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Cassandra Lyons
· April 16, 2018
I attended & graduated from The 57th Women’s Walk Just this weekend.
I’m still just absolutely speechless on How Amazing it is!
My Life has been transformed & blessed in ways that are Unimaginable, ...just from a 72 hr stay with The Emmaus Community!
I’m so very thankful for Every second of it!
Especially thankful for Everyone who dedicated Their Time to make this such an Amazing Experience for So Many People!
It is something I could Never forget!
God Is Good All The Time & All The Time God Is Good!
DeColores! ���
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Josh Charlton
· March 18, 2018
Words cant exspress how amazing my emmaus experience was.
Becky Kretzer Ward
· October 11, 2013
Gosh, just realized this was marked low! Corrected that!
Great attendance at the Gathering tonight. We were blessed to see so many of you, and sorry that others were not able to attend. While we celebrate during this Holy season, we will be thinking about our brothers and sisters around the globe, and praying all are able to recognize God working in their lives. Shalom

Mini gathering for the women of walk #57 tomorrow(Thursday evening ) at 6 in the conference room followed by regular gathering at 7 in the sanctuary

Current list for walk # 57 ladies. 1. Tiffany Bastian
2. Heather Bennett
3. Melissa Bohannon.
4. Melissa Charlton
5. Lorrie Cockrell...
6. Kathy Creech
7. Suzie Dalton.
8. Joy Deemer
9. Crystal Donley
10. Trish Duncan
11. Katie Erickson
12. Michelle Foster
13. Vee Harrah
14. Brittany Hammonds
15. Cindy Harris
16. Sharleen Hemminger
17. Kathryn Hoover
18. Cassandra Lyons
19. Elizabeth Madden
20. Kelly Manasco
21. Beth Marhoover
22. Jacqueline Martin
23. Regina Morris
24. Beth Morrow.
25. Tomiah Notestine
26. Linda Nun
27. Carolyn Pennigton.
28. Cheryl Pierce.
29. Lori Rhoades
30. Michelle Roepke.
31. Ashley Rowland
32. Kelly Ryan
33. Amy Stang.
34. Shawn Strange.

35. Diane Williamson

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