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Wayne Winton
· February 3, 2018
Had a chance to spent some time with the President of GHLA Roger Courts Jr. and I can say I really like what I see, the passion and support or the industry and people trying to lead it down the correc...t path is truly inspiring. It's great to meet new friends in unexpected places. � See More
Jason Thornton
· May 10, 2016
I've been involved in the GHLA for 1 yr now and I have gotten to know a lot of good locksmiths that I probably wouldn't of known outside of the association
Roger Courts Jr
· December 11, 2013
Ralph can you add me as an admin? I would like to assist in posting information after each meeting here. Thanks!
Judy Stephenson Clifford
· November 28, 2016
This is a great association of professional locksmiths
Barbara Siems
· October 8, 2013
really great, super great:)

Did you have a run in with a non licensed locksmith or locksmith company ( aka scammers )

Provide and send in Photos of the individual scammer, the vehicle and license plate they arrived in, video of the individual providing the service


PM us for an address to send info or bring to our GHLA meeting and we can turn in for you

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I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn for Texas Children Hospital for a job offer.
The hrs are perfect for me and the pay would be really well
Since I just started with a new company I passed but if anyone licensed locksmith with 2 yrs experience is looking for new job I said I would share the job offer to others
I have pdf file of the job he sent to me. If you’d like me to send it to you send me you email


My name is Julio and I recruit for Texas Children’s Hospital. full time opportunity as a Locksmith for one of our new buildings. We are looking for someone who has at least 2 years’ experience as a Locksmith with some commercial building experience.
The role will pay between $20-30 depending on experience. It will be a 3-11pm shift so there will be an additional $2.60 shift differential.

Julio Salonga
Recruiter – Information Services
832-280-9754 office 832-265-8481 cell

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