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Congratulations to the LMU graduates with whom we had the pleasure to work this past academic year! We will be honored to call you our colleagues in the veterinary medical profession.

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Bill Sturgeon II
· February 19, 2018
I would not recommend this place to anyone that has an emergency cause they don't care about your pet. All they care about is do you have the money or not. They denied services to a dog that was shot ...just because the people that brought him in didn't have the money up front. There was plenty of people that was willing to pay for this dogs care by calling in and donating the money. The owners of the dog was told by the vet on duty that they don't except donations and are not a charities hospital. I hope this vet slept well lastnight knowing that this could possibly not make it and a little 4 year old girl was going to lose her fur baby. See More
Tina Snider
· November 23, 2017
Both myself and my dog Susie have had nothing less than stellar care and treatment here by every staff person: front desk, vet techs, Dr Hodges- who has done surgery on my Susie twice. April 2016 and... again yesterday 11/22/17. They are the most attentive and compassionate medical care team that I could ever wish for period. Today is thanksgiving day and Dr. Hodges even called today to check up on my dog. By experiences are reflective of ALL of the other 5 star reviews here on their Facebook page. I have so much confidence in this facility and all employees there, I will never hesitate to go again for any kind of surgery needs or emergency needs. I'm comforted knowing I have them near by. They are beyond professional because they also have such big hearts for the pets, but also amazing bedside manner for the pet parent. They all have my ♥ See More
Mike Wilson
· November 23, 2017
Great place. We just went for emergency services on Thanksgiving. We originally went there cause they were they only place open due to the holiday. We had great service. They helped our dog out and ex...plained everything to us. The staff was awesome. You can tell they really care about the animals they treat. We will continue to use them for our dogs from now on. Thank you. See More
Melissa Petri
· November 13, 2017
My 12 year old Cat was sent here for a specialist for congestive Heart Failure. He has cardiomyopathy. We have had Three visits here and both Dr's we see are very gentle​ and caring to our Boy Clyde. ...Under their care we have managed to stabilize him when he was days away from death. The cat trusts them...The office staff is very understanding and caring. The Dr's take time to carefully listen to our concerns and help treat our Boy. Their prices were lower then other offices and I feel reasonable . See More
Abby Martin
· February 6, 2018
Hadley, our dog- came in due to an injured paw/leg. The staff there was very friendly and nice. We were able to get immediate care for our dog. I would suggest this animal care clinic for any emergenc...y situation.

Price range was also appropriate for the care we received.
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Maria Mathews
· October 10, 2017
Please avoid this hospital at all costs. Even in an emergency situation drive to Med Vet in Cincinnati. We visited over a month ago for a sick cat with what we found out to be advanced cardiomyopath...y. The emergency vet was very helpful. However, our cat was kept overnight and transferred to the specialist who is only in the office three days a week. The worst part is the hospital instructed us to pick up our cat after the specialist had left for the day. He told us over the phone that our 2 year old cat had no more than 10 months to live but was not there to answer any of our questions! The tech shoved us out the door with medications, no instructions and no records. We have been trying for over a month to get records with to no avail. We will now have to have all procedures repeated at our regular vet as this vet will provide no information on what was done during emergency visit to attempt to force us to keep seeing their specialist! Please avoid if you have another option. This establishment has caused nothing but heartache. See More
Taylor Cartmell
· January 20, 2018
Very professional and kind people. They were very considerate of my feelings when euthanizing my cat and made me feel as comfortable as I could despite the circumstances. Our doctor was very kind and ...knowledgeable, will definitely recommend to anyone. See More
Cindy Powers
· February 20, 2018
Terrible Vet, turns away emergency situations due to a family not having all of the cash upfront, and would not accept donated money. No matter where it comes from, payment is payment. Not sure why he... has decided upon a veterinary career. My heart is so sad for the 4 year old baby, who's best buddy, her dog, was turned away. People don't support a business like this. Such a shame. See More
Leisa Hammons
· March 12, 2018
I want to Thank your staff on Sunday 3/11/ 2018 . We had brought our dog Spike in from a accident. Thank for your all for your compassion and patience from the time we enter until with left.

