"While photography is founded on the ability to see and record, it expresses itself only through a competence of technique. Yet over attention to the technical aspects can cripple and inhibit creative photography."

- Tom Ang

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"It is my personal opinion that the only satisfactory way to change the natural color of a photograph & improve its values is to tone the image very slightly."

- Ansel Adams

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"Each element of photography must be clearly & separately understood - ultimately at the intuitive level - before it is possible for them to merge into a single coherent function."

- Ansel Adams

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“The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it.”

– Edward Weston

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"The critically sharp, and true color saturation qualities are not innate abilities of the pro photographer; they simply learn more techniques of the trade and religiously apply them even when a subject seems absurdly obvious."

- Galen Rowell

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"The concept of the photograph precedes the operation of the camera. The print itself is somewhat of an interpretation, a performance of the photographic idea."

- Ansel Adams

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During these past three weeks of my Kickstarter launch I've been getting a lot of questions, the number 1 question being about a 10-stop ND filter.

Due to popular demand today I'm launching a 10-stop, and these 10-stop ND filters are incredibly sharp and have very little color cast. In fact, if this 10-stop ND filter doesn't have the best color cast performance you've ever seen in a 10-stop ND filter, we'll give you 110% of your money back - no hard feelings.

That's how confi...dent I am that this filter is the best 10-stop ND filter out there, and that's from my experience as a landscape photographer, not just as a equipment designer and manufacturer.

There's 150 at this price, and will only be available for 4 more days, so if you're interested in getting one click here.…/breakth…/x-series-traction-filters/


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The X-Series Neutral Density, Circular Polarizer & UV filters feature critically sharp performance and cutting edge designs.

I'm super excited to be hosting an upcoming webinar for Art Wolfe! I have a few coupon codes which get you in for $7, so use it on the checkout page and see you there!

Coupon code: breakthrough
RSVP here:

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar where Art Wolfe talks composition, technique and impact. He’ll also be answering questions and reviewing 20 photographs from the audience!

I just published a Canon 16-35 F4 Review video on YouTube. If you're a landscape or travel photographer check it out!

I just published my Canon 16-35mm F4 IS Review vs. 17-40 Shootout:…/

In the review I present sharpness results and comparisons between the Canon 16-35mm F4 IS vs. the Canon 17-40.

I've also uploaded 32GB of RAW, TIFF and 1080p video files captured with the Canon 16-35mm F4 IS, so you can download them and see the quality for yourself!


Hope you find this useful!

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The Canon 16-35mm F4 IS is Canon’s newest Ultra-Wide Angle Zoom with F4, Image Stabilization and like the 17-40, has an all-internal focusing design.

Golden Gate Sunrise with Sony A7R + new Canon 16-35mm F4 IS. Download the full-size images below to see the incredible sharpness on this one! (but not the corners because I messed up the MFD + F18)

230s - F18 - ISO 64 - 16mm

Click here to download TIFF16BIT & RAW files:


This morning was a meetup shoot with Landscape Photography SF:

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There's a few accessories that have made my life so much easier these past few years and I wanted to share those with you. They also happen to be under $15. Check it out and make sure to leave a comment and let me (and everyone else) know if you have any essential accessories you use for < $15!

Click here:…/

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Canon just announced the Canon EF 16-35mm F4 IS. Is this a game changer or simply a minor update?

Watch Now:

In this video we'll take a look at how the Canon 16-35 F4 IS compares against a few other wide-angle zooms on paper. Check the price and availability: http:/...

Imogen's photographs have long since been an inspiration for me. In honor of her birthday I'll be doing a limited run (20 of each) of free archival 5x7 prints for one week, until April 17th.

1. Navigate to
2. Checkout with a 5x7 print
3. Enter the coupon code IC131-fb...
4. That's it!

Imogen Cunningham was a photographer born 131 years ago April 14th in 1883 in Portland. She studied at the University of Washington, then she moved to San Francisco, quickly becoming one of the true masters of photography.

She was a contemporary of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, Minor White and and many others. She's famous for her street photography, industrialization and her photographs of botanical subjects has long been considered prime examples of compositional study.

Cunningham continued to take photographs until shortly before her death at age ninety-three on June 24, 1976, in San Francisco, California.

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There's very few successful images these days that are unsharp, and if you're not getting critically harp images consistently you need you watch this video.

Have any strategies or methods for getting critically sharp images not covered in this video? Add a comment below the video! I'd love to hear! : )

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Composition is at the core of photography. It's also one of the most difficult aspects of photography, and one that most photographers struggle with. It's what sets your images apart from the rest.

But if you don't understand the core principles of what it means to successfully visualize a photograph, you risk shooting blind. I've put together some actionable strategies for capturing more compelling compositions in this video, check it out:…

I think you'll come away with some solid techniques for capturing more effective and compelling compositions.

If you find this video useful let me know by adding a comment below the video! : )

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