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Lois Blank
· October 19, 2017
Excellent information for everyone to get prepared and answer questions you may have. Check it out!
Patti Jordan
· October 20, 2017
VERY informative. So glad to have this come across my path for information. Thanks to Next Door.
Eric Cooper
· October 6, 2017
Good Information put out to the public, good for preparation
John Trapp
· February 18, 2018
Good information for people to use,
Are you two weeks ready? Get preparedness information at and don't forget to drop, cover and hold on Oct. 19 during the Great Washington ShakeOut.
Volcanic hazards in Washington state
We're live from our state emergency operations center talking with our tsunami program coordinator Keily Yemm and earthquake program coordinator Brian Terbush chatting about today's tsunami watch, how you can get better prepared and why it's important to be 2 Weeks Ready.

Meanwhile, in Spokane...

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US National Weather Service Spokane Washington
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It's -3°F at our office this morning. That's 2 days in a row of sub-zero weather. Might as well embrace & celebrate the cold with a boiling water turning into steam video. Soon we won't be able to do this as Spring is only 27 days away. Are you excited? #wawx #WinterFireworks

If you really wanted to celebrate #LoveYourPetDay today, you'd make sure you have an emergency kit for your dog, cat, hamster, etc. More info:…/…/personal

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the very first 911 call in the country. And it's just as important to know your location before calling 911 today as it was back then. More info about this incredible anniversary at the link…/50-years-ago-this-month-first-911-…# #E911

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For anyone in the Seattle area on Saturday. Scientists and earthquake experts from around the region will gather Saturday, Feb. 17 at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center to share information about tsunamis, geology, landslides, volcanic hazards and what you need to do to get 2 Weeks Ready during a special session open to the public of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and the Northwest Geological Society. There are two FREE sessions – from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., which both feature identical speakers, including our own earthquake program manager Maximilian Dixon. No registration required. Just show up and get ready to learn and ask questions. More info:

* Morning session - 8:30 AM until 12:00 PM* Afternoon session - 1:00 PM until 4:30 PMMorning and afternoon sessions are identical

50 years ago this month, the first 911 call ever was made in Alabama. A few weeks later, our state's first 911 call happened in Puyallup. Today, we're working to make 911 infrastructure even better.

It was 50 years ago this month that the first 911 call was made, creating a system that would forever change the way emergency communications was devised.

Great job, cadets. Glad to see disaster preparedness being taken seriously. The Washington Youth Academy is run by our state agency, the Washington Military Department, and they do regular CERT training with the students, who will go back to their home communities with new skills learned.

Wya Cadre Burt added 44 new photos to the album: 18.1 CERT Training (Fire Safety) — in Bremerton, Washington.

Today all the Cadets went through this training: Prep a Fire Extinguisher, Approach a fire, Use the Fire Extinguisher, and Back out. The Cadets had to be "buddy" (to watch their backs) and they had to operate the fire extinguisher.
A few of the Cadets were nervous (some more than others), but all 154 Cadets completed both tasks safely & Successfully.

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Great program for teens here

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My PI Washington

Time. The availability of it is crucial in the event of an impending disaster. While early preparedness for the hazards and risks we face is key, technology a...nd early warnings are allowing us additional time to act and put our plans in place when we need to.

In MyPI, our teens and their families learn the importance of various types of early warning technology. One specific focus is on smartphones and the technology present that can save lives. Central to this message is the need for multiple modes of communication and the need to concentrate on information from official sources.

Please LIKE and SHARE this post and page, if you agree, and invite your Friends' Lists to do the same. MyPI is a comprehensive, two-time national award winning youth preparedness/youth leadership model currently funded in 18 states and 1 US territory. Please message this page or talk to your State Point of Contact for more information on how to become involved with MyPI. #MyPI #YouthPreparedness #PlanAhead My PI National Washington State Emergency Management Association Washington Emergency Management Division WSU King and Pierce County Extension WSU Extension Spokane County Kitsap County Dept of Emergency Management

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Map shows Earthquake Insurance rates broken down by county. New study shows our state has a long way to go to get more people covered…/thurston-county-ranks-highes…

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The study also shows that 43 percent of commercial properties in Washington have earthquake insurance coverage, which is actually pretty good.

Kreidler survey shows Thurston County leads state in earthquake insurance coverage; results will aid state effort to strengthen disaster resilience

Kreidler’s office surveyed 240 companies that sell residential and commercial earthquake insurance in the state in October 2017.

This is a sad story about victims of Hurricane Harvey, who have lost their homes, did not have very good insurance and cannot afford to pay their mortgage. This is a good reminder for our residents that if you can afford extra insurance for earthquakes or floods, for instance, that might be a good idea. You may also want to double check to see what your insurance actually covers. More info via Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

As Jacob Lerma surveyed the skeletal beams of his suburban Houston home that was flooded during Hurricane Harvey, he kept muttering three words as he wondered if his family would ever be able to move back in: “I don’t know.”

On PBS tomorrow. A look at Mt St Helens survivors and the helicopter pilot from the Washington National Guard who rescued them.

A television series – “We’ll Meet Again” – that begins this month on PBS includes an episode – “Rescued from Mount St. Helens” – built around the 1980 volcanic eruption.

Renewed threat of landslides this weekend. Already seeeing it on some roads and highways today. Know the signs…/…/landslide

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318 years ago today, Jan. 26, 1700, the Pacific Northwest experienced a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami. This is a good time to take stock of your emergency kit. Are you 2 Weeks Ready? We can help. has brochures, emergency kit lists and ways to tackle preparedness one month at a time in our Prepare in a Year program.

Viola Riebe, elder of the Hoh Indian Tribe, talks about an oral history of the Thunderbird and the whale -- and how this most respected story is related to tsunami awareness. "We're told in our language to run for high ground to get away from the ocean because it's dangerous," she says.

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