Thank y...ou The Lightners See More
MaryAnn Barnard
· August 29, 2017
A few weeks ago I took my puppy for over night stay for 4 nights. Gena was amazing, she completely reminded me of why I stay nice, because there is still amazing kind people in this world. She and her... staff are apart of reason why my pup is doing great today! I could never thank her enough!! Thank you all! See More
Cynthia Rankin
· May 8, 2017
Brought my dog Buddy here because he had lymphoma and we decided to try chemo as a treatment. Every single time I came into the office both Buddy and I were welcomed by everyone here. The entire staff... was great..although one young lady by the name of Liz really stood out to us..Buddy loved her and was always so excited for her to run him down the hallway to his treatment. They really went above and beyond in the services that they provided to us. Buddy was always excited to get through that front door to see his friends. And when his battle with lymphoma ended..Liz was by my side while I said goodbye to Buddy and each of the other techs stood outside the door to say goodbye as well. I will forever be grateful for all they did for me and my Buddy! See More
Morgan Samad
· April 26, 2017
Our dog was admitted twice this week here for parvovirus. Our first stay was over the weekend. They knew we were coming from our family vet , however we had to wait in a small isolation room for 25 mi...nutes until the vet tech came to see us. They charged us $500 more than they were supposed to and didn't have any receipt that we had made that as a deposit. Our second experience was just as bad. Staff answering the phone and checking us in we're rude both experiences. The actual vet was nice, he needs to find a new job before he becomes that way too. We were only called one time in the four nights he spent there for an update on him, every other time we called they acted as if we were inconveniencing them by asking how our dog was doing. We were never allowed to visit him, even though the vet on the first day of admission told us we could come anytime. Upon discharge this morning (after four nights of staying there) they didn't even let him out this morning to pee, instead we got him in the car and he couldn't hold it anymore. Seems to me like they hadn't let him out at all. I wouldn't come back here unless it's a dire situation. See More
Andreas Oliver
· February 10, 2017
One week my dog had some blood work done at the vet for some bruising on his thighs. I got a call later in the day saying that his blood counts were really low and he needed to be taken to the ER clin...ic in Wilder. While there, the dr advised us to leave him for the weekend. We decided to do that but felt bad about leaving him alone. We were told we were allowed to come up and visit him as much as we wanted. Every time we visited that dog always had a happy attitude, and when it was time for us to leave he happily left our sides. We were kind of jealous. However, it just meant that he was being treated well given the circumstances. Upon leaving we knew that every penny spent for the weekend was worth it in every way, and knowing what we know now, I would take him back again. Nothing but great things to say about the drs and staff there. See More
Nancy Gladney Hiner
· November 24, 2017
Thanks to Dr. Krawec for taking care of our boy after he was bitten Thanksgiving morning. He addressed our questions and concerns respectfully.
Jenna Winkle Kemper
· May 2, 2017
We spent almost two years taking our dog Bean's to the Greater Cincinnati Veterinary. Hearing that Beans had cancer was one of the hardest things for my husband and I to hear. We got to know the staff... very well and they knew me. There were a few times when I had to leave Bean's there and they delt with my calls (and I called a lot). Liz Keckeis was one of the nurses I interacted with and she was always nice and liked to talk not only about Bean's but about our lives. Unfortunately Bean's lost his battle but we are so glad Greater Cincinnati Veterinary was the ones that took care of our Bean's. See More
Taylor Crist
· February 19, 2018
Horrible. They will turn you away even if your pet is dying in your arms.
Rachel Levy
· May 19, 2017
Our dog spent the night here to get a transfusion. The staff was great. They were extremely kind and helpful and took wonderful care of our girl. It was one of the best experiences we've had with a ve...t, and definitely with an emergency vet. I highly recommend them over Medvet or any other ER vet. See More
Helen Ann Swartwout
· May 3, 2017
GCVS has been there for my dog, Sketch and me during the last 6 months as he is undergoing treatment for cancer. Dr. Joe and staff have done everything they can to find the best course of action for needs. They're knowledgeable, welcoming and kind. Sketch is greeted each visit with a smile and scratchies by Theresa or Jen, often very early in the morning when I drop him off before work. When I come to pick him up, Miranda is efficient and timely in making sure everything is ready for check out. The entire care staff, and especially vet tech Shari Camp, have made a difficult and scary time a little bit easier to go through. We don't feel as if we are alone on our journey. Thank you! See More
Jaci Vossmeyer
· November 23, 2016
Please never take your animal to this place! My dog got ran over and had some pretty extensive service wounds on his left front and back leg we weren't sure if any bones were broken and sense there no other vets open we took him here. When the dr first came in instead of examining him he sounded more like a sales men trying to sell us different options to treat our dog without even knowing if anything was broken. They wanted 1200 upfront or they couldn't help us. 160 of that was for a bandage. When we said we couldn't afford that, the nurse took pity on us and bandaged him anyways and prescribed tramadol!! I told the nurse he can't take tramdol he's a dog!! She assured me it was fine and not only prescribed that but also amoxicillin. The next day I took him to his regular vet and they examined him and told us right away there were no broken bones, and no internal bleeding and asked what he was taking, after I told him about the amoxicillin and tramdol he said you absolutely cannot give a dog those medications. This place does not care about your animal and has no idea what it is doing. If you love your animal stay away!! See More
Allison Cochrane Woodward
· November 7, 2016
I don't write reviews often, and honestly have always avoided emergency clinics if at all possible bc of high prices, we also were unfamiliar with this clinic because we just moved to NKY very recentl...y. However- last Sunday we had no choice. Our 3 year old Great Dane Corbin experienced a true emergency- he bloated in the middle of the night. Luckily we recognized the symptoms early and he was able to make it to the clinic. We were a wreck because we had literally just lost our other dog 3 days earlier to bone cancer. Dr. Karwec and the emergency staff were wonderful and moved extremely quickly. The surgery was successful to untwist and tack his stomach, and truly saved our dog's life. After the procedure, in the morning Corbin's care was transferred to Dr Hodge and the surgical day team. His care there remained wonderful as well. We were pleasantly surprised that we were able to visit Corbin each day that he was hospitalized which brought us comfort, and we received updates on his status each morning. We also were able to call and get updates in the evenings before bed. Also, while nobody wants to pay for another day in the hospital, we gladly did. I honestly can say I appreciated Dr Hodges honesty in recommending a 3rd night in the hospital to make sure he was completely good to go. I appreciate that they weren't trying to rush him out and felt like they were really evaluating him completely and wanted to set us up for success at home before agreeing to discharge. I also was pleasantly surprised at the price for a very serious emergency after hours surgery, and 3 full night (24 hour monitored) stay. I love that somebody is always at the clinic, it makes you feel more comfortable when your dog is in such a critical situation. You truly get when you pay for here and I appreciate the care our boy received. See More
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