michelle Rogers
· August 26, 2017
I would like to thank all the staff at Grace Institute. Thank you for an education in grace. This was an overwhelming experience. A positive atmosphere of women empowerment. I achieved my goal. 2017 G...race Graduate. See More
Yvonne Melendez
· October 29, 2014
Thank you, Grace. I will forever be grateful to you for investing and believing in me. Now it's my turn to give back. I couldn't have done this alone. To all the staff and instructors, and we can'...t forget the security guards - you're the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! See More
Cm Shivers
· May 13, 2017
I was not the Typical Grace Institute Student. I had 2 advance degrees... Yet because LIFE Had Fought ME Hard... my self esteem was gone. I felt... like.. I couldn't do anything. So, I applied to Grac...e... and told the TRUTH. They accepted ... My Self Esteem was restored.

My skill set was NOW up to par... and because of my Past experience/education... I was able to RESTART LIFE.

Thank you GRACE!

Forever a Grace Sister
Carrie-Michele Shivers
See More
Yatonia Chestnut
· October 20, 2015
Grace INSTITUTE is a positive atmosphere filled with women who are striving for excellence. Here at GRACE they pave the way for you to be your own success story.
Margaret Bradley
· April 4, 2014
We just finished yesterday, and I miss it already. I am eternally grateful for all that they gave me. I could write for ever about how wonderful this institution is. However, I can't write forever, so... I will tell everyone I know, everyone that will listen. I Love Grace Institute. Thank you. See everyone at graduation. See More
Grace Carr
· January 2, 2014
The tutors are awesome. Being at Grace Institute inspires us women to be the best we can be, and propel us to reach our goals.
Lupe Sanchez
· September 19, 2016
GirlPower Awesomeness!! Good energy and open environment. Lots of love
Shawanda Rivera
· February 13, 2014
Grace Institute has a wonderful keyboarding class but they failed their obligation to help find a job afterwards. They do not keep in touch and neglect to help past students.
Carmen Jurge
· October 4, 2016
It's a wonderful place with wonderful people. I'm so proud to be part of them!!
Erika Lubo
· October 21, 2015
I learned so much, met so many amazing people there as well!
Letrice CherryonTop Cherry
· March 17, 2014
You get out of the program what you put was an EXCELLENT experiences!!!
Ahshaki Long
· October 4, 2013
Grace institute is not just a school that empowers women, but a culture. I am truly grateful. Thank you.
Patricia Pepe
· December 24, 2015
The only reason I'm still in my
Norma Cruz
· July 10, 2014
I am presently going to Grace and i love it!
Gladys Perez
· November 18, 2013
Buen comienso para la mujer a encaminarce a una vida mejor.los felicitos, ojala hubieran mas Institutos Gracce,.Los Felicitos.

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