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We need help finding this kitty a home! She resides at the cat colony we posted about yesterday. She was born here and lives outside with 20 other cats but she'...s incredibly friendly. She's around 1.5 years old and already spayed. This colony is located directly on a busy road and I worry for her safety. She followed us everywhere we went yesterday and is starved for attention 💔 Please message us if you are interested in giving her an INDOOR home.

Location; Michigan

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Sweet Twyla is shocked nobody has wanted to meet her yet! Twyla is a sweet, sweet approx 1yr old little doll. She's completely vetted including spay & combo tes...ted neg. She loves cuddling, toys, nice doggys & nice kittys. She was found on the streets emaciated and rescued by a very kind police officer and so deserving of a family of her own, look at that precious face! She's such a good girl and would be a great family pet or companion for a senior. If you need Twyla in your life please contact me at or here on Facebook. Thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart & Twyla's hero rescuer for Twyla's vetting! Please share, share, share! Thankyou!

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This is the face of a dog that did not find their furever home this weekend

Found at Mack and Outter Dr. Anyone know who's he is?super sweet. GPP tag however no number...

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This Man, Paul Faraianu is a RED FLAG ADOPTER! Its been a whirlwind 48... hours full of information thats still coming in. We completed an adoption with this man on January 8th, 2017 after a glowing application and home visit. We were told he was divorced, lived alone and hadnt had pets in a long time. Was finally ready to adopt a pair of kittens. We heard nothing from adopter after the completed adoption. 2 days ago, January 25th we recieved a call from the humane society of Livingston County that someone had brought Pepper (one of the kittens this man adopted) into the shelter as a stray. Confused, i made arrangements to get pepper back to us and made a call to Paul. As soon as I said, "Hi, this is Crissy from Allforkarma Animal Rescue. We just recieved a call from the humane society that they have pepper as a stray"...pause, iuh.i. *click*. I called again...and again...and again. Being forwarded to voicemail everytime. RED FLAG!! After getting Pepper back we made a trip to pauls home to welfare check Hazel (get her back). No answer, house was dark. We checked every window. No cats, no dishes, no toys, no beds (all were there with tags day of adoption). So we started our search for Hazel. We then found out this man had 2 kittens back in nov 2016 that he never mentioned to us. Hmmm. As we got our paperwork together to alert animal control we found out this guy has adopted a pair of kittens in the fall from them. And he was red flagged in their system. And he had adopted 2 PAIRS of kittens in the fall from HSHV in Ann Arbor. We have since found out he adopted 2 more kittens THE DAY AFTER HE ADOPTED OURS AND DUMPED THEM from another rescue. He adopted 2 more from a rescue in fenton last week. He was approved through another rescue and was suppose to pick up 2 more kittens last night but got "stuck in traffic" and didnt show up. Thank god! We got the call today that someone found our Hazel. So we have both our babies back. Both are in horrible condition. Skin and Bones, frostbitten ears and paws. Laryngitis from crying. Just a mess!! And these are the lucky ones as the rest of these kittens have not been located. If ANYONE has had contact with this man as an adopter or potential adopter please call the officer thats handling this case at THE LIVINGSTON COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL. They need all information reguarding these crazy adoptions in order for this man to be STOPPED. He is STILL applying at shelters and rescues and is getting approved because he looks great on paper and has a beautiful home. His story checks out until you find out the HORRIBLE truths.
Say prayers for the missing and share this everywhere, so this cannot happen again!!!!

