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Katharina Mensink
· December 8, 2017
Great place!! Service is excellent and everyone always has a smile on their face! Very good coffee and food, and clean! It's nice that you can go with friends and visit, or by yourself to just sit and... relax (or do some Christmas shopping! They have TONS of neat things!). See More
Vonnie Saquilan
· May 31, 2017
It's a special place to catch up with friends and enjoy a bite to eat. Lisa is such a special person and caters to her customers. I love the warmth of the place and there is a special everyday.
Lisa Dierks
· July 26, 2017
My iced latte was delicious, the staff were warm and welcoming & the bars they provided for our meeting were just like Grandma makes - be sure to stop!
Lorin Williamson
· December 29, 2016
Good: The food was great. I had the special which consisted of egg salad with veggies on a croissant and French onion soup. Sandwich was great and the soup was awesome.

Bad/horrible: Customer se...rvice is a big deal with me. The owner left right when the three of us ordered so the new girl had to figure it all out. And by figure it out I mean she had to put egg salad on a croissant and pour soup into a bowl. Repeat this process for 3 people. Sounds easy enough. Not at all. She had no idea what she was doing. She's new and she was probably just nervous. Totally understandable. What is not understandable is that the owner left and knew that this would have happened.

I have heard from 3 different people about negative customer service for this place. Bottoms line is that I won't be back. If you want awesome food and great customer service head to lu lu beans.
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Terri Myhre
· March 20, 2017
Have eaten here a few times now and great food every time! Service is great and personal-worth the wait when they are busy. Take a chill people-not a fast food restaurant. The French onion soup is fabulous!
Tom Langemo
· March 2, 2017
Friendly, wide variety of sandwich options and treats, even picked up a few gifts while we were there. Yes, our to-go potato chips were put in a baggie - but that was awesome! Felt like I was packed f...or a picnic or school lunch! The tuna sandwich in marble rye was fantastic. See More
Amy Tjentland Minion
· October 4, 2016
Stopped here for lunch on the suggestion of others, and were very impressed. We loved the fun atmosphere, and the gift shop was filled with beautiful and quality items. A small town gem!
Lisa Ann DeGreeff
· July 27, 2017
I always find "treasures". And the gal working today was great. It's a treat to make a trip to the Granite Grinder.
Nick Draeger
· June 27, 2015
Gyro's is good. A little different then u would get at a Greek place. I like doing a twist on the food I like. The breakfast wrap is wonderful "wife's words". Some things in the gift shop in my opinio...n is a bit high. Looks fantastic tho. See More
Wendy Kuehn
· October 12, 2016
Always the best place to gather and eat. Drink espresso, and be filled with laughter! ( excellent dessert choices and amazing soups & sandwiches! )
Sharon Sannerud
· July 22, 2013
Love the uniqueness of the Grinder as well as the interesting gift shop. Food is great and watching the birds is so relaxing. So glad to have this place to go to.
Alison 'Torke' Bakkelund
· November 25, 2016
Awesome place to eat and the workers are the best!!
Melissa Olson Varanasi
· November 2, 2015
Nice gift shop and a great place to eat. Best coffee in Granite!
Trina Martinez Jensen
· November 25, 2016
Excellent home made tasty food. Lots of nice and unique gifts and women's accessories.
Karin Baker
· August 9, 2015
Love this unique shop!! Excellent coffee and fun merchandise!!
Wendy Hanson
· July 26, 2015
Awesome! Definitely one of my favorite new places!
Mary Gillespie
January 22, 2013
Great food and fun atmosphere