Steevo Sessions Part 1
Subliminal Message
Nine Inch Nails meets Grace & Manners
Grace & Manners is with Steve Morrison and 2 others.

Impromtu G & M sighting!

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We finally got around to putting this together. Enjoy!

This is Steevo (me) tracking "Triple A" for the Grace & Manners album, "Roll the Ugliness." Jan 2010.

We have just added a Music Store to our page! So if you haven't bought Roll the Ugliness or Acoustic Volume 1, now is the time!

Grace & Manners updated their cover photo.
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Husker Du or The Replacements?

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the show tonight! Felt great to dust off the cobwebs and do it again. Fun to play some new songs too!

Alright, setlist is completed for our G&M show tomorrow night. This is gonna be great. Very excited. We are such a hit factory. Hahaha!

Grace & Manners show Sunday, December 4th.
Venue: Alex's Bar, Long Beach, CA
Time: 9PM
Cost: $5
Who's coming?

Dave Navarro's Dark Matter w/Dan Cleary, Wed Nights 9-11pm PST on Call in: 323-664-3251. skype/darkmatter6767

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Grace & Manners show in December. Details to follow. It's on people.

There is rumor of a G&M show in November.... hmmmmm.

Don't think you're being ignored. We are trying to get a plan together to bring you some new music.

Hello there.

Serious poll time. PS3 or Xbox?

Time for us to get in a room together and hammer out some songs. Some would call this pre-production for a record. And that's precisely what it is.

So who's gonna record their own version of a Grace & Manners song for us? Any song that you want. This is an open invite. Send them to