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PD Schad

Behavior: Cats go into a fight or flight mode when outside. Your cat will typically hunker down within just a few hundred yard...s from your home. They MAY or may not recognize their name or your face. They WILL recognize, in most cases, sounds or smells: the sound of a food can opening, favorite toy, etc. Take a moment and think of all the sounds that perk up their ears and make them come running to you. If you cannot take the sounds with you, record them on your smart phone and play them when tracking. (See below)
Note: Cats have a floating collarbone that allows them to get there body into any space where their head can get through. Indoor cats lost outside become active in the evening usually around 7pm-5am. The best times for you to actively search is between 11pm – 2am. Good news most cats will stay within 200 yards of their house.
NOTE - Get permission from your neighbors to look around their yards.
NOTE - Posting fliers and posters can pose a problem for some communities please find out the laws in your area before posting. Putting fliers on or in mailboxes is also illegal.
Your flier should be color and as accurate to the actual colors and description of your cat.
Place your flier in plastic coverings and hang them with bright colored duct tape to catch the eye of people walking by. Post fliers everyplace you can within a mile of where your pet went missing. Post fliers at Vets offices and everywhere within a mile in any direction. Call these places daily. Check with shelters and vets in cities, counties and states close by just in case the finder of your pet to drop them off there. Place fliers at bus stops, dog walking paths, and any business that will let you in the area. Do not give your address or amount of reward; this will protect you a bit from scammers. Never give/send money without seeing your pet. Also leave a flyer with your Mailman, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and any other delivery drivers you can find. (Post on UPSDogs on facebook). Bus Drivers, Ice Cream trucks, local patrol cops, fire stations. Garbage and recycling guys too. Also get on Facebook and post in any lost pets pages you find.
Social media is imperative, many groups have members who just match missing pets with found pets in trying to reunite families. File missing pet reports with all the animal control agencies in your area. Investigate if there are local Trap and Release groups in your area who may be willing to help. Check with local Vets offices, SPCA and the internet to find them.
Feeding stations: This is a large piece of cardboard with a thick layer of flower placed on top. In the center of the flower place food. Lay down feeding stations in several places to get your pet on a repeating path and keep them in the area. Check the stations often and look for foot prints and signs that the food has been eaten. Once you see foot prints in the flower you should have an idea where to trap. This will help draw in your cat and verify that your cat is in the location.
Scent Strips: Cut up some scent strips out of your old cloths or bed sheets etc. (one inch by three-inch strips) put them on the ground about 3 feet apart or so. (I wore a shirt for 5 days to make it smell as strong.) The smell on the strip can last 3-5 days.
Cat Chum: Mix a gallon of water with 1-2 cans of tuna/sardines. DO NOT place your scent strips in your chum mix. When laying down scent lines it near the opening of the trap and run them in straight lines way from /feeding station/trap/home.
Make these lines the safest way to traps or home avoiding roads and heavy pedestrian areas. You can and should use Scent strips and Cat Chum at the same time but keep them at least three or more feet apart when you lay them down.

Litter: (This may bring in strays that can drive your cat away. This is not a tip is a last resort) Put the UNCLEANED litterbox outside. For Multi-cat homes take the litter, bag it then place the litter out further away from your strips and chum.

Making Cat Shelter: Get/use a small cat carrier that is just big enough for your cat. Place a blanket that smells like you inside. Place the carrier under cover somewhere tight and dark if possible. Leave the door open. Cover it with another blanket that smells like you to protect it from the elements. Place food and water just outside of the open door. Place a favorite toy inside. When approaching the shelter do it slowly and from the front. If your cat is there sit down and let them come to you. Do not make sudden movements, let them build trust. Turn your body and lower your head look as non-threatening as possible. Toss treats to the side of you and NEVER CHASE OR YELL at them.

Tracking: Take a flashlight (even during the day), look under bushes, decks, ANY place they could get their head into. They maybe in sheds behind garbage cans, in hollowed out trees and storm drains.
If you hear or see them REMAIN CALM sit down, make the sound they recognize, open and toss food. Most of all LET THEM COME TO YOU. It may take hours even if you are within 10 feet of each other. Try to have someone with you to keep everyone else from checking out what you are doing and for safety. Use a flashlight to shine eyes (this can cause them to just freeze in place)
Do NOT chase your cat through woods. Stay on the tree line - Chum/scent and trap along the tree line.
Hire a good dog tracking team. (DO NOT hire any team that chases the pet or won’t let you come on the track). There are some that are donation based and tax deductible. Take a moment and look for one that has Certified Search and Rescue dogs that track pets. Once the tracking team has located the area your pet is in set up a feeding station. Place a trap close by hidden under something that smells like home or you, close to your house.
Trapping: Get humane traps and place them close to the house or tree lines with favorite foods. (Sardines Tuna, or greasy chicken). Ask Neighbors to only put out water NOT food. Let your cat find food in the traps.
In the trap put down 2 pages of newspaper the width of the trap. Place one page from the back over the trip plate. Place the 2nd page behind the trip plate to the door. This prevents a smart cat from pulling all the food to them easily. This helps hid the fact that it is a trap.
Lay small chunks of food and food oil to a larger portion of food at the back behind the trip plate. (No bowls)
Cover the trap with leaves or a blanket that smells like home but leave both ends open so the smell of the food gets out. Ensure that the trip plate and door are clear of anything that will prevent the trap from being sprung. This is very important if you do not use the newspaper on the floor of the trap. Check the traps at least two times a day.
Also if possible, hang dirty laundry out at night, sometimes your cat is able to smell their way home. Place at least one trap near your home, as your cat maybe coming home while you sleep.

Establish a pattern, walk between your traps and home. Do this as often as you can. Get your scent into the air. Do this between laying scent strips and chum lines. This helps keep your pet in the area and increases the chances of getting your pet into a trap.

This is very rare but if there is construction or people having work done? Your cat may hide in one of the trucks. Check the trucks and/or call the contractors.
It can take some time for your cat to feel secure enough to come out of hiding. Stay strong and positive, have your breakdowns and crying moments during the day in your house. NEVER while you are tracking. Your pet is looking for home keep that in mind.

From here you will have to decide what to do and it will depend a lot of your cat behavior (how afraid is he/she, how easily scared can he/she become, is he/she familiar with being outside, etc).

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Please help me find Nala the perfect home! Shes been through so much and deserves her loving FOREVER home! She been passed around, locked in a horrible dark bas...ement with no food or water. She's a beautiful 75lb, 6yr old Border Collie Mix. She knows basic comands, house trained, loyal, loving. Needs to be the only pet and no small children. She loves snow, water, fetching her ball, laying on the couch with you! Shes a great dog for a couple or single, or family with older kids. Shes safe out of the basement, but its very very temporary! She needs adopter or foster asap! So many have failed this beautiful girl, she just wants to be loved She would Not do well in a shelter environment. Please share and help me, help Nala. You can reach me at 586- 909- 2663 Please Share!!!!

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St Clair Shores LOST & FOUND PETS Page.

Just a reminder that over the counter flea collars may easily make your pet very ill and possibly kill them. The chemicals on them are often too strong for the ...size of the animal. ie: Kittens/puppies or cats wearing dog flea collars, etc. PLEASE walk into a vet clinic and request an alterntive to these.

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these two are in Sterling Heights. Mom is 6, son is 5. Bonded pair. Indoor kitties with claws. A friend's friend family member passed and family won't take them.
They have a home until Friday and then will be thrown in shelter. Anyone???

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Matt Schultz to St Clair Shores LOST & FOUND PETS Page.

Lost - white lab mix, Gordie. Last seen at his home around 10 mile and I94. Please c9ntact me at 586-246-6943

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UPDATE!!! The owner of these animals has found a friend to help her with them and she will not have to give them up!!! Great news!!! Thankyou to all for sharing... and your help

Emergency situation!!! This 10yr old Boarder Collie & 6 year old cat both need immediate foster due to domestic abuse in home. The owner came back to pack her things and found cat with hurt paw and shaking. She is at All About Animals with cat now, but has no funds. If you can foster 1 or both of these animals please contact me immediately. Please Share!!!! They are bonded and need foster or home. Please share, share, share!!!

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Mechelle Huey Geier

Get your tickets while they are discounted till September 1st. Click on the link for more details and to purchase your tickets on line.…

You can also purchase tickets at:

Macomb County Animal Control
21417 Dunham Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48036

Wolverine Harley Davidson
44660 N Gratiot Ave, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48036

Parkway Dodge Chrysler Jeep
21560 Hall Rd, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038

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